Office Romance with orthodox girl – Part 1

This happened in 2018 when I was working in a bank in Vishakhapatnam in Andhrapradesh. I was posted in a small branch with 9 people working there. The heroine of this story is the attender working there, her name is Shalini. She has been working around for 3 years. She is medium built with extra meat at the right spots. I had an eye on her since the day I arrived but it took six months to make her mine. But the wait is worth it. This story is a bit long to explain the small things in detail.

The Initiation:
During the first three months, we spoke rarely as I was getting habituated to new surroundings and hardly have any time. The culture in the branch was that first, the branch staff will take lunch afterward attender’s do, as I started having lunch late we are got acquainted and regularly continued to do so. She is very orthodox and dresses like that. While moving the files around I intentionally brushed her shoulder and ass and used to observe her reaction but she didn’t even give me a hint. I thought I will never get a chance.

The First Breakthrough:
As those who are in banking know working on holidays is a regular occurrence we had to work on a Sunday to complete the backlog so the manager, myself, and Shalini planned to attend the office. Shalini and I reached on time my manager told me that she won’t be able to attend. There was some problem in CCTV time so I was trying to rectify, the CCTV is set up in very small space hardly one person can stand there. Shalini came and taunted me that I cannot resolve it and she try to take the mouse from my hand. At first, I didn’t leave but I gave the mouse so she came in front of me and asked me to give her space, but I didn’t still she wiggled in front of me. The fragrance of her sweat was killing me. I move towards her and kept my right hand on the mouse over her palm and bent to operate the PC and by reflex kept my left hand on her left shoulder she turned towards me in surprise but I am watching the PC after watching for a few seconds she continued to see what I am doing and after two minutes I resolved it blew some air in her ear playfully. While removing from hand on the mouse I smoothly touched her hand till elbow. Our eyes met I moved my face towards her to kiss but she quickly moved out from there. I thought I will never get another chance little did I know that I will get on the same day.

I ordered and I had the most awkward and silent lunch till then. Neither of us spoke a single word. After lunch, I went to my seat and started working with a thousand thoughts running through my mind. She asked whether there is any work for her or she can leave. I told her there is scanning work to be done. She told me that she don’t how to do it. I told her I will teach her and asked her to sit and I was standing just behind the chair keeping my two hands on the chair. As she is new to this she is not able to follow my instruction so I bent forward and kept my hand on her hand and our faces are side by side and that fragrance again mesmerized me. She wore a sleeveless and I wore a half sleeve so the naked portion of our hands is creating the electricity and I slowly blowing air on her face.

I thought I have to take it forward so I stood straight and kept my hands on the chair. After she completed the scanning of a document on her own I congratulated her by keeping both my hands on her shoulders and didn’t remove them and she continued doing her work. I started slowly moving my hand and moved them towards her neck. She said it tickled her. I removed one hand and started making circles on her neck. Yay Finally I got my signal!
Slowly I inserted my hand in her top and traced her entire back with my finger she is moving like anything closing her eyes. She moaned when I pressed her waist. I took my hand out and kept on the neck and started tiptoeing towards her boobs. She looked at me angrily. I stopped for a second and started moving again. She is taking deep breaths and I can feel it at a fair distance from her heart. Suddenly I kept my hand on her left boob and she froze and realized what’s happening and tried to remove my hand but I didn’t, I told her to give me five minutes and if she didn’t like it then I won’t ever again. She continued doing work.
I started circling her nipples; let me tell you she came from an orthodox family she experienced something she never did till now. It was an easy, piece of cake for me. I kissed her and turned the chair and was all over her the chair was bent till it max and was about to break so I relaxed and I held and her and took her to lunchroom she followed me like a puppy. I started kissing her wherever I can and tried to lift her top. She didn’t allow me so I started kissing her boobs on her top she was moaning then I lifted her top and held her waist and it was more than 15 minutes. I told her I will show her heaven she smiled and said ok, I removed her top she didn’t wear a bra and was trying to cover her boobs I held her hands and kept them down and slowly like handling a rose flower I caressed her and started sucking her boobs. Remember we are doing this standing so my back started aching I asked to sleep on the dining table and sucking her boobs like a newborn child. She was moaning very loudly and I had to cover her mouth with my hand.
With my other hand, I removed the thread of her bottom and kept my hand in her panties. It’s too much for her she pushed me away and wore her top and went into the hall. I thought this is enough for the day and started working again. We worked for an hour and started closing and told thank you to her she shyly smiled. I asked her did she like it. She smiled again. I told her to keep it between us. She said yes.
This continued for another two years till I was transferred from that branch. We are friends and still keep in touch. In the second and final part, I will share how I finally nailed her and had sex in the storeroom and had many close shaves while romancing with her in the bank. For feedback mail to [email protected]

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