Mature Pahari Landlady Seduced And Fucked

Abhilash, a 44-year-old male was transferred to a hill station of Himachal Pradesh from Delhi and he was in search of affordable accommodation with reasonable rent. His search ended at a house located in the one corner of the hill town.

The landlady in her late fifties was a widow and very decent. She was a beautiful Pahari woman and Abhilash found something attractive about her but could not know what actually it was.

The Pahari landlady Kamla (not her real name) was also a working woman so Abhilash hardly could find time to chat with her except usual hi, hello, and good morning.

Despite being married, Abilash was a horny male who used to remain in search of a new woman to fulfill his carnal desires of enjoying with a new woman. So he was desperate to find one for himself in the hill town, but to his poor luck, he could not find any.

As time passed by, he started thinking about his widow landlady and he started planning about seducing her. He started finding excuses to spend more time with her and started chatting with her online too.

Initially, Kamla gave cold responses to the double-meaning jokes sent by her tenant but later, she started giving positive signals and this encouraged Abhilash.

One day, mustering all the courage, Abhilash started asking about personal details of Kamla and he even asked about whether she was missing the company of a male partner. Initially, she remained quiet but later, she opened up by telling that for the last 18 years, she was without a male partner and misses the same.

When he offered to be her friend for a long term, she did not respond to the message and went offline. He thought for a while that the Pahari woman was angry and cursed himself for making the offer.

But, after around a week, he got a message in which Kamla said that she wanted to buy some time to think over the proposal. This message left Abhilash elated and he immediately replied that he would wait and she can take her time to decide.

For a few weeks, there was no response, and then suddenly, he received another message, “Hello Jaan, how are you?” This was the signal that she was ready.

During the summer break in the schools, the wife and son of Abhilash went to their village, and making some excuses of office work, he stayed back as he had planned to fuck his dream woman – his Pahari landlady.

After dropping his family at the bus stand, he returned home and messaged Kamla telling her that he was all alone and want to be with her.

Kamla replied and asked him to wait till the night and also invited him for dinner at her place. It was becoming difficult for him to wait till the night so he watched some porn on the internet and masturbated and slept for a while to kill the time.

At around 7 pm, he woke up and immediately headed towards the bathroom to have a shower. He cleaned his pubic hair to make himself presentable for his new lover.

At around 8.30 pm, he knocked at the door and the landlady Kamla dressed in a see-through gown welcomed him inside. He was shocked to find in the light that she had not worn a bra or panty and this immediately gave him the hard-on!

Without wasting a moment, he grabbed the sexy Pahari lady and pulled her toward himself. Kamla too threw herself on her horny tenant and both embraced each other and kissed passionately.

After kissing and fondling each other for around 10-15 minutes, Kamla asked him to wait and have dinner before taking things further and he agreed. Both had light dinner as they knew that all night they will be fucking and playing with each other!

After the dinner was over, he asked her to sit on his lap and started fondling her boobs while she started pressing his dick while giving him wet kisses. This went on for a while and soon, Abhilash lifted her and threw her on the couch, and started removing her clothes.

For a while, they looked in each other’s eyes, and soon, they were naked and hungry for the ultimate pleasure for which both were craving for the last many months. Kamla too had shaved her pussy and had also removed hairs from her asshole.

First, he licked his widow landlady’s pussy for a while. Feeling a male touching after so long had already made the Pahari woman wet and when her tenant’s tongue touched her clit, she started gushing right in his mouth!

After slurping her love juice, he again started licking her pussy and clit. His dream lady was in cloud nine and constantly moaning with pleasure.

Kamla pulled his head tightly towards her crotch and started rubbing her pussy. Realizing the horny landlady might cum the second time, he stopped and lifted her both legs to focus on her asshole.

Initially, Kamla was confused about his action and when she felt a tongue touching her asshole, she shivered with unfound pleasure! Soon, Abhilash parted the sex-starved widow’s ass cheeks and inserted his tongue deep inside. He tongue-fucked the Pahari woman’s asshole for a while and then he asked Kamla to kneel down.

He sat on the couch and asked her to suck his 6-inch thick dick. Already on sexual high with all the tongue-fucking, she immediately followed the orders of her lover and sucked him till the base. Many a time, she gagged and tears rolled down her eyes but she did not stop.

After the foreplay when Abhilash tried to enter her pussy, the widow stopped him and said that she wanted to have the ultimate pleasure on her bed where she had suhagraat with her late husband. The thought of fucking his landlady on her marital bed made him wild and he lifted her and headed toward the bed.

Once inside the bedroom, they assumed the 69 position to lick and suck each other for one more time before enjoying the final pleasure of copulation. Kamla spread her legs wide and held her legs with her hands and with a horny smile, she asked Abhilash to enter her pussy which was waiting for a dick for last year.

Without wasting time, he entered her and fucked her and saw his dream lady crying in pleasure.

That night, Abhilash fucked his landlady three times, and once he also fucked her asshole which was a new experience for Kamla.

After that, Abhilash and Kamla remained like a couple for three years and their love story came to an end when Abhilash was transferred to another town but he promised to remain in touch with her and to meet her whenever she needed him.

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