Virtual Sex Chat Leads To Right Destination

I want you girls to feel the story. So I will be narrating the virtual sex chat between an Indian girl who is currently living in England and me. She went on official purpose. The heroine of this story will be YOU. This is a virtual world and how she surrendered to me and explored the areas she never thought of.

When she was in India, we were just Facebook friends. We have shared our numbers. I tried meeting, but she said, ‘No.’

One day she was bored, I guess. She saw my WhatsApp status and responded:

Slave: Lol!

Master: Why, lol! You must be enjoying your life in London. No one to question you nor holds your freedom.

Slave: Yeah, true, but vacation is happy in initial days, later it’s boring. I feel homesick. Every day I need to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I need to do all my chores.

Master: Make a boyfriend.

Slave: Haha. I wish I could find one.

Master: Use dating apps.

Slave: I’m an emotional person, and guys all over the world are the same. They just want to get inside my pants, not into the heart. Lol

Master: Yeah, I could sense that. You never met me till now.

Slave: I was in a relationship at that time and felt like I was cheating. But now I regret it. I wasted my life, lol.

Master: Was that your first love?

Slave: Second!

Master: Shit happens in life.

Slave: How about you?

Master: I just had one love and two relationships.

Slave: Friends with benefits?

Master: yeah, I can say so, but it was a little intense one.

Slave: Explain, please. I’m a little dumb.

Master: I’ll tell later. Are you an introvert?

Slave: Yes. But in the virtual world, I’m princess badass Rolf.

Master: What’s the craziest thing you did with your two bf?

Slave: Nothing much. My first bf was a little scared. We just kissed.

Master: And with the second one?

Slave: Almost everything within four walls.

Master: Haha, was he good?

Slave: I can’t say he was best because I have just tried him. And he’s so good.

Master: So, what is that you liked the most with him.

Slave: (Blushing emoji) his tongue.

Master: Did anything crazy?

Slave: He used to lick my belly, and that arouses me more.

Master: Do you miss him?

Slave: Nope, he cheated me.

Master: He was a bastard.

Slave: But I miss those good times.

Master: Are you dominant or submissive?

Slave: In what term?

Master: You know it.

Slave: I’m more of a submissive, but my ex failed to notice it.

Master: So, what’s your idea about S&M?

Slave: You mean like Fifty Shades of Grey?

Master: Yes.

Slave: It arouses me more. I like it, but a little afraid of it. I hope my future husband treats me right, and I get a chance to explore everything

Master: I told you about my relationships, right. This was that.

Slave: Seriously?

Master: Yes.

Slave: Do people do this in real?

Master: Haha, yes, we do exist. Doesn’t the thought of it make you wet?

Slave: Yes.

Master: Then think about, in reality, how much pleasure one should get.

Slave: True. So, those girls, where you met?

Master: That doesn’t matter. I had a couple of them. Just one major thing is needed to be in the relationship. You should be daring enough. One had a bf, and the other girl had a hubby. It was a one-time thing, but for the whole day. The other was a college student, and we enjoyed it a lot.

Slave: Do you hurt them in real?

Master: It depends on if they need to be spanked or choked. I do it if they are willing for it. Else, there are other tasks and punishments too.

Slave: How many girls have you fucked and kissed?

Master: Does that matter? The question is, were they happy when they were with me. I can happily say we both enjoyed it, and we never regret what happened.

Slave: Can I call you Master once?

Master: I’ll be more than happy when you call it

Slave: Master.

Slave: Master, I love to see you take charge of me. Help me earn the pleasure that your slaves enjoyed in the past.

Master: Okay.

Slave: I’m ready to serve you.

Master: When was the last time you masturbated?

Slave: I never did, Master.

Master: Really? Okies, have you seen porn?

Slave: My ex asked me to see it once, though I didn’t like it. I felt it was artificial.

Master: What’re your sizes?

Slave: Bra is 36d.

Master: I thought it would be 34. How did I miss this? Lol.

Slave: Because you just saw in pics and WhatsApp DP.

Master: True. Do you love to suck cock?

Slave: Never tried. I love to take a big black cock in the mouth.

Master: Text me in telegram. Let’s chat there. That’s a little safe.

Slave: Sure, Master.

Master: Are you ready to explore?

Slave: Yes, Master.

Master: You are staying alone, right. So always try to be nude or in inner. That way, you will get comfortable with your body.

Slave: Okay, Master.

Master: What are you wearing?

Slave: I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I just removed it. Now in panty and bra.

Master: You are staying on which floor?

Slave: Second floor.

Master: Go to the balcony and stand there. Remove your bra.

Slave: I feel shy.

Master: Just try, and later if you don’t like it, you will never have this.

Slave: Give me a minute.

Master: Sure.

After 5 mins I received a text from her

Slave: Master, thanks a lot. I never thought it would be so fun.

Slave: I felt a new experience when the cold wind was touching hit my tits. I couldn’t express it in words. It was one of the best experiences I ever had, Master.

Master: There’s a lot more to come.

Slave: Master, a small gift from your slave.

I received some 10 pics of her, completely topless.  She was pinching her tits, squeezing her tits – a close-up pic of the areola.  Due to the cold wind, her tits were erect.  After seeing those pics, my dick started rising.

Master: Send me a pic of your thighs, waist, and foot.

Slave: Give me a minute, Master.

I received further few more pics. I loved it.

Master: Bitch, I wish you were here. Do something crazy and send me a video or pics.  If you impress the Master, you will be rewarded bitch baby

Slave: Let me think, Master. I will try my best to make you happy.

I received a video where she tied her boobs with rope, and she was squeezing her tits. She was moaning and making the erotic sound. I opened my zip and started stroking my dick. There was another video, and I played it.

She was lying on the bed. She kept a pillow near her waist area and rubbed her tits on the bed where her body wasn’t touching the bed. It was an erotic scene. She repeated the same saying, “Master, do you like what you see?”

She woke up and sat on the pillow, and started riding on the pillow.

Slave: Do you like the videos? Was it worthy!

Master: I loved it. Do a video call, and I’ll give you pleasure.

She called me immediately. She was in panty and braless.

Master: Now jump well, I want to see your boobs shaking and jiggling

She started jumping, and it was an amazing sight.

Master: Go to the dining table. Sit on the chair and put your legs on the table. Place the mobile clearly, and I want to see your pussy.

Slave: Going, Master.

Master: Take one ice cube too.

Slave: (fully shocked) Why ice cubes, Master?

Master: Get it, I’ll tell.

Everything was ready.

Master: Order food now, or a hot dog would be better.

Slave: Master! I did

Master: Now, take two ice cubes. With one, rub your pussy and butt hole. With the other one, start rubbing your tits.

Slave: Doing Master!

Master: How are you feeling?

Slave: It’s too chilling, and I’m going numb.

Master: Now, insert your hand in your pussy and lick it.

Slave: Master, not my cum, please. Beg you, Master, I’ll do anything you say.

Master: Anything?

Slave: Yes, Master, anything. I know my Master would think something crazy. Still, I’m ready to do that.

Master: Take ice cubes and place them on your panty and keep it on the table.

Slave: That’s it, Master? (with shocked reaction)

Master: Yes, now slowly finger yourself with your thumb, lol.

Slave: You are crazy Master, I guessed you’d ask me to finger, and I was ready, but why thumb?

Master: You can’t finger with the thumb, so comfortable with the middle finger, lol.

She started fingering, and I could see her uncomfortable.

Master: You may use your middle finger.

She was fingering like a slut, and was pressing her boobs. It was a delight to see

Master: Tie a belt on your neck. Check when your delivery arrives.

Slave: Sure, Master.

She wore the belt and roared like lionesses.

Master: I told her to urinate a little on the panty and keep it on the dining table.

Slave: Did Master, and the delivery has arrived.

*Door knocks*

Master: Go and open the door naked. Suddenly run into the washroom and ask him to keep the food on the table.

Slave: Master, please, I don’t think I’m ready for this. Please master, please

Master: You are doing this.

Slave: Master, it is a girl. Shall I skip the task, please?

Master: Good, it’s not a guy, so you need not run to the bathroom. You can talk to her. Done. Finish and respond to me.

After 10 minutes, I received a message.

Slave: Master, I’m blessed to have a master like you. In just one night, I did too many crazy things. I opened the door. The delivery girl was taken back for a second. I told her we were playing a truth or dare game, and it was a task. Sorry

Delivery girl: Giggled, it’s okay, madam. You look gorgeous, madam, and you have big boobs. Can I just touch it once??

Slave: (I was embarrassed) Okay, just once.

Master: And?

Slave: She pressed my boobs and my tits. Told thanks and left.

Master: That’s it?

Slave: Be frank, Master. You knew this was going to be Halloween. She saw the panty and asked if she could take it. I said fine. Master, I am not bisexual, so please don’t give such tasks. However, it was so naughty and made me so wet.

Master: Fine, sleep now. I will continue tomorrow.

That’s the end of part one.

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