My Passionate Sex With Classmate

Hello, my dear readers. This is my first story on this new website. I am Virat from Goa.

Coming to the story, it was with a classmate named Apoorva who studied with me at masters. She was elder to me by 5 years. She joined masters after working for a few years.

My classmate was a little chubby but had wonderful boobs and was shorter than me. During the college days, everyone knew that she had a boyfriend and obviously she must have slept with him. Plus, we suspected that she was fucked by guys during her workdays in Pune.

We were good friends but we didn’t have any bad feelings for each other. After we got separated after completing master, we again came into contact on Whatsapp when she messaged me.

She: Hey.
Me: Hello! How are you?

She: How’s your girlfriend?
Me: I am single. What about you?

She: Me too.
Me: You had a boyfriend, right?

She: Yeah, but we broke up a long time back.
Me: Sorry to hear that. How come you reminded me today?

She: I am back in Goa.
Me: Can we meet?
She: Sure.

So we agreed to meet at pizza hut in Margao. When I reached there, she was already sitting there in a beautiful top and jeans. Her boobs were popping out of the top and I could see a waiter staring those boobs.

I went to my old classmate and greeted her. Apoorva had a smile on her face seeing me. I had an instant boner seeing her face and boobs.

I took the seat opposite tor and we started chatting. While chatting, the topic of another girl came up in discussion. Apoorva informed me that this girl dated one of our professors who was around 4-5 years elder to us. I was shocked. Suddenly, I turned the discussion to sex.

Me: When did you lose your virginity?
She: I lost it to my first boyfriend in my 4th year of engineering.

Me: Did you have sex recently?
She: No. Just cuddling.

Me: With whom?
She: Priyesh.

I was awestruck hearing this. Priyesh was our classmate and the same age as mine.

I was equally happy hearing that. Which meant she didn’t have a problem having sex with younger guys.

Me: So you don’t mind having sex with a younger guy.

She had a naughty smile on her face and I knew it was going to be a great night. She just smiled.

Me: My stomach is full. Can we go for a long drive?

She happily agreed. We left after paying the bill.

I started the car and asked her which direction?

She asked me to decide on any lonely place. My devil mind was up.

I took her to the Sernabatim beach because I knew it would be empty at this time of day. I parked the car well ahead of the beach where there were no people and started a casual chat. Meanwhile, I started moving my hand near her neck and I knew it would arouse her.

Apoorva had a naughty smile on the face. Seeing that, I moved forward and place my lips on her lips. She didn’t resist and the kiss converted into a long 10 minutes smooch.

We ended the smooch to catch a breath. I asked her if we should book a room. She agreed.

I booked a room in Oyo, in a standalone villa so that no one disturbs us. We reached the villa bad as soon as we entered the room.

I hugged her from behind and held her large boobs in my fist. I started kissing her neck. Apoorva started breathing heavily. I was pressing those boobs with some fire. She immediately turned back and started kissing and smooching me. She was like a wild fox who got his meat for the day.

While Apoorva was kissing me, I moved my hands inside her pant and started getting a feel of her nice big ass. She also moved her hand on top of my jeans near my crotch. She needed my cock badly.

I quickly got rid of my jeans and now I was just in underwear with my bulge clearly seen. She went down and took my cock in her mouth.

The moment she touched her lips on my cock, I was on cloud 9. A huge current went through my body. Her mouth was hot and she sucked my cock like a pro. I held her hair and moved her mouth to and fro.

I mouth-fucked her for 10 minutes and then picked her up and took her to bed.

I removed her clothes and made her nude and now she was just in a red bra and black panty. I started kissing her leg from the toe and moved to the thighs. Her valley was not so far and was smelling an erotic aroma.

I slid her panty to the side and could see the love hole. I started sucking her pussy and she was moaning loudly. I finger fucked her with 2 fingers and she was moving her hips. She had an orgasm and her pussy fluids started flowing. I made sure that the entire stream went into my mouth. It tasted salty, but a taste of life.

Now we were kissing and I was squeezing her boobs. We knew the time has come, but I was teasing her and she was begging to put my cock inside her. She was poking her nails into my back.

I asked her if I should wear a condom. She said no and asked me to cum inside her.

I took my shaft on her hole and gave a forceful jerk. My entire cock was into her warm hole and I was feeling the pleasure of my life. Never had such a hot pussy, it was burning inside.

I started giving heavily to and fro motions and the room was full of puchhk pucchk sound. She was screaming and I didn’t want her sound to go out.

I lip locked her and kept fucking. I was on verge of exploding after 10 minutes of continuous fuck. I again asked her if she’s sure about ejaculating inside, she said, “Yes bastard” in anger.

I released my juice into her and her pussy was now flowing with my juice. I slept over her for a few mins and then we decided to go back home.

I dropped her at her destination and we decided to be fuck buddies. I said bye to her with a lip kiss.

I love it when girls are active in bed.

If any lady in Goa (or Mumbai/Pune/Bengaluru, as I travel there often) wants to enjoy, please ping me on hangout at [email protected] See you soon.


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