Armpit Fetish Led From Metro To Great Sex

Hi guys, I am Kingkong2 with a real story. So without boring you, I will directly jump into the story.

I was sex-starved like a street dog who has not eaten for many days. I was like a hungry dog who was ready to hump any sexy lady and anywhere without taking consideration of the surroundings. I started to work in an MNC in Hyderabad. One day I was going to office as any regular day by metro.

It was a regular office weekday. It was crowded like a Mumbai local train. So after I got into the metro, I was pushed into the crowd. I had to stand for 1 hour as my station was after 1 hour. After a few minutes of the journey, I noticed that due to the crowd my hand started to touch a lady’s ass.

Though it was unintentional I felt excited because I was touching the bare skin of the lady. I started to notice her. She was a sex goddess. By that I mean a 90-year-old man will also want to fuck her. Her name was Sneha, age was 41 years. Her figure was 36-30-36. Her figure was like Zareen Khan with a height of 5.9.

The next day I again found her in the metro. I purposely went near her and stood beside her touching her body. I made it look like it was due to the crowd. Sneha was standing by holding the handle at top. My face was right in front of her armpit. It had a wet patch due to sweat as it was summer in Hyderabad.

Its aroma was so tempting. I started to have a hard-on. My dick was getting hard like a steel rod. I was continuously smelling her armpits. This adventure continued for another 3 days. Suddenly the 5th day she wore a sleeveless top and had put on a sexy tempting perfume.

I started to smell her armpit. I guess she noticed this and moved her arm closer to my face. I took this as a positive sign gave it a slight lick. It was a heaven-like feeling. What an armpit. I licked it occasionally and made it look like an accident. Sneha started to shiver on every lick.

This continued for another 2 days. Like this weekend had arrived. I couldn’t see her for 2 days and I was going mad. I wanted to fuck her very badly. However, the weekend passed and again it was Monday. There at the metro station, I saw my angel Sneha. I somehow dared and went to her and started to cough.

S – You want any cough syrup?
Me – No thanks.
S – Hi (and she giggled)
Me – Why are you laughing?

S – You are trying very hard to start a conversation with me.
Me – Yes, I have a problem with starting a conversation with a stranger.
S – But that was not the case when you smelled and then licked my armpit. (giggling).

I got embarrassed by her comment and said sorry
Me – Sorry.
S – Why sorry?
Me – I thought you didn’t like my licks and smelling your armpits.

S – No no, I loved it. It was the reason why I let you enjoy my armpit. In fact, I love being licked in such places.
Me! What places do you like to get licked and smelled?
S – Do you want to have this conversation here?

After she said this I could see she started to get horny and wanted to finger her pussy. But couldn’t as it was a public place.
Me – If not now then when can we talk?
S – Take my number and text me after 6. We will have a detailed discussion.

After saying this she gave me her number and winked at me and went. I was shocked at one end and on the other end, I was very very happy at my luck. I might get a once in a lifetime opportunity to fuck and enjoy an eternal beauty.
At 6 p.m. sharp I texted. The conversation went as follows.

Me – Hi madam.
S – Hi handsome.
Me – What is your name?
S – Sneha, and what is your name?

Me – Pankaj.
S – Your name is as sexy and arousing as your lick.
Me – Thank you for the compliment. But your name and figure have made me salute you time over time.

S – (giggled) Thank you. By the way, you asked me a question in the morning, right?
Me – Yes. Eagerly waiting for the answer.
S – Let’s see, my armpit, cleavage without using your teeth, nipples without biting, asshole and the lining.

Me – Wow. You have such an arousing list. By the way, tell me about yourself and your family.
S – Well I am Sneha, age 41, figure 36-30-36, married, husband aged 47 and a son.

Me – How is the relationship between you and your husband?

S – It is good but my husband is not that good looking. He is not interested in sex. He is only interested in making money. He thinks that he can keep a woman happy with money. The thing he is missing is that women need physical pleasure with their husbands also.

And by saying this she started sobbing.
Me – Please don’t cry Sneha. I am there for you. I will help you in any way you want.
She stopped sobbing and back to horny mood again, “Really?”

Me – Yes.
S – What can you do for me?
Me – Anything.
S – Okay. Tomorrow meet me at this place.

Saying this she sent me a location and asked me to meet her there by 9 a.m.
It was her home. The next day I went there sharp at 9 am and rang the bell. She was only in a sleeveless nighty. Oh god, I almost cummed looking her in that outfit. She asked me to come in and started to walk in front of me.

Her ass was swaying like a pendulum and my dick was protruding like a rocket.
I went directly and poked my dick into her ass.
S – My handsome, wait. Don’t be in such a rush. We have the whole day.
Me – When I see an ass like this, my dick doesn’t listen to me. Can’t help babe.

She laughed and patted my dick. Asked me to have a seat and asked what would you like to drink.
Me – Whiskey.
She brought two glasses and gave one to me.

I was about to cheers and drink and she stopped me. She poured both glasses of whiskey on both her armpits, boobs, pussy, navel, and ass. She asked me, “How about drinking from my skin?” I was growing impatient and pounced on her like a hungry lion and started to lick both her armpits, cleavage.

S – Hmmm.
Me – Enough of licking, now let’s get into some action.
S – Yes yes, let’s do it.

I carried her to the room on top and threw her on the bed. She was sitting in a hungry bitch position and ask me to come to her in a horny way.  I removed my dress and jumped on her. I tore her dress also and started to finger her pussy while licking her cleavage and boobs.

After licking her boobs and her pussy, I told her to suck my dick.
S – I will worship this divine rod with full dedication.
Saying that she started to suck like a hungry bitch drinking milk.
Me – Babe, it’s been so many days that someone has sucked me like this.

Saying this I cummed on her face and she drank it completely. Now it was time for some real fun. I made her naked and kissed her. What a taste. Her lips were tasting as a strawberry dipped in chocolate. Usually, my dick during sex remains hard. But this time it was something else.

It was rock hard and was showing no sign of retracting. Sneha was also not controllable. She got into a doggy position. I put some of my spit on her pussy and patted it. In a count of 5 pushed it like a bulldozer. Her pussy was tight as fuck because she hardly got sex from her husband. It was similar to a virgin pussy.

Now, I started to hump her like a wild dog. She was saying, “My god, Pankaj darling, ram my pussy like never before. Just don’t stop. I want a bastard like you in my slutty pussy.” I was humping to and fro and this continued for 15 minutes.

Next, I lifted her and pressed her to a wall and again started to do her from down. The scene was like a romantic Hindi film where the hero and heroine have romantic sex. She was scratching my back and I was, in turn, spanking her ass and finding her ass.

She was in cloud 9 and within 15 minutes we both were about to cum. She asked me to cum in her pussy as she was planning for a child with her husband. We had 3 more sessions and then I kissed her goodbye.

I hope you guys like my story. If you want to contact me, be it male or female you can mail me on [email protected] or message me on hangouts. Thank you.