Perfect Boobs African Girl Fucked By Indian Guy

I am back after so many days. I am by professional massage therapist from Pune. I am 30 years, 5 feet 9 inches, and have a cock size of around 7-inch which touches the opening of the uterus of the lady (this is the feedback of my clients).

Due to the lockdown, there was very little massage work so I was searching for a sexual partner. I was searching on the internet and I got to know there was an African call girl. So I messaged her on her number. She replied and we decided the date and time. Also, we decided the rate. She shared her pics too.

I was very excited to go as I will be having INTERACIAL SEX (lolz). I went to her area and she guided me to her building. I reached her flat. The door was open and I went inside.

The African call girl was behind the door and she closed the door. I saw her and got excited. Her figure was somewhat similar to that of Disha Patni. The African girl had perfect boobs and a perfect ass with a proper size.

She took me to her room. There was no one at her flat.

She – What do you want?
Me – What can you give me?

She – Whatever you want.
Me – I want everything.

She – I am yours. (And she hugged me.)

OMG, I was so excited and was feeling too happy that I was going to fuck this black beauty that day. I gave her money and she started undressing my shirt. Then she made me semi-naked and now I was in my boxer.

I hugged the African girl from the back and pressed her boobs over her clothes and started kissing on her neck. (I knew how to make a woman ready for sex.) She immediately pulled her long t-shirt and was in a panty and bra.

I was unable to control so I started pressing her boobs like a mad dog.

She – Baby, be gentle!
Me – I can’t resist myself after seeing your beauty.

She – Go on.

The African black babe pressed my cock and started playing with it. She went down and took my cock outside and started sucking it. I was in cloud 9. She was doing her work very well. I was forcing her to take my whole dick in her mouth and I was feeling that my cock had reached her throat.

After 3-4 minutes, she stopped saying that her mouth was paining. Then I also did not insist. After all, I like to respect my partner’s will.

Now I removed the call girl’s bra and wow, there was my black princess, seminude with her thong panty on.

I made her lie on the bed and started rubbing her pussy on the panty with one hand and boobs with the other hand. I was kissing her body at the same time.

Soon, I removed her panty and I saw a very cute pink inside black outside pussy. I just loved it. At first, I was feeling to give her oral but later I stopped myself saying that she was a call girl and I need to take some precautions.

Me – If you don’t mind, can I take this beautiful pussy with me?
She – Sure, you can take it but keep this big cock for me.

We both laughed.

This time, I asked the African whore to just close her eyes and feel every touch. She was moaning loudly. I inserted 2-3 fingers inside her pussy.

She – Please insert this big cock. I want to feel it.
Me – Baby, please wait, I want to see your pussy juice.

She – Baby, I am gonna die due to too much excitement. I am very aroused inside now. Please cool me down!
Me – Ok, my baby.

Now I positioned myself in the missionary position and decided that I will insert my cock in one shot – no too and fro motion, nothing.

The African girl put the condom on my dick and applied a little bit of saliva on her pussy and kept my cock at her pussy. Her legs were in the air. It was like a plane that was ready for take-off. (By just imagining that position I am getting hard on now.)

I asked her to close the eye and on the count of 1–2–3, I pushed my whole Indian dick inside the African girl’s pussy. It was a little painful for me and she was moaning loudly saying something in the African language! I again took my cock out and this time, I inserted with more force and she was trying to sit and push me back!

Me – What happened?
She – Your Indian dick went so deep inside and it generate a fountain of excitement inside me. I felt that for the first time.

Me – Baby, this is just a start, you get down.

I continued to fuck the African prostitute girl like that for a few minutes. After some time, I asked her to keep her legs on my back and I inserted the cock deep inside by moving a bit too and fro.

Once I reached the opening of her uterus bag, I felt like something was touching me from the inside. I kept my cock there and just kept moving my body so that I could massage her insides with my dick. She was not able to breathe properly as it was a different experience for her.

Later, we changed the position to doggy, and then she came on top of me. At last, I took her to missionary again and this time, I gave her really hard shots and shot my load inside the condom.

We both were exhausted by then and the room was filled with our moaning and the aroma of our juices. After some time, I got fresh and left from there.

I hope you liked the story. Your appreciation emails will give me the energy to write more. I am seducing my neighbor and I think that very soon, I will taker her to bed. If I get more replies on mail from you, then I will write more about it.

We have decided to meet for dinner tonight as her husband is in the hospital since the last 30 days.

Any lady who wants to get a massage in Pune feel free to ping me at [email protected]

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