Soumya, My Sex Thirsty Neighbour!

Hello, this is Sumith, 33 from Bangalore. My home is in the dead-end of a street. For most of the things such as buying milk and other essentials, I preferred walking than to take my bike.

There were a few small houses which I have to cross. The door was such that it opened itself to the street without any gate. Even the house comprised of just a room and a kitchen.

I noticed a lady in mid-30s who would usually be folding clothes or cutting vegetables watching TV. Most of the time, it seemed she was alone. She was around 5.3 with a slim body and a nice face.

Whenever I see her, I would casually smile at her. Initially, she stared and I just continued to walk. But, the next time when I saw her, she smiled first. This went on for a week.

Sometimes in the evening, I walk to and fro across the street while talking on the phone with earphones. I was smiling while I spoke with my friend while I was passing by. She was sitting on the sofa and when she saw me, she thought I was speaking to her and just came out. But I soon disconnected the phone and said I was on the phone.

She said, “Oh, I thought you were speaking to me.” I said sorry and then we spoke there for a while.

She told me that her name was Soumya. She asked me why I took milk during the evenings and in small packets. I told her that I lived alone.

Then onward, whenever I used to see her, we exchanged pleasantries like if she had food, done with household tasks, etc. I noticed that she always used to watch movies and I asked her about it. She said she was fond of movies and liked to watch new movies, especially the ones with humour.

I told her about a recent movie I saw. She asked where I saw that because she knew it hadn’t been aired on TV. I told her that I watched it on mobile. She immediately asked me to share it with her. She also asked me how I got such new movies to which I said I downloaded over the link that my friend sent.

She asked for my number and gave me a missed call asking to forward her the links of any good movies I get.

Later at 11 in the night, I got her message saying that the movie was good and if I had any other good movies. I said yes and then we chatted over general stuff for some time.

I asked her if she was staying alone for which she said her husband was a truck driver and comes home only once in a week or fortnight. She asked me whether I was bored staying alone. I told I would usually be engaged with work or sometimes with friends. She immediately asked, “Girlfriends?”

I replied, “Just friends of all gender. And with girlfriends, I will be engaged for at least a night.”

“What do you do the whole night?” she asked.

“We smoke up and have sex,” I said boldly.

“What? Do you have sex for the whole night??” she exclaimed.

“Not the whole night, but up until late night, around 3 am,” I said.

“Really? Do you have sex for that long?”

“Yeah, if not what’s the point in having sex. If it is only for a few minutes, just a handjob will do.”

Our conversation went on until she asked, “How many women have you been with?”

“Just a few” I replied asking her, “What about you? How many men have you enjoyed?”

I realized we were into too private topics too soon!

“My two boyfriends before marriage and hubby after, total it is 3.”

And within a few seconds, she added, “..until now.”

“Óho, so who is the fourth?” I asked with a smile, but then came the unexpected.

“You, if you can come to my home now”.

I was so surprised to hear that but I didn’t want to miss that opportunity. It was 11:30 by then. I soon got up and walked towards her place. There weren’t any people around and Soumya was waiting at the door.

She closed the door as soon as I got in. Sowmya, the dusky beauty was standing there wearing a thin tight fit nighty which made her black bra stripes and pantie-lines visible.

I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her full lips. She reciprocated for my kiss and also hugged me tight, moving her hands all over my back.

While still kissing each other, we moved over the sofa. Soumya gave herself to me by allowing me to lie over her and continue kissing. With each move, she got horny and hornier which became evident by the manner in which her body started to move.

I opened the buttons and her nighty, she hurriedly lifted her waist and pulled it out at once. There she was, with a perfect body shape without an inch of extra fat, looked like a body toned at the gym.

I moved my lips over her waist and then into her navel while my hand was kneading her boobs over the bra. While licking her navel, I put my hand inside her bra and just touched her nipples, shaking her body she held up her waist. Her body was longing for sex from days together. I then drove my head upwards her body until I got to her boobs.

Her 36B boobs were perfectly shaped as if sculpted by an artist. I rolled over my tongue over her hard nipples, exclaiming “Aaah!”. She pushed my head moaning. “Tindu bido.. tindu bido… aaah” (“Eat it out, my dear.. eat it out.. aaah.”)

While I started to suck with vigor, she abruptly stopped me to get the TV remote. She switched it on and increased the volume as that she couldn’t be heard outside.

Then my neighbour wife sat on the sofa and pulled my head towards her boobs to suck. She started running her fingers all across my head while occasionally pulling my head towards her.

I then stood up to take out my t-shirt. She ran her hands all over my chest, licking and kissing my nipples. She was so quick as if she had to go somewhere soon finishing this. She soon pulled my track pant down to put her hand inside my undies. She held my cock and felt it by pressing for a couple of seconds and took it out.

Feeling with both the hands, she started to lick my dick. And then, opening her mouth wide, she took it in and got into a nice rhythm. Her moaning sound and the sounds of sucking my cock made the atmosphere hot.

Soumya took my dick out and with the tip of her tongue, she licked my balls. She then rolled her tongue all over my dick-head to swallow the whole shaft. She did it very skilfully, moreover, in the sluttiest possible manner. Every time, she rolled her tongue over my dick and made eye contact with me with a lusty face.

I then pushed her onto the sofa and pulled her panties. She lifted her legs for me to help out. I then stuck my tongue over her pussy and Soumya started to shiver, letting out a moan. It wasn’t even a couple of minutes when she pulled me up to say,

“Tadiyokagtha illa, kodo begaa.. haako.. nan tul olgade haki sariyag hodi..” (“I can’t wait anymore, give it to me, put your dick in, ram my pussy hard.”)

I placed my dick over her pussy. With her both hands, she held it open for me. I pushed it in only to discover that she was already wet inside. My dick felt it was entering a warm flask.

As I gradually increased the phase, she started to move her waist exactly to match my thrusts. With each thrust, there came an “aah” from her.

With my dick still inside her, I changed the position, making her sit on the sofa. I started to screw this married hot lady positioning myself on my knees. And there it was, Soumya started flooding as if the gates of a damn got opened.

Her juices ran all over my dick giving an exciting wet sound with my every thrust. She tightened her legs around my waist holding her body still. But then, without giving her much time to relax, I made her turn onto the other side and made her go into doggy position. She understood my intention too well.

Bending, Soumya lifted her ass up and turned towards me with her hair falling down. She looked like a porn star. This looked gave me a kick.

I went onto the other side to enter dick into her mouth. Holding her by the head, I started to mouth fuck her.

Then again, I went from her back and entered her in doggy. In whatever position it be, she perfectly knew how to match the rhythm. She did the same even here too.

After some minutes in that position, I wanted a change and asked her to ride me. I slept on the sofa and she hurriedly jumped over me.

After some 8-10 stokes, she opened her flood gates again. Once again, she stood still for a few seconds. I got my back up and started sucking her boobs. This made her body shake and then with a jolt, she released a bit more fluid.

After she rode me for a few more minutes, I declared that I was cumming. She jumped out from over my dick and took it in her mouth to start sucking. But it needed to be pumped or stroked vigorously in order for me to be able to shoot my cum. To make it up for it, Soumya started to suck like there is no tomorrow.

After 5 minutes of the fast blowjob, I held her face and unloaded in her mouth. She gulped it all and milked my dick for a minute more to suck out any leftover. Then she laid down over me.

We both relaxed for a while, and then she went into the small kitchen saying she will give me some Horlicks.

We played the game of sucking Horlicks from each other’s mouth which made us both horny and we were soon into the second round. Then onward, she kept on inviting me to her home during late hours in the night when her hubby was away.

I hope you liked the above experience of mine. It is a nice feeling for any writer to receive feedback from the readers. I can be reached at [email protected]

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