North Indian Girl And Happy Ending Massage

After a decade long of work and hectic schedule, I wanted to relax somewhere and have the luxury of undoing my muscles and body so it could also relax and be ready ahead. Not knowing the best thing to do other than traveling, movies, and guided tours and that is when I decided to have a nice oil massage.

Now the dilemma was to choose with Kerala Ayurveda or salon spa massage. In Hyderabad, there is no dearth of spa massages but it also comes with its pros and cons. Finally, I made up my mind and went to a good spa near Banjara Hills.

Recently, I had read that these massages parlors get raided quite often for offering sexual services in the pretext of offering massage. The idea was good and it made my mind midwest as well. The thought remained that it still existed despite these raids.

Somehow I checked online and found some good spas. I called them up and asked if they provide any additional services but they all refused and told me sorry we do not offer such things. They gave only a plain full body relaxing massage.

Anyway, since I had made my mind to get relaxed, I visited this one spa in Banjara hills and it was quite a posh one. The feel and look inside gave me a feeling that it was a genuine spa with goods therapy massages. I started going through their rate card and offerings.

The menu had different massages like Swedish, aroma, Thai, etc and I chose the Swedish massage and waited for them for some time.

A good looking lady escorted me to the cabin which had a nicely done bed. The cabin was fresh with flower scents and dim lights with candles and the ac on. The masseur had asked me to undress and wear the massage costume (nothing but plain white underwear).

Even though I knew the massage protocols and how it was done, I was interested in someone doing it for me.

After changing my dress to wearing only underwear, I was asked to lie down on my stomach. Oh, I forgot to mention that this masseur girl seemed to be a north Indian with lovely features and a good figure with just about right fat everywhere in her body.

As I lay down, she took oil and started to pour on my back. She touched me with her soft hands and it sent shivers down my body. I was turned on instantly. But since I was lying on my stomach, it was unseen but she could see the goosebumps on my back.

We introduced each other and she told me that she was from Uttar Pradesh. She asked me if I had been here before and I told her that I have visited other massage spas and don’t see any different being here.

She said this is unique and provides good service to which I responded saying every spa provides the same service with happy endings at the end. She just laughed!

Ten minutes into the massage, it was relaxing. She sat on me and was massaging it like a pro. But I was turned on as the north Indian masseur girl’s silky soft body was so electrifying that controlling the horny side was next to impossible. But, still I was managing.

She massaged my ass deep and after some time, she asked me to turn around with my back facing downwards. As soon as I turned around, she saw my penis which was erect and blushed and her eyes couldn’t wink. She was behaving as if she did not see but I could see that she was constantly looking at it!

Now the girl asked me if she can remove my underwear to which I replied saying, “thanks for asking as it is required because my cock is really hard.”

She laughed and started to massage from my toes.

Moving up slowly, she came to my cock area and sat on my thighs and started massaging my balls and also my chest, leaving my cock.

“You can touch me while I massage”, she said and I started to touch her softly.

She then massaged my cock and was stroking it as in a handjob and I was on fire! I immediately raised myself to hold her and pulled towards me and started to smooch her. She was stopping me to do so and told me that it was not allowed. I said, “You turned me on too much and it is out of my control to not do it.”

And I put her on the massage bed and was quickly on top of her. The north Indian masseur girl kept saying, “Sir, please.. This is not allowed..”

But I was busy smooching and pressing this sexy girl’s boobs. Then I quickly removed her top and bra and started sucking her milky boobs like a child. This time, she moaned but she was still trying to stop me. But her movements slowly softened as I was milking her.

Then I went down to her knees and removed her pants and panties. The masseur girl was already wet and dripping down and in no time, I started sucking her juices. She let out a loud moan and I had to shut her mouth immediately with my hand. But I still kept eating her juicy vagina.

While doing so, I wanted to tease her by stopping for a few seconds and again do it which was making her hornier. She said, “Sir.. please don’t stop..” That is when I told her I was in the same situation some time back and she was stopping me.

The horny desi masseur immediately grabbed me up by my face, smooched me, took my cock in her mouth and was sucking it like a lollipop!

It was just amazing to see the way she was sucking my cock. After a few minutes, I couldn’t help but moan. And I told her that I was cumming and showered all my juices in her mouth the next second.

She took my cum in her mouth but did not swallow it. She immediately went to the washroom and spit it out. I was following her to the washroom. I grabbed her from behind and started to lick and suck her.

I knelt down and licked her ass and put my finger deep inside her vagina. The slutty Indian masseur girl moaned loudly and she asked me to put my cock inside.

But since I had already ejaculated, it took some time to get my dick up. But, like a great helper, she gave me a blowjob to make it hard and when it did, she inserted it deep inside, sitting on me and was bouncing on it at a good speed.

I was cuddling her boobs and also sucking them as she kept getting fucked. She had a great 10 minutes of cock-riding and then we changed position to doggy style.

I must say that she was enjoying and was horny than me. She was moaning like anything. Now we were at the peak and she had already come the first time when she was on me.

I was getting harder and harder. We changed position again and this time, I was on top of her. After a couple of minutes, I could not hold anymore and came inside her. And she was cuddling me like a baby.

I rested on her for a while and then as we cooled down, we took a bath. I did give her some money for the massage service and happy ending and thanked her. She was happy indeed and told me to visit again.


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