Sex In Public With My Friend With Benefits

Hello Friends, I am back with a story of sex in public. I believe it will leave you wet at the end. It isn’t a true story, but I wish to make this romantic fantasy to reality.

We always try to control our life, our interest, the way we live, the way behave, everything to show the society that you are ‘sanskari’ (well mannered). In the process of becoming ‘sanskari,’ we lose our interests and suffer from sadness.

I was one of them. At last, I wanted to live for myself within me. I know this sentence seems like Nityananda’s speech. Simply put, inside me and outside me are two different people. When I started exploring inside me, I realized that I am not such a ‘sanskari’ type.

From ‘sanskari’ people’s point of view, I know it is not good, but that is how I am. In front of many, even though I say I like Indian classical music, I know I like item songs. Lol, just an example.

Well, let me come to the story. In this process of exploring myself, I found my interest in doing a stand-up comedy with many double-meaning jokes. Well, I am good at it. So I was surfing an adult content social media platform.

I saw a girl’s post, “Post a word that sounds dirty, but actually, it isn’t.” I replied with my comment, “Pussy (Cat), Uranus(a planet).” She did like my comments and pinged me directly to complement my comment.

Yes, this is where it all started. We chatted with loads of jokes, memes, and pictures. One thing got pretty clear we both have the same level of sexy mind. (Definition of sexy mind is up to you). We had started with jokes. In few days, it had turned to sext.

With sexting, I learned that she is in her 30s, with a figure of 34-28 and a B-cup. While sexting, I did give her a sext massage. She enjoyed it with closed eyes. It became a routine for us to get off together before we slept. One day while speaking, we got to know that we are from the same city.

After a lot of dilemmas, we decided to meet casually for a cup of coffee. On the decided Saturday, I reached Starbucks a bit early. It was raining heavily in the evening—cloudy and cold weather. I was in my jeans, a white body-hugging T-shirt, a brown leather jacket, and my hair was done straight.

I took a corner seat away from other people and near to open pouring rain. The entire shop had only two tables of customers—a couple sitting far away from my table. A lady entered the coffee shop. She was wearing a black palazzo and a thin white butterfly top printed with sunflowers.

The top was hugging her body, and I could make out her shape. Open hair colored bit brown, mild pink lipstick, bangle size earring. She looked beautiful. As she walked to my table, her platform heels made the sound of her confidence.

As I was checking her out, she came sat in front of me. In shock and confusion, I asked if she was Arya? She just answered it with a smile. I wondered how she found out that it was me. She just looked around and said, “Do you find any stud here other than you ?” Well, I just smiled.

I ordered a cappuccino as per her wish. We started to talk casually, and I asked if she had gotten wet. She paused for a moment. I was like, “Come on. It’s raining out, so I asked.” We broke out in a loud laugh. She said, a little bit wet.

She was sipping the coffee and having brownies. A bit of brownie was sticking to her lips. I took the courage to wipe it off. I asked, pretty soft it is, can I taste it? She offered me the brownie. With a smile, I said I was speaking about your lips. Her face was getting red with shyness.

Her top was thin and had a bit of a deep neck. I could see her cleavage. Honestly, I was checking her a bit in that area. I could say they were not melons but juicy oranges in the perfect size and round shape. She did catch me looking at her. “Looks like someone has gone down from lips.”

It was my time to feel shy. “ Sorry couldn’t help. You are beautiful.” She never bothered to cover it up. She just did let me enjoy the beauty of that soft valley.
Since the time she came, she was checking out my lips and my chest.

I don’t know if it is attractive, but I have thick lips and an average chest as I do regular sports. Well, once I heard my ex mentioning that my lips feel so soft to kiss. To give her a better view, I just removed my jacket and got comfortable in the seat, and slipped off my shoes.

I kept my legs on the footrest of the table. Accidentally I touched her foot as I kept. She did not bother to recover her foot. I just felt her foot with my toes. She did not resist initially, but suddenly she took off her legs. I was cross-fingered, thinking if I had messed it up.

A moment later, she kept her legs near to mine. I could feel her barefoot. She had removed her heels for me. I got happier, and we started playing with our legs. Both of us were speaking something, but we didn’t even know what topic we were talking about.

Concentration was just on legs. When I noticed two pointy nipples over the dress, I was sure that she was enjoying it. When we were sexting, we spoke many things. But nothing was coming out of our mouths when we were in front of each other. Only our meeting eyes were speaking all those words.

It was pretty late, so we decided to leave. I offered to drop her. On the way, we listened to some cheesy songs. Before she got down from the car, suddenly she kissed my lips and got down the car. Before I realized it, she was out of the vehicle.

Later in the night, I asked what that was. She said she could not resist my lips.
We were comfortable with each other. So we made a plan to watch a movie on the weekend.

It was movie day. We met in the mall as scheduled. She came wearing a knee-length skirt, a top and a stole, loose hair, big earrings, and amazing perfume.
We bought a corner ticket and entered the movie hall. While entering, I was holding her hips with one hand (not ass just above).

When the movie started, we filled our finger gaps. The seat armrest was a little high, so she moved her hand to her lap. Our fingers were playing with each other. Time passed, she went on to a crossed arm position, holding my hand. Now my hand was touching her belly.

My fingers coming out from her finger gaps were touching her boob. Slowly my fingers started creasing her boob from the bottom side. She suddenly left my hand and covered both of us using her stole, acting as if it was cold due to air-con. When my hand was inside her stole I got freedom.

I left her hand and covered her boob with my palm. Slowly started touching her nipple too. Meanwhile, she reached over my pant and started touching me slowly. Of course, I was hell hard as she was feeling and circling with her fingers. We both were horny.

In a few minutes, Arya lifted her top a bit and gave me access below her top. Now I could feel her bare belly, and slowly, I moved to her bra. Oh man, it was a fantastic feeling. I could hold her over bra and started pressing it slowly. It made me so hard.

My cock was suffocating inside my pant and trying to come out in any possible direction. So to give it a little breathing space, I changed its direction towards my stomach. The head was peeping out between my stomach and eased belt. In a literal sense, it was out. She was amazed when she felt it but her backhand.

As the stole was covering us, no one noticed. I moved my hand on Arya’s thighs and slowly pulled her skirt up. Now I could touch her inner thighs. I was creasing it softly and sometimes squeezing it. She had got access to the head.

She was playing with the tip, circling it, pulling it, pushing it. Massaging it with my wet liquid made her so horny. My try down there was getting unsuccessful. So Arya moved herself a bit front in the chair and spread her legs a bit wider. Now I had good access.

As my hands reached there, my fingers could feel a wet vertical line. I started to touch it from top to bottom. As it touched more, it got wetter. Unfortunately, the movie was over by that time. We adjusted ourselves and walked out of the hall.

As we reached the basement parking lot, I could find a parking space covered three sides with a wall and dim light. I pointed it to her. It was two hours of foreplay in the movie hall, so we were ready to try any crazy thing now. I pulled out my SUV and parked it in that place.

We both got into the back seat of the car. We both were so horny that she came over to my lap and started kissing very passionately as soon as we got in. Her hips were humping me. I could see she was not in a controllable condition. While kissing, I slowly unbuckled myself and slid my pants down.

She could feel my hard cock over her panty. She went aside a bit, took off her panty, and asked me if I had got a condom. I pointed her to my jeans. She laughed and took it out. Before putting it on me, she gave me a couple of strokes with her hand licked it to make it wet. I was just in heaven.

She did put it on and came over my lap. While I was going mad with her boobs, pressing them sucking. She lifted herself a bit, positioned my cock to her entrance, and slowly sat on it. After a bit of struggle, it went deep inside. A soft moan went out of her mouth.

I slowly lifted her top and took off her bra. She did lift my T-shirt and made me completely naked. She started moving her hips faster. My thick one deep inside her was feeling her tight compressions. I was hugging her tight, kissing her neck. Her soft boobs were pressed hard against my chest.

After 5 minutes of a hard ride, she exploded. I could feel her juice flowing over my balls. I could see the smile and release on her face. With her smile, I could say she was in a second-round mood. I folded the back seat to have more space to sleep. I made her sleep with her legs spread wide.

I went down on her and tasted her juice. She had closed her eyes, and her hands were holding my head. My tongue was on her clit, making her wetter. My one finger was touching her G-spot, and her tongue was moving faster. Within 15 minutes, she asked me to come over.

In no time, I was in between her legs. Her legs wrapped around my hands, and me holding my back. I massage her pussy with my cock for a minute, and I was deep inside her in one push. She did let out a big moan, and with my rhythm, she was moaning.

I could see the wonderful view of her boobs going up and down with each stroke. My speed matched her moan. More she encouraged faster I was. I knew it was time for me to blast. I suddenly pulled it off to control and took it a bit longer. My dick was throbbing, and she was compressing a lot.

Immediately I turned her around, and she went on her knees. I held her waist and entered her from the back. Slowly increase speed, and at a point, she had orgasmed for the second time, and I was about to blast too. She asked me if she could taste me. She got up, took off my condom, and started sucking me hard.

Just in a minute, I told her I was about to cum. With her indication, I blasted a huge load inside her mouth. She gulped it entirely and said, you taste well. With our hot session car was steaming with moisture around the glass. We were tired, covered with sweat, and rested for some time.

She was sleeping facing up. I was sleeping with my head on her chest, holding her right boob in hand and my one leg between her leg. We slept like that for 15 minutes. We got dressed up. Looked at each other’s face and laughed for the crazy thing we did and left from there.

Well, I think I should stop here. I hope you enjoyed the fantasy. If you like it, please leave your comment on [email protected] or Hangouts on the same. You can read my other story here as well.

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