Lockdown With One Of My Hot Readers

Thanks to this lockdown that I started receiving more and more feedback to my previous stories on ISS.

I’m Nikhil, and this is about my experience with one of my readers. I got an appreciation email from one of my readers about my old story published on ISS. The reader’s email id was weird, and I thought it was a guy. So I thanked them for the compliment and moved on.

Later I got to know it was from a beautiful 25-year-old who also lived and worked in Chennai. It started as random chats, but then it got naughty. She wanted to know more and more about my encounters. We kept chatting, and she got really comfortable with me.

One fine day, she told me that her roommate had to visit her native, and she had the house to herself. I did not shy away and asked her if I could visit. She said yes, and I was super excited. We exchanged numbers, and I finally reached her place.

It was a nice apartment and looked empty as most of them moved out due to lockdown. She opened the door. She was a cute-looking girl. She was an ass girl. She had a nice B cup, but her ass was bigger for her body. She was a small-looking girl.

She hugged and greeted me. I was wearing my tracks and no boxers. She could see my semi-hard dick through the tracks. She smirked and pulled me to her bedroom. Her room was all set.

She pushed me to the bed and started stripping. She was raunchy in her moves and removed her Tee and shorts, and stood with her lingerie. She was fucking hot. Her ass was yummy, and I wanted to eat it. She got on her knees and pulled my tracks, and saw my 7″ hard dick.

She started sucking it hard. I was in heaven. I kept pulling her and wanted to taste her pussy and ass. She kept giving me a blowjob. I lifted her up and took her pussy. It was dripping wet. I kept pinching her nipples which were hard and stiff.

I kept licking her pussy and kept moving to her ass. Initially, she was shy, but later she liked it, and I started eating her ass. She was getting wild. I started fingering her pussy and licking her ass.

She wanted my dick in her. I pushed my dick slowly in her pussy. It was tight and nice, and I started fucking her slowly. I kept biting her boobs. We changed positions, and she rode me like a horse.

She was horny and wanted more. I was going mad as well. I slowly pushed a finger into her ass hole, and she was horny. She was into anal. And it was pumped about that.

She went into a doggy position and pushed her ass on to me. Her ass was round and juicy, and her asshole was ready to get fucked. She handed over some lube which I used, and fingered her ass with the same. I was able to push 2 fingers now, and I knew her ass was ready.

I put my dickhead in her ass and asked her to push. It was fucking tight, but she never stopped and kept going for me. She was screaming. But she wanted it so bad that she kept moving and adjusting her ass. My hard dick started slipping in her ass. I could slowly feel my entire dick inside her ass.

I started humping her ass, and we were in heaven. Our bodies started sweating. I could feel the heat and kept biting her back as I fucked her good. I then lifted her with both her legs wrapped around my arms. She was surprised by this, and I started fucking her standing.

She was staring into my eyes which made me fuck her harder. She kept biting my lips and wanted me to go harder. I went harder and harder, and she exploded and came. I put her on the bed and started licking her nipples and was fucking her.

I then went between her legs and slowly started licking her pussy to give her the maximum pleasure. She loved it. I spread her lips which gave me a proper view of her swollen clit. I slowly sucked her swollen clit and started making circles with my tongue. She was shivering when I did this and really enjoyed it.

I slowly put one of my fingers in her pussy and started reaching out to her G-spot. She was moaning heavily and was uncontrollable. I put 2 fingers in her pussy and started massaging her G-spot. (Imagine getting your clit licked and sucked and having your G-spot massaged by 2 fingers.)

She was about to cum and pushed my head to her pussy harder. I went at it and did not stop. Her body started moving. I could feel her climax. I started eating her clit out, and she came so hard that she almost blacked out. She held me close to her and just froze for some time.

She gave me a big wet kiss, and I went back in between her legs. She came multiple times, and I was playing with her clit the entire time. I started her fucking her madly as I was super hard from licking her pussy.

She wanted me in her ass again. I started fucking her so hard and was about to cum and told her. She told me to cum inside her ass. Her ass was so tight that I exploded in her ass. We both hugged each other and lay on the bed.

She was drained completely but kept playing with my dick and balls. And that made me hard again. She started sucking my dick again and didn’t stop till I came. I was in heaven again. We then showered and chilled the entire day at her place.

I hope you enjoyed my story about how lockdown led to love games. Feel free to share your feedback to [email protected]

I’m from Chennai and always up for some fun! Virtual or actual meet-up as well! Ping me! Enjoy the lockdown.

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