My Aunt And I Are The Last Humans Left At The End Of The World – Part 1

It was the day everything changed. The world had ended. The humans went extinct. My aunt (mother’s sister) and I were the last humans probably alive. There was complete silence. No cars, horns, factories. We both were scared, and my aunt started crying.

I hugged her and told her that everything will be ok. She hugged me back tightly while her breasts pressed on my chest. I didn’t have a problem with that and didn’t pay much attention to it.

Coming to my masi (aunt in Hindi is called masi), she is a beautiful woman with really nice breasts and a fair complexion. But I never looked at her in the wrong way.

I told her that we should go out and get some resources from nearby shops so that we have things to survive. We went out walking since the car’s battery was dead. We decided to figure out a solution for it later. We got a lot of food, water, and other necessary stuff.

My aunt picked up some lady stuff for herself as well. When we were back, she seemed emotionally stable and had accepted that we had to live this way. Slowly the day passed with silence, and the night came. Since it was the summer, it was really hot. I removed my shirt and vest to feel better.

I wouldn’t say I had a perfect body, but I did have some nice abs. My aunt, too, wore shorts and was wearing a sleeveless nightdress in which she was looking extremely beautiful. She made dinner and served it to me, and we ate while sitting on the sofa.

She said, “It is too hot, na?” I replied, “Yeah. It has really become hot.” She looked at my abs and asked me laughingly, “You have pretty good abs, huh? Were you into bodybuilding? Wanted to impress girls, I see.”

I laughed and said, “No, I didn’t even have a girlfriend! I just wanted to be fit, so made some abs.” She laughed as well.

After having dinner, we sat in the balcony for a while. I told her that she can sleep in her bedroom and I will sleep in the other bedroom. I wanted to sleep alone since I was feeling really hot and decided that I would sleep nude. At 10 pm, we both went to bed as we were tired.

Before going, she kissed me on my cheek and wished me a goodnight. Thankfully, the water was still coming in the washroom. So, I went and had a shower and then removed all my clothes and then went to bed. I usually masturbate before sleeping.

But I was really tired, so I slept as soon as I lay down on the bed. Suddenly I heard a noise and woke up because of it. I heard my aunt’s door open. I pretended to sleep, and then I heard my room’s door open. I opened my eyes a little bit so that I could see what was happening.

As soon as my aunt opened the door, she saw me naked and got shocked and quickly closed the door. Then she knocked on the door, calling my name, “Suraj! can I come inside?” I stood up and quickly wore my boxer and said, “Yeah, masi, just wait a second.”

I opened the door and asked her what had happened in the middle of the night. She said, “I’m really sorry for waking you up. But I’m feeling scared, so can we sleep together?” I said, “Yeah sure, masi! You come here and sleep on my bed. I will arrange a mattress on the floor and sleep there.”

I was not happy since now I couldn’t sleep naked. But I understood my aunt’s problem. I arranged the mattress and then got ready to sleep. My masi said, “I’m sorry, beta, that you have to sleep there because of me. If you want, then you can come here and sleep beside me on the bed.”

I denied and said, “No, masi, I do not have any problem. You go to sleep and wake me up if you want anything.” She gave me a kiss on my cheek, and then we slept.

The next day was again a bright sunny summer day. We had forgotten the pain last night. But the morning’s silence again reminded us that the world had ended. I woke up and went outside. I saw my masi sitting on the couch wearing the same shorts and upper sleeveless nightdress.

She said, “Good morning, sleepyhead!” while laughing. I laughed back and said, “Good morning!” She quickly made some tea for both of us, and we sat in the balcony while having tea. She asked me, “What are we gonna do today?”.

I said, “I don’t know, masi. We already got all the necessary items yesterday.” Later, we decided to go out to explore a bit and even got our car a new battery so that we could use our car if we needed it.

But we still decided to walk since we had to pass the time and had got nothing to do. My aunt gave me the idea that we could go out and get some stuff that we could never afford before the end. We could pamper ourselves a bit since we had already got the necessary resources.

So, we went to the mall, which seemed so empty, and she got herself beauty products. I went roaming around as I did not have any special demands. I loved games, but since electricity was not there, I could not play them. After a while, my masi came to me and made a sad face when she saw I did not get anything.

She said, “Look at you! You have not got anything for yourself, and I am filling up all the bags.” I smiled and said, “I don’t have any special requirements. I just kept some snacks for myself.” She said, “If you eat so much, then you’ll lose those nice abs of yours.”

While touching my abs. I laughed, and then we decided to head back home since it was going to get dark. When we reached home, we both were hungry. So we grabbed some snacks and made coffee. Then like every evening, sat in the balcony and ate while we talked. I suddenly saw tears in my aunt’s eyes.

I suddenly got worried and came close to her and kept my hand on her lap. I asked her, “What happened, masi?” She looked at me and started crying while keeping her head on my chest. I kept my hand on her head while touching her soft hair.

I said, “Don’t cry masi. I know this is sad, but we can’t change this sad reality. We have to get used to this and should spend the rest of our lives happily. At least we have each other!” She said, “But beta, what will happen now? If we are the only humans, then is this the end of humans?”

Then I told her, “Maybe, yes, masi. Maybe it is the end of humans. But it’s alright. We should focus on the present.” She wiped her tears and kissed me on my cheek and said, “Yes, beta. You are right.” I smiled and kissed her back on her cheek.

She then told me that I can sleep alone in my room. To which I replied, “Why? I thought you were scared of sleeping alone.” She said, “Yes, but…” she did not say anything after that. I said, “But.. what masi?” She said, “I don’t want to disturb your privacy.”

I understood that she was referring to the incident last night when she saw me naked. I pretended that I did not know what she was talking about. I said, “I don’t understand, what are you trying to say?” She said, “Beta, last night before knocking. I directly entered your room and saw you sleeping naked.”

I blushed, and she blushed as well and said sorry. I said, “It’s ok, masi. I have no problem sleeping with you. I was sleeping naked because it was really hot.” She said, “Yeah I understand. It’s really hot.”

Then it was night again. We slept just like we slept last night. But this time, masi forced me to sleep beside her since the bed was near the window. She said, “Come and sleep beside me. The window is right next to the bed, so you’ll feel a bit cooler.” That night, she was not wearing her sleeveless nightdress.

She was wearing her sleep lingerie, and she was looking so sexy that I got a hard-on. But I brushed my thoughts away. While on the bed, she was facing her back to me. Then I started thinking about what she said that evening. If we were the only humans left, then how would the human race continue?

That had only one answer. That we had to be the new Adam and Eve. If we had to ensure the continuity of humans, we would have to breed. I got an erection, and I quickly hid it and decided to stop thinking about it. I was feeling really hot, so I decided to go have a bath.

When I stood up, my masi asked me, “What happened, beta? Are you not able to sleep?” I said that I was going to have a shower, and she said ok. When I opened the tap, there was no water.

I got really sad that now I couldn’t even shower. I told this to my aunt, and she was sad too. Then we slept again since we were tired.

The next morning when I woke up, my aunt was still sleeping beside me. She was looking very cute while sleeping. Her lingerie was still on, but it was raised a bit. I could see her belly, which was looking so beautiful. The thing that caught my eyes the most was her legs. They were so perfect and seemed shaved.

She must have used the shaver she got from the mall. I tried to touch her legs, and they were so smooth, I instantly got an erection. I quickly removed my hand from her legs and then just lay down. I still had an erection, and my dick was making a bulge on my boxers.

The bulge was clearly visible since I had a really big dick. About 6-7 inches long. Suddenly I heard my masi waking up and closed my eyes. I felt really embarrassed since I had an erection, but I did not move. My masi sat and stared at my erection for a few minutes.

Then I pretended to wake up, and she suddenly got scared and stood up. I woke up and wished her a good morning. She came and kissed me on my cheek while my dick toucher her thighs. She looked down and started laughing. I got embarrassed and said, “Sorry, masi.”

She said, “Its ok, beta. This happens to boys all the time. I will go make some tea and leave you alone for a while.” When she left, I started masturbating really hard. I was thinking about my aunty while masturbating. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it.

Suddenly the door opened, and she saw me. I quickly stopped, and she quickly closed the door and went away. I was really embarrassed and went out blushing. She smiled and said, “I should really start knocking.” I said, “I’m really sorry, masi. I should have gone to the bathroom.”

She started moving her hands on my abs and said, “It’s not your fault, beta. I left you alone so that you could finish up with that erection of yours. I came back thinking you would have finished by now. But it looks like that you last longer than I thought,” while giving a naughty smile.

I blushed and said nothing. The touch of her hands on my abs felt so good. Her naughty smile made me have a lust for her. That was the first time when I started having feelings for her.

That’s it for this part, guys! I will continue the story in the next part! Please share your feedback at my email: [email protected]

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