Fucked Devi, My Grandmother’s Maid

Hello, friends, this is Vicky 21 years old from Andhra Pradesh. This is the story of my first sex. This the first I am writing so please ignore any mistake in the story.

Let’s move on to the story this happened with me 2 years ago. My father is a software engineer. So I used to live with my family in Mumbai. Every summer I used to go to my grandmother’s house.

After writing one of my exams I got holidays for nearly 4 months as any degree or other course starts in July. So my mother sent me to my grandmother’s house in April and they came in May. I came to Andhra Pradesh in the first week of April (don’t know the exact date) in the evening.

Due to the journey, I was so tired so I went to sleep got up at 8 in the morning the next day. I went to the bathroom and got fresh. I sat on the chair for breakfast. Now enters the heroine of the story my grandmother’s maid Devi aunty

About Devi aunty: 42 years old, approximately 5’6 in height, fair complexion 70 kg weight and a very pretty face with very big boobs. Her boobs were very big that whatever clothes she used to wear her cleavage was always visible. I always wanted to fuck her but because of family members, I couldn’t do it.

But this was the chance for me. For the next thirty days, only me and my grandmother are going to be there at home. So I decided to seduce her and fuck her at this time. Luckily my grandmother also went out of the station to attend a wedding after the two days of my arrival.

This was my chance and I used it very well. Devi aunty used to come early in the morning at nearly 6 am. She always had a duplicate key with her so she directly used to enter the house. I made a plan. I slept naked on my bed and got up early in the morning at nearly 5:45.

I started stroking my dick so that it gets its max size. My dick was 7-inch in length and 2.5 inches thick. Like every day she entered the house and came to the bedroom to sweep. She was shocked seeing my fat dick. She kept seeing it and swept the room.

Finally, she came to me and touched it. It was a great feeling, a wonderful sexy woman touching my dick. I gave a little movement which made her afraid. She left the room. Then I got up at 7 am and got fresh and went to the kitchen. Devi was preparing breakfast.

I intentionally went in the kitchen touched her ass with my dick. She was shocked but continued to work. Again I did the same. She looked down and saw my dick’s impression on the shorts. Again I touched my dick on her ass. This time she shouted on me and said that I was being very inappropriate.

Then I immediately asked why she touched my dick in the morning. She was shocked and became silent. I told her that I will tell my grandmother about this thing. She got frightened and started crying and said, “Sorry, Vicky, please don’t tell madam.”

I told her that I will not tell her on one condition. She asked what. I told her that she should have sex with me. Initially, she didn’t agree but after some time she agreed. I immediately hugged her and started kissing her. She was also responding. I took it as green signal. I unhooked her blouse.

I was amazed to see that she was wearing bra. The bra was very big that it could cover my whole face. I removed the whole saree now she was only wearing the red bra and the red panty now I started pressing her boobs she was giving loud moans. I got afraid that somebody may hear her.

So I took her to my bedroom and closed the door. Now I went near her pussy removed her panty. I started sucking her pussy. She was giving loud moans which were making me crazy. She started pushing my head towards her pussy. She was liking it. Then I unhooked the bra her big boobs were free now.

I immediately started sucking her right boob and pressing other boob with my hand. She stopped me and removed my t-shirt and shorts. She went down near my dick and give me a blowjob. It was so nice that I cum in her mouth in less than three minutes.

She told me to get in 69 position. I was sucking her pussy she was sucking my dick. Within no time I again got an erection. She got up told me to stop foreplay and let us get into action. By listening to those words I got excited. I made her lay on the bed.

I opened her legs and slowly took my dick near her pussy and inserted it. My dick wasn’t going in her hole. She caught my ass with both her hands and pushed me towards her. My dick went fully inside her. This is the benefit of having sex with aunties.

Now started giving powerful strokes. She started shouting ahhh Vicky ahhh ah ah ah ah fuck me. I could that juices were coming out from her pussy I fucked her harder for fifteen minutes. I was nearing the climax. I told her I was cumming.

She told me to cum in her pussy. As she told I did. I fell on her body we slept like that for one hour. During all this time my dick was inside her. She got up and prepared lunch for us. We ate together. In the afternoon I asked her to have another session but she didn’t agree and told me that she needs rest.

She went to my room and slept. I couldn’t control it. I eagerly wanted to have sex with her. So after half an hour, I went near her. She was in a deep sleep. Now she was wearing a maxi, a dress which most ladies wear in the house. I lifted her dress to her belly. Her pussy was visible.

I slowly spread her legs and started licking her pussy. After some time I opened the buttons of her dress and started pressing her boobs and sucking it. She got up and said, “Oh, Vicky, I told you na I want some rest. I think you are not going to leave me.”

I asked her please only last session of today she agreed. We started our fuck session again. This time she taught me to fuck which her husband used to do with her. Finally, I asked her that I want to fuck her ass. She thought about it and agreed. She told me that nobody fucked her in ass. So her ass was virgin.

I slowly inserted my cock in her ass. She shouted very loudly I stopped for a moment until her pain decreases then slowly started stroking. Blood was coming out from her ass but she didn’t stop me. She wanted more. Slowly I increased the speed now she was enjoying it.

This went for half an hour and I came this time in her mouth. She took all the cum without leaving a single drop. We laid in bed for an hour. In the evening she went.

This affair continued throughout my vacation even when my parents came. Sometimes we used to fuck in the kitchen and sometimes we use to fuck in bathrooms. Those days were the happiest days of my life.

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