Fucking In Goa: Anamika Diaries – Part 1

Hello readers. My name is Rajveer and I am a big fan of ISS for a very long time. I have been deciding to submit a real-life experience of mine since a very long time. And today, finally, I decided to take the plunge after going through some old pics!

It is my first attempt to write a story. So please be kind and do let me know your views on rajveer.s[email protected] Your response to this story will give me support to share other experiences which are related to this incident. Now to begin with let me introduce myself.

I am 29 years old and belong to Punjab. I am married now for almost 2 years. But I have a very cool wife who sort of knows that I try to have an occasional meal outside the house once in a while. We have an unsaid understanding and I love her for that.

I have studied in Delhi and Chandigarh and also traveled around India and abroad. Currently, I have my own business which keeps me busy. I keep on traveling to Delhi and Chandigarh often for work and pleasure. I look above average. But people say I have a good sense of humor. I am a pure Punjabi by heart.

To talk about my dick, I guess I have a pretty decent one. But the main compliment which I always receive is for its thickness. My oral skills which I can vouch for are pretty damn good with lots of practice. This story is going to be a long one and so I will write it in parts.

I love to go into details and it is 100% real. I hate fake stories. Now let’s begin with the actual story. It was in March 2014 when I was studying in Delhi. A group of 9 friends from my college decided to take a trip to Goa. Out of those, 5 were guys and 2 girls were from our college. They were pretty damn hot.

The other 2 girls were not from our college. But they were friends of the girls from our college. One of these girls was engaged and it was sort of her bachelorette trip. She had an amazing figure. But she was a total bimbo which was a turn-off.

Anyways, we guys were pretty excited. We thought maybe some of us will get lucky enough to bang one of the chics. We were all living in a villa near Calangute circle which had a nice pool. But our hearts were broken as even after 2 nights none of us got lucky even with all the booze.

Anyways, it was my first time in Goa. So I decided to make the most of it and enjoy the beaches and beer. One of the guys in the group knew a lot about Goa. He used to study in Bombay and had been there many times. The girls with us used to get dressed to kill and that used to turn me on even more.

The girl who was engaged used to sit with me on the scooty.Her body pressing me on our rides was making my dick go hard every time. It was becoming unbearable now. We were in Goa for 5 nights and on the third night, we decided to go to Club Cabana.

We had more almost an equal number of girls and guys. So they let us in easily with a cheap entry fee which had an unlimited flow of booze. I was enjoying the Budweisers. Almost all the groups had these really hot chics which were high as fuck. Some of the people were also in the pool.

It was past midnight and all the guys in the group were together inside the disc, dancing. The girls had wandered here and there around the club. We were left to ourselves feeling sorry for each other. Most of the groups were mostly couples. So there was also no chance of hitting on any girls.

While we were just listening to the music and raising our hands to the rhythm, my back touched her back a couple of times. I just turned around and I saw two girls dancing with each other. Suddenly we exchanged looks. Now I turned to them and started dancing. They also joined in.

My friends did not pay much attention but then I started talking to them. It was pretty loud inside but we exchanged our names and a bit of information. They were both medical students in their final year. They had come here with 2 more of their lady friends for a trip for a break from their busy study schedule.

Let’s name one of them Anamika (the main heroine) and the other as Tamanna (busty hot Punjaban). Busty girls are my favorite so I started hitting on Tamanna. But she told me that she is not single and did not seem interested. On the other hand, her friend Anamika was really trying to get close to me.

So I made a smart decision to focus on her. I guess even in a drunk state my mind was working pretty well that night. For me to take that decision and not fall for just the hot one. (One year later this same rule was shown in the movie ‘Hunter’. I guess basically that movie is based on me.)

So Tamanna started asking Anamika to leave as their friends might be waiting outside. Anamika did not want to go now and asked her to go ahead. She said she will join them later and to wait in the outside area where her friends are. During these 15 minutes, I got to know that Tamanna is also from Punjab.

This made her very comfortable with me. She also started talking to me in Punjabi. She told me to take care of her friend. I was more than happy that I will get some alone time with Anamika even though I wanted Tamanna. But you gotta enjoy what you have in life, isn’t it?

So Anamika asked me if I was single. (Well I was in a steady long term distance relationship with my girlfriend) But I told her I was single. She told me that even she is single. She asked would I like to go upstairs which was exclusive for couples. Well, who would say no to such an invitation?

I said yes and told my friends that I will join them later. They got shocked by what they saw. I could see the serious disappointment on their faces as they did not take the initiative which I did. The upper floor was not very crowded. So we easily found a nice corner for ourselves.

The next thing I remember is that we were kissing wildly. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life. I could not believe that it is really happening. Before this, I had only read about such incidents on porn websites. Apologies for not telling about Anamika’s physical appearance.

She was a very average looking girl next door who was wearing a simple skirt. Now this thing about her was even more attractive. Though she might not be a stunner she was definitely the wildest girl in Club Cabana that night. She was short around 5 feet.

She had a dusky complexion and had a figure of 32-28-32 with B cup. Well on paper these things might not be much. But I was drunk and horny. So I was feeling very lucky and smooching her wildly. On the other hand, she was, even wilder than me. She was even biting me in between.

She even bit my ears and my neck which was turning me on even further. I just wanted to tear her clothes right there. I put my hard dick fully inside her pussy. I was wearing an orange shirt. She started opening my buttons and started licking on my chest. She bit my nipples hard and also gave me love bites on my chest.

I have a naturally almost hairless chest which really turns on women who do not like hairy chests. She was enjoying herself and had surrendered herself to my body. I was spanking her ass and pressing her boobs. I asked her, “Will you be my bitch for the night?” She said “No.”

It turned me off a bit as I love naughty talk while having sex. But what she was doing to me was even wilder than what she was saying. After some minutes of fondling and kissing, I put my hands inside her dress from above and started pressing her boobs over her bra.

She was also not behind. After having almost half of my shirt open in a public place she started to rub my dick over my jeans. Well, we were both acting like two horny animals and we did not care about the world around us. After this, I took one of the boobs outside her bra and tried to suck it.

She was very bold, which I came to know that night. I will share all the details in the next part.

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