Rohit’s Dream – Part 1

Hi all. I am Rohit from Kolkata. I am married to my beautiful wife Neha. We are a happy couple for the last 12 years. We love each other very much and we understand our partner completely. Our sexual life is very good and very active.

Neha is a perfect Milf. She maintained her figure very well.  Any man can lust for her. She is hot and beautiful but also conservative. We have a daughter. We are leading a very happy married life. Now coming to the story.

One day after a tremendous fucking session we were lying by the side of each other. She was breathing heavily. Her chest was moving up and down along with her magnificent two gloves. I was watching her boobs and getting crazy. Her boobs and nipples are very sensitive.

At any time if I suck her nipples for 30 sec to 1 minute she goes crazy. Suddenly I got one idea. When I am sucking her one nipple she is immediately excited. What will happen if both her nipples are sucked at the same time? I got an idea of threesome and cuckold fantasy. I asked her immediately.

Me: Jaan can I say something?
Neha: Yes, please tell.
Me: Tell me when I suck your nipples how do you feel?
Neha: You are very naughty, I don’t know. (and hid her face in the pillow)

Me: Tell me, please.
Neha: It is a heavenly experience. (she whispered in my ear)
Me: Just think, how will you feel when your 2 nipples will being sucked at the same time? One hand massage your clit and other fingers fuck your pussy?

Neha: Rohit! (she screamed in anger loudly) What do you think about me? Am I a prostitute?
Me: No sweetheart. You understand me wrong. I just think about your pleasure. I want you to get the ultimate pleasure a real heavenly experience.

Neha looked at my eyes. Her eyes are very deep.
Neha: If any other man fucks me in front of you, can you take that?
I didn’t answer but immediately placed my self upon her and start smooching. I slowly moved down and took her left nipple in my mouth and start sucking.

Neha: Rana, leave me.
Me: I am not Rana. I am that guy by whom you want to be fucked.
Neha: No, leave me.

Me: Yes I am not are so hot and sexy.
I didn’t stop my movement. I was pounding her very hard. She was moaning continuously. She took her hip up and tried to match my rhythm. I was fucking her with full intensity. Suddenly I stopped for a moment to catch up my breath.

Neha screamed, “Sanjay, don’t stop.” That was the time I was surprised. I understood that Sanjay was her dream fucker. I looked at her eyes and smiled. She was blushing with shame. Her face was completely red. We both didn’t utter a single word.

I again start fucking her, but this time with more intensity. She also reciprocated the same. After around 15 to 20 minutes we released our load and reached the climax. We were lying on the bed hugging each other. slowly we were going into a deep sleep.

Sanjay is my colleague, actually my office junior. But he is very handsome and manly. The rumor was there that he is a lady killer and has fucked so many milfs. In that list, so many were from the office and their wives. He was very close to me. We share a good time and enjoy each other’s company.

The next day morning we became normal and both were not talking about last night. I went to the office and Neha went for her job. Night again we fucked each other like animals. This time I acted as Sanjay. My wife didn’t object but rather I understood that she enjoyed it.

We continued this schedule for one week. In the morning we became normal but at night we became wild and did a role play. Every night I fucked her like I am Sanjay. Next week I stopped our physical intimacy. I pretended that I was very busy. I didn’t even touch her.

Thursday night after her sleep at around midnight I woke up. I slowly put on the dim light. I moved her nightgown up. That day she was not wearing any panty. I slowly touched her pussy lips. She was sleeping. Again I touched and rubbed her pussy lips and clit very slowly.

She was slowly aroused. She was moving a little bit in her sleep and moaning slowly, “Sanjay, don’t do.” I understood that she was horny for Sanjay. I didn’t do anything and let her sleep. The next day after my regular work I took Sanjay with me and went for a drink. We were chatting.

Sanjay: Rohit da I saw that you want to tell me something.
Me: Yes brother you are right.
Sanjay: Tell me bhaiyya, what happened?
Me: Sanjay I want you to fuck my wife in front of me.

Sanjay was shocked. He looked at me silently and then told,
Sanjay: are you serious bhaiyya?

Me: yes. I am serious.
Sanjay: Ok bhaiyya I am ready. But bhabhi will be ready for that?

Me: Look Sanjay let me tell you I have a dark fantasy like a cuckold or threesome. But I am inviting you not only for that. More than that I want my wife to get all the pleasure in her life. She is my princes so enjoy with her. But don’t use her like a whore, Otherwise, you will be killed.

He smiled and asked, “When?”
Me: Saturday night, you come to my house at midnight.

I came back to my house and was waiting for Saturday. On Saturday morning I told my hot and beautiful wife, “Today we will go for dinner and then a movie.” She was happy. Evening we prepared and went for a movie and dinner. Around 11.00 we came back.

We sat in our drawing room and took some liquor. We both became a little drowsy. Suddenly the doorbell rang, it was 12. Neha looked at me surprisingly. I smiled and said, “Open the door, there is a gift for you.” Neha got up and opened the door.

Sanjay was standing there. She was surprised. But before she could react Sanjay entered the room and closed the door. Neha turned towards me and tried to ask me something. But Sanjay hugged her from behind and planted a light kiss on the backside of her neck.

Neha was surprised. But before she moved from there Sanjay hugged her from behind. He wrapped his hands around her belly. His hand was tightly holding her by belly. I looked at her eyes which were popped out due to a sudden attack of Sanjay. Neha couldn’t believe that. I winked at her and smiled.

Sanjay continued his kissing and licking on her back and neck region. Neha tried to free herself from his grip but it was a very mild try. Sanjay moved her hand up and held her both the boob over the sari. Neha held his hands and tried to remove it from her boobs.

But in front of manly power, she was helpless, also it was just a meek protest. I told her, “Neha why are you opposing him? You like him, I know. I don’t have any problem so enjoy it. You are my princess so I want that you get all the pleasure in life.”

I said, “Sanjay is your dream man so enjoy sex with him. I don’t mind. I just want to see you happy. I will always love you as always. So don’t hesitate and enjoy the session at fullest.” Neha was listening to my words. Her face was red due to shame and she was also blushing.

Sanjay was groping and kneading her soft juicy breasts continuously above her blouse and sari. After I finished my words, Sanjay held the pallu (loose end of the sari) and removed it from her shoulder. He kept his lips and tongue on her shoulder. His lips and tongue made magic which I can see from her expression.

Sanjay left her boobs and pulled her sari, it was removed from her body. Neha was standing in her red blouse and petticoat. The red color gave perfect contrast with her fair glow skin. Again he put his hands on her boobs. His hands were moving from belly to boobs.

He opened her blouse hooks one by one. Neha tried to stop him again due to shame but she failed. Sanjay opened all the hooks and removed her blouse from her body. He turned her and hugged her tightly. His hand was moving on her bareback. He loosened his grip and kissed on her forehead.

Neha closed her eyes. Sanjay licked and kissed every inch of her face. Her eyes, earlobes, cheeks, chin everywhere was glistening with his saliva. Sanjay slowly licked her juicy lips. He moved her tongue slowly on her lips. But never smooched or lip locked. Neha was feeling irritated.

His slow movement of the tongue made her restless. She wanted a deep smooch. Sanjay understood and put his lips on her. they were into a deep smooch. They were hungrily sucking and licking each other lips. Sanjay was sucking her lower lips and she was sucking his upper lips.

They both were involved completely. They were moving from lower to upper lips and upper to lower lips alternatively. He then took her both lips in between her lips and tried to engulf them. All the time his hands were moving on her back and she was wrapping her hands around his neck.

Sanjay then pushed his tongue inside her mouth which she readily accepted. Neha was sucking his tongue inside her mouth. After a few minutes, Neha pushed her tongue and Sanjay immediately accepted. He was sucking her tongue in her mouth. He wanted to eat all her saliva.

They were smooching like two intense college lovers. After around 10 to 15 minutes Sanjay moved down. And now was licking and kissing her neck region. Her womanly aroma made him mad. Her round soft flesh popped out from her lacy black bra.

Her uncovered chest and deep cleavage were glistening with his saliva. Neha started moaning lightly. Her knees became weak. she could not stand anymore. Sanjay lifted in his lap and brought her to the sofa near me. He put her on the sofa beside me.

Neha was leaning on the sofa on her back and gasping for breath. Sanjay opened the knot of her petticoat and took it out from her body. My beautiful wife was seated on the sofa just beside me wearing her black lacy bra and panty. She was looking like a sex goddess.

Sanjay was watching her with full intensity. I could see the lust in his eyes. He uttered, “Bhabhi you don’t know how much I am craving for you. I was crazy about you from the very first day I met you. But I didn’t tell this to anyone. I was afraid.”

He said, “But when bhaiyya offered me this proposal I was restless. From the last 2 to 3 nights I could not sleep properly due to excitement. I want to worship your beauty.” Neha and I looked at him. We never thought that Sanjay felt like this for Neha.

I was happy now that I had got Sanjay to fuck Neha in front of me. What happened after that, I will describe every bit in the next part. Please send your feedback on [email protected] You can also chat with me.

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