Making Out With Classmate in The Bus

Hi guys, this is Vineeth. I am going to share an experience with my classmate on the college bus.

The heroine of this story is Aditi. She is my classmate. We both live in the same apartment as well. Our houses are approximately 30 km from the college. Ours is the last stop on the bus. The previous stop is a good 15 km before ours. So, it takes almost 1 hour 15 minutes to travel from the second last stop to the last stop.

It would only be myself, Aditi and the driver on the bus for the entirety of the 1 to 1.5 hours. We both are close friends and sit on the last long seat. One fine evening as we were returning from college (during the last 15 km stretch), we were having random conversations.

We gradually started speaking about sex and porn. As the conversation went on I asked her about the kind of guys that attract her. She started describing the kind of men that attract her. I couldn’t understand much from what she said. So I suggested that we surf through google for pictures of nude men.

She would tell what she likes in the men in the pictures (whether she likes their body build, size of the penis, jawline, beard, etc). For the next five minutes, she was telling what kind of man attracted her. After that, she told me to tell what kind of women I liked.

We surfed through google and did the same thing for me. I was slowly getting hard and there was a visible bulge through the cotton pant that I was wearing. She noticed that.

She: Someone is getting horny and aroused.
I: Who?
She: Don’t you know who it is?
I started blushing. She was teasing me.

I: Dude come on. As if you did not get aroused when we were checking out photos of men!
She: Where’s the proof that I got aroused?

I: Remove your pants and panties and I will show you the proof.
She: Shut up! (in a friendly manner)

I playfully took my hand near her pant zip and she kept pushing my hand away. Suddenly I got a bit carried away and kept my fingers on her zip and pulled it down. She was a bit taken aback and pulled up her zip immediately. I started apologizing to her. She understood that it happened by mistake.

She: It’s okay. Leave it
I: No, I shouldn’t have done that.
She: It’s fine. I don’t have any problems.
There was silence for a couple of seconds.

I: Is it really fine? Did you like what I did?
-+She: Vineeth, I have been having a crush on you for quite some time.
I: So can we make out?

She: What?
I: Yes, I am serious can we make out?
She smiled naughtily for a moment. I went closer to her to hug her. Suddenly I guess she had a change of mind and gently pushed me away.

She: Vineeth, we shouldn’t be doing this. It’s wrong.
I: Dude, what’s wrong? You like me. I like you. I am interested in getting cozy and intimate now. If you are interested we can make out.

She was lost in thoughts for a while.
I: Aditi. See, we are on a bus. We can’t have intercourse. You are not going to get pregnant. So don’t hesitate. It will be between us

She gave in to her excitement and decided to make out. We wanted to liplock with each other. As we brought our faces closer, we realized that the bus driver and the people in the vehicles besides the bus can notice us kissing. So we abandoned kissing.

We kept both our bags by the window side so that the view through the window is hidden. She kept her hand on my hard-on and started rubbing it over my pants. I ran my hands over her back, felt her bra straps and also started feeling her fleshy thighs.

Then I told her to slightly lift herself. She got up for a moment. I put my palm on her seat. She sat on my palm. I could feel her ass cheeks. I was squeezing them. This went on for some time. She removed my pants and took my dick out. She immediately started pulling my foreskin up and down.

She was getting extremely aroused that I had to tell her to do it slowly as it was hurting me. She took out her phone and took a pic of my dick. In a seductive voice, she told me that she would use it at home to masturbate. Then, I removed her pants and inserted my hand into her panties. It was dripping wet.

Then I told her that I have solid proof to show that she is aroused. She blushed naughtily. I started fingering her. She had a clean-shaven tan pussy. As I was fingering her, my dick started to get harder. She noticed this and gave a small peck on my cheek. I returned the favor.

I was fingering her vigorously until she came. She was playing with my dick all this while and I was somehow controlling myself from ejaculating. Then I touched her boobs and asked her to lift her t-shirt. She bent down so that the driver does not see her tits.

She lifted her shirt, but could not remove her bra. So, she took both her boobs out of the bra by pushing the bra to the sides. I naughtily told her, “Why do you girls even wear bras to prevent breast movement when breasts bouncing up and down arouses all the guys?”

She started blushing again. I was feeling her erect nipples. I bent down to try and suck her boobs. However, the bent down wasn’t comfortable at all. So, I had to give up.

I: Come on. Make me cum faster.

She immediately spat some saliva on my cock and made her hand movements faster. After some time, I spurted out my semen and made a mess on the cover of the front seat. A bit of cum was in her hands. She licked the cum and cleaned the front seat with her kerchief. Finally, we adjusted our clothes and left the bus

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