Seduced by an old friend

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My name is Jack and this incident happened with me in Pube. So it was November 2020, I was in my hometown hanging out with my bff and she got a call from one of her friend. They talked for the while and then she told me who was it and to my surprise it was someone I knew but never had any conversation with. A friend maybe you can call. So she went out of the car for some work and handed over the phone to me and we both talked. By the way, my name is Jack and her name is Stella. So Stella and me talked on call over a while and we decided to exchange numbers on that call.

Later when I went home, I got a text from her saying what’s up and general stuff. It was normal. Things were platonic and we both didn’t have any lusty intentions till then. So we use to chat and then it turned into phone call and then late night phone calls and then we decided to meet one day. So we met at a cafe. Actually I went in to pick her up and then we went to the cafe there and had a nice time. We both enjoyed each other’s company well and blended in nicely. Spent almost 3 hours there laughing and bulling each other and digging out the old stories and then again laughing to how stupid we used to be. Then we concluded and we started to her place. We were riding on my Vespa and as you guys know, Vespa doesn’t get a Grab Rail behind for the pillion so she had to put her hands on my shoulder. Which she did.

It was approx 10 at night and then suddenly the temperature fell down and it was cold all of a sudden. And I started feeling something on my back. Yes, you guys guessed that right. It was her, doing it intentionally (which i came to know later) and her hands slowly wrapped around my chest and she held me tightly, so tightly that I could figure out her bouncing boobs on my back. She slowly came near my left ear and while holding me tightly, she started to blow air near my ears. It was cold, and this girl was trying to make me feel warm, I thought that and kept riding untill we reached here place. And then she looked into my eyes and we chit chatted a bit there and she left and i came home.

Then it was weekend the next day so I asked her if she was up for a long drive? To which she said Yes in one go. I was a bit surprised with this but then I thought let’s do it. So I picked her up from her place, teased her a bit because she was late and then we started. It was afternoon when we started and it was an hour long drive. A nearby place in Pune on old Mumbai – Pune highway. And she insisted to play songs and I was cool with it. So she was the DJ and I was driving. Rolled down the windows a bit and the cool breeze started to come in slowly. It was green everywhere around us and then we reached the place. It was a small dam built on a river. There were families too there for the weekend fun and also some couples, some enjoying and some making out 😂.

And we sat at one place there making fun of things together and we settled nicely. Things were going good, we clicked some selfies there and then we decided to head to my car and chit chat there having some snacks. So we were talking about things there and suddenly a man came and told me to park my vehicle somewhere else as I had parked my vehicle on the road by mistake. So I changed my parking place and we settled there while talking about things and out past life and everything. We both got comfortable with each other and she suddenly put her head on my chest and leaned on me. I was taken a back but later I thought that it’s fine. I never thought that that fine thought is not gonna stay for long.

So she rested her head on my chest and we stayed like that for a bit and then I was like dude, for how long do you want me to keep my hand up in the air? To which she said, you can keep your hand anywhere you want to. And I asked her if she won’t mind me doing that and she was like, tu bhi na, itna toh chalta hain and she held my hand and out it on her thighs. Now you guys know what happens when something like this happens. My hands started running here and there but then I stopped thinking that she might get uncomfortable to which she said, ruka kyun? Accha lag raha hain. I got a doubt here and i broke the silence and asked if we should head back home as it was already dark and it was an hour long journey. And we started and the evening spent well. We discussed about it later at night and slept. But somewhere this was on my mind that how can someone be so comfortable in second meet? I got no answer and slept.

Then the weekend finished and work days started. As it was work from home, so it was chill. I being a businessman and she working with a MNC, typical 9-5 job working from home. And a few days later, i was getting bored at home, had nothing to do so I decided to ask her out again. So I called her and asked what she Was up to?

Me- what’s up? Busy or free?
Stella- Nothing, just finished with a meeting and now getting bored.
Me- Same here. Wanna go out? The weather is awesome.
Stella- Yeah, even I was thinking of the same but where do we go?
Me- Don’t know, ready hoja, I’ll pick you up then let’s decide.
Stella- Fine, come in an hour.
Me- Done hain.

So I went to pick her up and i came to know that she had brought her office laptop with her because working hours. I was like fine dude, let’s go and we headed on Bangalore Highway with slow speed, slow songs, Enjoying the cold weather and good songs, sipping coffee and bakchodi. And she told me she had some urgent work and if I can park the vehicle somewhere for sometime? And i found a nice hotel and i parked the vehicle there. She was working and i was smoking and waiting for her work to get finished. So while working she started with a conversation.

Stella- When did you kiss someone last time?
Me- What? 🙄 Why’re you asking me this?
Stella- Bas aisehi, casually. Bata na.
Me- Don’t remember dude, it’s been a while now.
Stella- Okay 😏 and how long it’s now that you had sex last time?
Me- What makes you ask me this?
Stella- Arey bata toh
Me- Kaam ho gaya lagta tera?
Stella- Arey tu sawaal ka jawaab de bas.
Me- Bc yahaan kis ka ata pata nahi hain tu sex pooch rahi hain. Laga ke andaaz ab aur kya hi bolu main.
Stella- Haan haan samajh rahi hoon.

I swear I had no intentions going that way from my side but this lady definitely had some and I didn’t realise that. So the conversation went on and things got heated up a bit. So, while working, she lifted the arm rest up and put a cusion on the handbrake, rested her bums on the cusion and leaned on my chest again and started working. I asked her, what is she doing to which she said, karne de na accha lag raha hain. And i was again confused as in where to keep my hands now again because her thighs were not accessible now. It was either her stomach or between the legs and i was getting a bit hesitant to do it. So my hand was floating in the air and she noticed it and said,”jab haath dukh jaega tab jahaan mann karein, land kar dena.” Now I thought this is going somewhere and if she is giving so many indications, let’s see what she’s up to and then onwards, i just did what she said. So I landed my hands on her stomach and started moving my fingers. Till now I was calm but this beauty had heated me nicely. So I also started playing around. So it was her stomach. Then while talking it was her navel where I played and then I suddenly held her from back and pulled her more on my making her in such a position where here ears and neck is near my face. And i started playing there too. Blowing air near her ears and neck i gave a soft kiss on her neck and she moaned suddenly and asked me to stop.

Stella- Dude, what are you doing?
Me- Just what you want me to do.
Stella- Silence 🤐 😂
Me- Planted another kiss on her neck and this time a wet one.
Stella- Kaam karne de na.
Me- Tu apna kaam kar main mera karta hoon.

Saying this, I grabbed her left boob from behind and crushed it and again gave in a wet kiss on her neck and she let out a loud moan. She started begging me to stop there and I was like,”lady, it’s too late now to stop. If you want to stop, give your best.” I was in no mood to stop and just after this she said,”okay don’t stop but at least let me finish this much work, then I won’t say anything.” To which i agreed and slowed down. Took off my hands, and started running Instagram. After around 5 mins she was like, rukne kaha thaa, haath hatane nahi. And I kept my phone aside, and this time, started on another level.

I grabbed her with both my hands with her boobs, slowly crushing them one by one. Some times one at a time, sometimes left some times the right one and softly playing with the nipples. Dude, they were hard as fuck. So I continued with the play and asked her how much more time is she going to take and she wrapped up everything. Kept her laptop aside and started responding. She asked me, “do you really want to do this?” I asked her, is she out of her senses right now to ask me this question? And i Slided my left hand inside her jeans to find out the wetness down there. Ahaaaaa, the river was flowing in full fledge. And it was so warm that I didn’t want to take my hand out of there. So now it was her right boob and her clit together. And to add some more madness to this, i was blowing some warm air on her neck, kissing her neck, licking her neck and licking her ear lobes 😛.

She got turned on like hell and so was I. Then I made her rest her head on my lap, leaned ahead and we kissed. We kissed like we were waiting for that. We were literally eating each other like anything. I broke the kiss and asked her to come and sit on my lap to make her feel how I was feeling. As soon as she rested her soft buns on my lap, she understood why I asked her to do that and said, “kitta bada harami hain tu”
Me- Kyun kya hua, comfortable nahi hain ya bohot zyada comfortable hain?
Stella- Without wasting a single second, adjusted herself in a way that my dick was between her bums and she leaned into me and pushed the seat backwards, came all over me and started kissing wildly. Like she was just waiting to get into that position and as soon as she got into it, she started her game and took everything in hand. And i thought, why should i stop now and thinking this, i Slided both my hands inside her jeans bypassing her panties to her bums and grabbed them hard, hard as I can and also started playing with her anus with two of my index fingers. She got so turned on that her juices flowed from her vagina to her anus hole and i could feel the wetness and warmth. All this was going on in the hotels parking premises and we didn’t realise that. A car came in from behind honking and we realised where we were and separated. Adjusted ourselves, looked at each other, smiled and i started driving on the road again. We both new, there is something more coming and I was just waiting for the sky to get dark. But this girl, she leaned at the back seat, out on all the sunshades in my car on all the windows and came forward, sat on my lap as I was driving and asks me, you comfortable like this? And slid her too down from her left shoulder and i instantly gave a love bite there. I stopped my car at the side and pulled her top from the left shoulder all the way down untill her left boob popped out and i started sucking on her nipple with that. By this time it was complete dark like if i switch off my headlamps, I won’t be able to see the road and we both decided to make use of it.

As this was unplanned, i was not carrying condoms so I asked her, do you want or you don’t? And she was like abhi car mein?
Me- toh? Usmein koi problem hain?
Stella- Nahi problem nahi hain lekin koi aa gaya toh?
Me- Koi aa gaya toh bechare ko free show dekhne mil jaega
Stella- Nahi abhi nahi. Some other day pakka.
Me- You sure you wanna miss this chance
Stella- Yaar mann bohot hain lekin darr bhi hain ki agar kisine dekh liya toh?
Me- I understand. Let’s keep it for the next time.

I started driving again and we reached the toll plaza and it was a long jam there. Harkatein ruki nahi thi abhi bhi. On the toll plaza itself, she suddenly opened my jeans button, pulled down the zip and slid her hands inside. I got a nice sparkle in my spine seeing this. Aaaah, it felt good and let out a moan.
Stella- Just keep your face normal and let me handle things now, my way.
Me- Okay with a naughty smile.

So she started with playing inside my underwear, playing with my dick which was hard as fuck, oozing out pre-cum like anything and we cleared the toll and moved ahead. Till then I thought it’s limited till a handjob for the day but I was wrong. As soon as we went out of lights, she asked me to slow down the speed and before I could figure out anything, my dick was in her mouth. Ouhhhh what a feeling 😍. And she was in no mood to stop now. I felt this and let her do what she wanted to.

She moved up her ass in the air and started sucking me like a hungry cat eating fish. Licking it from top to the bottom and then licking and sucking my balls. Oye hoye, kya din thaa yaar woh. Matlab asli mein maza aa gaya. And while she kept on sucking on my dick, I un-bottoned her jeans and started again playing with her clit and this time without asking her I slid a finger inside her pussy and I started fingering her. It went on another level, she had a orgasm there in no time. She also started sucking me fast giving me fast and long strokes and sucking and licking my dick head and slurping all over and I told her I’m gonna cum and she increased her pace and with that I came all over in her mouth giving out hot sprays of lust directly in her throat. And she obediently sucked off everything, took out the tissue papers, cleaned the left over on my dick and cleaned herself. I stopped the car aside and we adjusted ourselves properly. She rinsed her mouth, gargled and we started for her place. Before she went, we kissed again and this time with more depth and gave her a bite on her lips too and then I dropped her home.

So that’s it for this one. I’ll continue the rest in my next story. Till then, bye take care and stay safe!!! ✌🏻

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