Milky Way – Part 1

“Wake up. Wake up fast!” my mom was shouting at me. I woke up even when I didn’t want to. It was Sunday morning and who wakes up early on Sunday. But you have to obey your Indian mother else you will be a target of flying chappal.

Jokes apart, our milkman was the reason behind stealing my sound sleep. He was just half an hour late delivering milk. So mom sent me out to buy milk. She thought he won’t come today. I put on my slippers and left the house. I stay in a four-story building on the top floor.

I started getting down the floor by stairs. And stopped at the 1st floor looking at the ownerless sack laying in front of the flat 102. No doubt it was our milkman’s sack. There were 10-15 milk packets inside the bag. The door of 102 was slightly open.

My hand went to the doorbell but the devil inside me smelled some fishy things going around. I peeped inside the door without knocking it. The inside scene popped my eyes out. The milkman man was enjoying the treat of his lifetime in dim lights.

His dhoti was on floor and Bermuda was stuck at the end of his limbs. His eyes were close in ecstasy. On the other hand, the flat owner’s wife was on her knees. Deep throating the milkman’s huge cock. The newly wedded wife, Sania was looking desperate as fuck.

The new beauty in society was popular for her decency and politeness. But every coin has two faces. The milkman was about to feed her mouth with his seeds. It took the same moment where he spat his cum all over her face. And the door opened a bit more making a crack noise. “O fuck!” My inner voice said.

I was a little scared but at the next moment, I realized, “Why am I scared? It should be the other way round.”

And that’s what happened, Sania started wiping her face with her maxi. She was shivering for some time and trying to collect words to explain everything. The milkman pulled over his Bermuda and came to me quickly, trying to cover the situation, “Arey bhaiya aap yaha? Main aa hi raha tha.”

He opened the door, tried to get me out of the house along with him. He took 3 milk pounces from the sack and handed over to me saying, “Aaj Mataji se kehna 1 free mere taraf se.” Silly fellow, what he was thinking? I will keep my mouth shut just for an extra pack of milk?

But somehow for the moment, I escaped from her house. The last time, I gave a glance at Sania, I could spot some droplets of semen on her face and ocean of lust in her eyes.

“Tension mat lo bhabhiji.Kuch nahi hoga,” I heard him saying while reentering her house. I was slowly climbing the stairs to catch up in the next episode. I was also waiting for a few minutes on the next floor imagining the further happenings.

But nothing happened after that. I heard the sound of the door followed by the sound of footsteps. I quickly ran to the next floor and looked down. The milkman was on the way to his next delivery.

Sania must be scared by then and didn’t let the milkman take the next steps. I came home with milk pouches. The milkman didn’t come on the last floor. Maybe he wanted to avoid me. The day proceeded as a normal Sunday till late afternoon.

As a Sunday ritual, we boys used to play box cricket in society premises. This Sunday was never an exception. At around 5 o’clock I saw a couple going out. She was Sania, we paused our play to let them go. The actual reason was to stalk her. They both were well dressed as if going for some function or party.

All the way, she was looking down at the floor. But gave an innocent look to me twice while passing by. Her expression was trying to justify her actions from the morning. Frankly, I focused more on her figure this time. As mentioned, she was newly married.

A new machine, under regular oiling and frequent use. Her skin was shining and face was glowing. She was wrapped in a beautiful saree showing her curvy waist. I started fantasizing about her naked body. Suddenly, the keeper called my name to resume the game (cricket game).

Later at night, I was laying on the bed post-dinner. Sania was all over my thoughts. Unexpectedly, A thought flashed like a tube light in my mind, whether her husband was present in the house.

”Hi, this is your neighbor, Sania.” I received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number. I was happily surprised.

“Hi, how did you get my number,” I replied.

“Not a big deal, we stay in the same building,” she replied quickly. ”I wanted to talk to you. And it’s really important. I don’t want you to misunderstand things.” I received back to back messages from her apologizing for the morning scene. And she wanted to narrate the whole story.

We were chatting over an hour. I started feeling that she is just a victim of the incident. Somehow she convinced me to visit her house the next day for a detailed explanation. She wanted to tell everything from top to bottom. And took a promise from me not share the incident with anyone.

I took a sick leave the next day. But left my house at the usual time. I came to her flat and this time rang her doorbell. She had informed me of her husband’s office timings. So I was pretty sure that she will be alone at home. I purposely took some condoms along with me. I knew luck can favor me anytime.

She opened the door. She was in the maxi gown, similar to the one she was wearing last morning. I was expecting her to be well-dressed like yesterday evening. Never mind. She let me in her house and asked to take a seat on the sofa. She offered me a glass of water and sat on the sofa opposite me.

There was no eye to eye contact for a long time. I broke the ice assuring her that Sunday morning scene is kept secret deep inside my heart. I won’t speak anything about it to anyone. She felt a little comfortable. To make a feel more alive, I avoided that topic in the next discussions.

I started casually discussing things like friends, society, and her likings and dislikings. Now she started making eye contact occasionally. A point came when we both were lounging together. Finding the right opportunity, I brought back the old topic, “What exactly happened yesterday?”

She smartly changed the topic, “I will bring something for you,” and went straight into the kitchen. I followed her to the kitchen. ”You can trust me,” I whispered.

”Obviously, I trust you. Therefore I am here with you all alone,” she made her point clear. I was happy to hear it. “Now go and sit outside. You are making me feel shy about standing here.” We laughed. I came back sat on the sofa. In some time, she came with pakodas.

I was busy scrolling through my Instagram. But she grabbed my attention by bending in front of me to serve hot pakodas. “Marvelous,” I uttered.

”What?” she questioned.

“Pakodas, I like pakodas,” I was trying not to look pervert. This time she sat adjacent to me. My eyes started roaming all around her body. I was waiting for the right opportunity like a leopard. Once the conditions became favorable, I will attack.

Soon it happened, the doorbell rang. Sania was afraid like hell. She wasn’t expecting anyone at this time of day. She furiously pushed me to her bedroom and asked to keep quiet until the next instructions. She closed the bedroom door and went to open the main door.

”Hello mam, would you like to buy this washing machine powder?” a salesman at the door trying to sell his stuff. She heaved a sigh of relief. “Fuck off,” she whispered banging the door on his face.

When I entered her bedroom, I felt like entering heaven. All walls were decorated with lots of photographs of her. And next, I saw was her saree, blouse, and panty laying on the table adjacent to the bed.

This was the same saree she was wearing yesterday evening. I could not resist myself from picking up that saree and smell the aroma. It was a mixed texture of her perfume and sweat. Does anything more seductive than this exist in the world? My mind immediately answered a big ‘NO’.

But at the very next moment, my eyes froze on her panty. And it changed my perception. I dragged her panty near my nose and answered myself, “Her vaginal aroma can beat any perfume in the world.”

I was lost in my fantasy world and she entered her bedroom. She blushed looking at me and called me out. I regained my senses, “I…was…I was just checking the saree, my mom has got a similar one.”

She laughed uncontrollably. “But that’s not a saree in your hand!” she asked naughtily.

“Oh sorry, your panty is in my hand, wait… wait than are you not wearing one right now?” I don’t know what I was speaking. I was dumbstruck. What a silly question.

“Why don’t you check out on your own,” saying so she seductively moved towards the bed and laid on it facing towards me. She raised her hips showing off her curves and pulled her maxi 4-5 inches above.

“What could be a better way to invite someone on the bed,” I talked to myself. I started opening 1st two buttons of my shirt and moved to the bed. I rested my palm on her waist and started pulling her maxi inch by inch upward. The temperature in the room was raising and so my hormones were boiling.

Her legs were waxed, there wasn’t a single small hair on it. And they were shining because of moisturizer. Maxi reached above her knees and I started pulling it in double speed. Soon I saw her camel area mounted in a red piece of cloth. And my excitement came to end. She sensed it.

”I have a drawer full of panties,” she teased me, “But give me this one, I like it.” I pulled her maxi above her stomach and placed my palm on her ass cheeks. I squeezed her ass and pulled her panty down. A clean-shaven pussy came in view.

In the next 2 seconds, I made her pantyless. I smelled it and kept in my trouser pocket. Her hand came to my belt, “You too relax.” She helped me remove my trouser. She grinned looking at my bulge in underwear. I rolled my finger in her ass crack searching her ass hole.

And when I found it, I applied some pressure on it. She moaned. She stretched the vertical elastic of my underwear. And let out my hard penis sprang out. She started stroking my penis, meanwhile, I pushed one finger in her asshole.

”Ahaa, so you are an ass lover,” she exclaimed. I ignored her comment and lift her maxi to make her naked. She was only in her bra now. I removed my shirt. And lowered my body on her. Finally, our lips met. I grabbed her hair and pulled her hairband to make her hair free.

I got up to remove my halfway underwear. Dammed, she was looking sexy in her bra and open hairs. Then my eyes went to her vagina. I spread her legs wide and took her thighs in each of my hands and attacked her pussy with my mouth. My tongue swiveled around her clitoris.

I pushed two fingers in her pussy. She groaned. I love the way she was reacting. I ate her vagina, dug my tongue deeper into her tight walls. She thanked me for the experience. Her husband never worked this way. She pulled me with my hair and planted a long kiss.

She held my dick in her right hand and guided it to her pussy entrance. I adjusted my position and started pushing inside her. After several thrusts, I was halfway inside her. Her tight pussy made me apply more force on her. She was in extreme pain. She sobbed.

I moved in a rigorous to and fro motion for the next few minutes. It helped me penetrate her. She was crying in pleasure. But I wont stop. She started moving her hips matching my rhythm in some time. We were in that rhythm from the last 12-15 minutes and never bother to change the position.

In the motion, I made her boobs bra-free. I was sucking her nipples while fucking. She had an orgasm. I decreased my pace. I locked my arms in her hand and licked her armpits. She slapped my buttock, sign to increase the pace. I increased my pace, started riding her like an express train.

Both the train bogies were in rhythm, so was her oranges. In all this intimate scene, I forgot to wear the protection. I realized this when I was about to shoot my load. I yelled, “I am coming,” and started getting up from her naked body. She hugged me tight and cried, “Make me a woman, come inside me.”

I was charged up by her words. I fucked her at top of my pace for another 4-5 minutes before releasing my sticky fluids. I ejaculated loads of liquids, it was flowing out of her pussy. Our bodies parted after regaining senses. I was sleeping beside her facing the roof.

She came close, rested her hand on my bare chest, and head on my arm. She kissed me on the chest and whispered, “I love you.” I kissed her forehead as a reply. I shoot an obvious question then, “What’s the milkman story?”

“You won’t leave today without the story na,” she replied. I smiled back and she started narrating.

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