My Virgin Neighbor Girl With Small Boobs

Hi all, this is my first story so, if there are any mistakes, please ignore them. I am a big fan of BDSM and wild and dirty sex. This is a very long story.

About me, I am 5.6 tall and have a cock of 6.5 and 2.5 inches thick. I lost my virginity to my horny neighbor. I will narrate this story later.

This happened during my MBA, I was away from home. My family status was good so naturally, I stayed in a good apartment. The building had two flats on a single floor which was around 21 floors.

I got an apartment on the 15th floor with a nice view. Now comes the main character of my story Smita. She was my neighbor who was also doing her MBA the same year at a girls’ college.

She was a very shy girl always wearing a Punjabi dress and had a beautiful figure. Her figure was 36 28 34 slim and always had an attitude. Whenever we used to see each other, we used to exchange a casual smile. As we used to stay alone, we got our food delivered by the same person.

Coming to the story, every day my neighbor girl used to wear Punjabi dresses and I never missed glancing at her. It was Friday and I was waiting for the lift. I got a call from my friend and he had some problem with his laptop. I gave him some solutions as I was interested in tech things. I saw her waiting behind for the lift. She had some questions but did not speak as the lift reached our floor. I said bye and we departed.

I could see some confusion over her face. I asked her whether all was well and she said that she had some problem with her laptop and asked me if I could help. As it was Friday afternoon, I told her that I will help her. For the first time, I was in my neighbor girl’s apartment. She had kept the hall clean.

Smita removed the laptop from her bag and gave it to me. I asked her what the problem was. She said that it was slow and heats up quickly. I got the laptop and she offered me water to which I said yes. She brought a glass of water and stood there.

I started her laptop and told her that it will take a couple of hours. She replied with a smile and said that it was fine. I was scanning her laptop and found something fishy. As she went inside to get something, I removed her hard disk and took a backup of the data.

I just scanned her web history and found Smita was a naughty girl. I could see her search history.

I quickly added spyware to her laptop and changed the anti-virus settings. I cleaned all the temp files and told her to verify. She checked the laptop and was happy with it.

While my neighbor girl was checking her laptop, I was checking her hot figure. She smiled and said, thanks. I got back to my senses and said, no problem, and told her to clear the temp files.

I went to my apartment and plugged her data into my laptop. There was a normal selfie of her, her boob size was very small.

Then I thought to start my spyware to see which sites she was surfing. I created a fake ID and kept it ready.

That afternoon, she spent time chatting on a site and asking mature ladies how to increase breast size. But mostly all were fake. She even shared an email address but I blocked and deleted them.

I went to the site and messaged her. After a couple of messages, my neighbour girl finally replied saying that she was not looking for men. I asked her if she was a lesbian to which she replied with a big NO.

I asked her why she was looking for mature ladies. She replied saying that it is girl’s talk and kept on chatting. Finally, she told me that she wanted to increase her breast size.

I asked her ASL (age/sex/location). She replied with her correct information.

I got the feeling that she was new to this and started asking questions about her figure. She said that it was 30-28-34. I told her 30 does not go with the figure and asked her whether in her family anyone has small breasts? She said that all have big breasts except her and because of this, she always wears Punjabi dress to hide her real size.

I was surprised to hear that she wears a bra of 30A and over that, she wears a 34C pad and used to stuff soft napkins so they look real.

I asked all the questions related to breast size. Smita was shocked, to know my knowledge about it. (Thanks to Google, I had already done my homework.)

Now I had her trust and I did not want to be fast. I was playing the waiting game. I asked my neighbor girl if she use to massage her boobs and she said yes.

I told her, “You must not be doing it the right way” and the chat was going on. Finally, the dinner arrived and I quickly went and got my dinner. She also got the same.

I asked her what she had planned for dinner and she said she gets the food delivered. I told her to have her dinner and whether she liked to chat on hangout. I did not get any response.

I thought I had wasted my time and asked her if she did not trust me, it was ok. And I said good night and waited for a few seconds.

I was watching her laptop. She was nervous. She was typing and erasing the text. Finally, I told her, “It’s fine if you want to chat only through this site. I will be available tomorrow at 2.30 pm.” She quickly replied, yes.

The next afternoon, my young neighbour was online around 2 pm and so was I. We chatted about a lot of things – movies, food and many more. This went for a few days and then she gave her ID and I added it. I instantly asked if it was fine to have a voice call and she said yes.

We started having voice calls. Her voice was very erotic. I instantly had a hard-on. We exchanged lots of questions – some normal and some naughty ones.

I asked my neighbor girl if she use to masturbate and how many times. She was surprised. I could see that she was not comfortable. So I said, “It is normal for humans” and told her that I also do. She said, “2-3 times a week.”

Then I asked, “Have you masturbated after we started chatting?” She stopped, closed her eyes, and said, yes.

I knew this was that time and asked her whom did she imagine. She paused and was silent.

I teased her and asked her, “Did you imagine me?” She said, “Yes.”

I said, “You have not seen me yet you imagined me” and asked her what exactly she did. She was so shy that she said bye and logged out.

I could see through her laptop webcam that she was laughing and hugging the pillow and kissing it.

It was Friday evening and she messaged me for a voice call. I knew that if I pushed her today, I would get something.

Our normal chatting started and I asked her, “If you wanted to see me, what one thing you would like to see except for the face?”

She waited for a few minutes and said, “Your chest.”

I told her, “I am not that muscular build but I have a proper shape.” I asked her if I show her my chest, what will I get in return.

She replied, “Anything you like.”

I adjusted my cam and turned it on. She said, “Wow, macho.” I asked if she had seen anyone’s chest before.

Smita said, “Yes, my dad’s” and giggled. I asked her, “What will you do with my chest?”

She said that she will kiss it! And I asked her, “Now your turn.”

My neighbor girl was scared and was touching her t-shirt and her shorts. But I gave her a shock and said, “I want to see your face.”

She was shocked as she did not expect this. She said, no. I thought that she would do anything in excitement. But she was not ready. I said, “I will show my face also.”

She agreed and started her cam. I said, “Wow, you look beautiful. Such a beautiful face and no boyfriend. Strange.”

She said that due to her small boobs, she stayed away from guys.

I asked her if she liked anyone or had any crush. I was waiting for her reply and she said, “The guy next door.”

I was very happy. I told her that she can see anything else of me except my face. She was sad and was about to stop her cam. I told her to keep the cam on if she wanted to see my face now.

I lowered my shorts and showed her my shorts. I could see that my neighbor girl was excited to see the bulge. I pointed my finger toward my shorts and asked her, “Would you like to see it?”

She said, “Yes but I want to see you strip your shorts and be in your underwear.”

I removed my shorts and my cock was just getting hard. After a few seconds, she told me to remove my underwear. I started recording her cam.

As I lowered my underwear, my cock just popped out. She saw my cock and was staring at my cock for a few seconds. She was just watching it and when I asked her how it was, she replied it was awesome.

Now I asked her to remove all her clothes. My neighbor girl started removing all her clothes. I could see that she was removing her t-shirt and her bra. She was looking hot in her bra.

She was fair and I was just waiting to see my neighbor girl’s boobs. And then she removed her bra. I thought she was shocked to see my cock and was just following my orders.

As soon as she removed her bra, my cock was hard and she could see the size of my cock increasing. Her nipples were bigger and erect. I could feel that she was excited and horny. I could see her eyes stuck on my cock. I told her to remove her shorts.

As if Smita was hypnotized; she was following my orders. I could see her shorts going down and a beautiful girl only in her panty. She was wearing a pink panty and I could see her wetness on her panty. She removed her panty and my cock was getting harder. I could see her wet pussy.

I never imagined my neighbor girl sitting nude in front of me.

Now she wanted to see me. I asked her if she met me in real what will she do?

Looking at my cock, she said, “I will enjoy your body.”

I said, “Relax and don’t worry. When we meet, it will be fun.”

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