Virgin Sex With Boyfriend In Front Of Class Teacher

Hi, I am Diana, aged 23. My body stats are 32-26-34. I am a Christian girl. This is a real sexual incident happened in my life. I lost my virginity inside my classroom at the age of 19 in front of my class teacher Devika madam! Let me describe Devika madam.

She was the sexiest woman I have seen in my life. Her style of walking is sexy. Her big ass swinging when she walks is a treat to watch. She was 28 at that time and had a figure of 34-28-36. She was fair and short and a modern married woman wearing modern dresses as well as saree.

Every boy in the college was after her. But she was a little strict-type and disciplined. I was good at studies and was naughty too. I had entered a new teen life and was excited at that time.

Then I met Vince during those days. He was a handsome boy. We proposed through a common friend and we started dating in the canteen library for just talks and all. We exchanged phone numbers and started sex chatting at night time. I was very excited and was enjoying these sex chats.

Then he told me that he wants to have sex with me. But I was scared and said no. But he insisted and we decided will have it as both of us were virgins.

One day at college, we were having some function at night. So we thought we will have our first sex inside our classroom. I was Christian and hence, wearing modern clothes were no problem for me. I wearing a mini-skirt but no panty and a sleeveless top.

My bf said I was looking very sexy and many boys were eying my sexy fair thighs and cleavage. I use to shave my armpits on a regular basis and put perfume. But I was sweat a lot at that time.

So, at the college function, everyone was busy. We slowly went to our classroom. Everything was dark and there was no one nearby too. We started smooching each other. My bf’s hands were on my boobs, pressing them. I was enjoying it.

He removed his clothes and I removed mine. He was amazed to see my sexy clean waxed body; I had shaved my pussy too this time.

Vince took my boobs in his mouth and started sucking it with full force. It was paining but I loved that pain. It was very hot and I became wet with sweat. My bf loved that natural smell of my sweat and started licking my underarms. I was in heaven with this move of his.

His one hand was rubbing my pussy which was oozing juices by now. Everything was very sexy but suddenly, the door of our classroom was open. It was our class teacher Devika madam with her mobile shooting and clicking our nude snaps.

I started crying with fear and shock. She ordered, “Give me your parents’ numbers”.

We both got very scared and begged her to leave us and we will never do it again. But she said no.

I started dressing up and suddenly, she stopped me and put her tongue on my lips! Her one hand was on my bf’s cock and one on my right nipple, pressing it hard. She smiled and said she wants to join.

Vince was very relieved to hear but I was not as he was my bf. But I didn’t have another choice and hence, agreed. Our teacher started smooching my lips while her hand was working on my boyfriend’s cock. My nipples became hard and both of us started enjoying it and were moaning.

She told Vince to sleep on the bench and removed her clothes. She was wearing saree that night was looking like a slut.

After seeing her beautiful body, Vince lost his mind. Our teacher had big fair boobs, sexy hairy underarms, fleshy thighs, and a big ass. Her pussy was trimmed and her armpits were smelling full of sweat.

She slept on Vince in 69 and started sucking his cock and was rubbing her trimmed pussy on his mouth. My boyfriend was moaning by now and he was sucking her pussy lips. I started enjoying all this.

Devika madam told me to lick Vince’s cock and balls which I did. It was a very sexy thing to do.

Then Vince came in the teacher’s mouth. She didn’t remove his cock from her mouth, she sucked everything like a slut.

After deep sucking of my bf’s cock and getting fully satisfied with her pussy sucked and licked, Devika madam got up. Then she slept on the bench and asked me to sleep over her. She made me suck her thick hot lips which I enjoyed it.

Then she moved me to her neck and underarms area. She made Vince suck her one armpit and made me suck the other. Vince was pressing her left boob and I was on her right boob. Devika madam was moaning loudly. Her scent was really sexy. I started licking her deeply as Vince to enjoying her wet sweaty and hairy smelly underarms.

Now it was boob time. I was sucking her big right boob and Vince on her left. She was asking us to bite it harder. We did it as she said and she moaned very loudly.

The sound of her moan was increasing and my bf’s cock was already hard. Finally, she told Vince to push his cock into her pussy.

Vince started taking a condom out but she scolded him and asked him to fuck her raw. I was again surprised by this.

She told me to sleep over her and started licking my sweaty armpits. Meanwhile, Vince started fucking Devika madam and she was loving it. But I was enjoying more as Devika madam was licking my both armpits.

Now my boobs were getting her tongue treatment. I already started oozing hot juices from my pussy. It was running on my thighs.

Vince was fucking her hard and she wanted him to unload it inside her pussy. So after fucking her for a long time, he came inside her pussy.

All three were wet with sexy smelly sweat. I was asked to step down and Vince was on her. Both were smooching like true lovers.

Then madam asked me to suck his cock and make it ready for the next round. I took Vince’s cock which was covered in madam’s pussy juice. It tasted sexier than ever. It was limp but again and very soon, it became hard.

Madam then asked me to stop and made me sleep on the bench and slept over me in 69. I had never licked or sucked anyone’s pussy till then. Madam’s trimmed pussy was over my mouth now and I was loving the taste of her.

On the other hand, madam was licking and biting my pussy which was heaven for me. She spread her asshole with her fingers and asked my bf to fuck her big fair ass. Vince couldn’t believe his luck. He didn’t waste any time. It was hard for him to enter his teacher’s tight asshole but after so many attempts, his cock went in.

His cock started moving in and out of Devika madam’s fair and sexy big ass. It was another hot moment of my life.

Devika madam had become all aroused. It was my turn to suck her cum. I brought my mouth to her pussy. She came in loads and loads in my mouth which was very hot and sexy. I took only 50% as it was coming very fast.

Vince grunted loudly and came in her ass at that time. I was still a virgin. It was also late then. So, I thought whatever I enjoyed was enough but Devika madam had other plans. She took Vince’s cock in her mouth and sucked it for a long time. He became hard soon with madam’s mouth work.

Madam asked me to lie down on the bench and set her hot pussy on my lips. She told Vince to insert his cock in my virgin pussy. I was afraid of the pain, but madam controlled my mouth with her pussy.

Vince put his hard cock inside me. It was giving me a burning feeling in my pussy and paining me like hell. Vince and Devika madam was smooching in between. Her hands were pressing my boobs.

He fucked me with full force and it started paining more. But neither madam nor Vince was stopping. Both fucked my mouth and pussy ruthlessly.

My boyfriend had become a wild and rough fucker by then. He was in total control. I came many times and finally, Vince came in my pussy and madam came after some time.

I was exhausted with everything. Madam told us to dress up as it was late. She took us to her flat in her car. I slept in her bed and Vince in the hall.


Please comment on how my real story was and mail me: [email protected] Also, tell me how my Devika madam is, and who really will love to have a teacher like her in their life?

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