Reshma Enjoys With Samar With Rohit’s Consent – Part 1

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Hi from Reshma to my all dear readers. I received many emails and hangout messages about my previous story.

My dear husband Rohit sowed a seed of having another man in our bedroom. Though I didn’t like that idea initially, I slowly fell for it. I decided to explore that heavenly yet risky path.

Brief about me. I am 37 years old married woman living in Mumbai with a husband and one 8 year son. I work in state government. My figure is 36-30-38. Rohit transformed me from a conservative virgin girl into a horny hungry woman.

I like to sway my round soft hips whenever I am outside. I like to wear tight tops and tight salwars so that men of all ages (preferably matured ones) ogle at my body and rub their hard rods.

Without wasting time, I will jump to the next part of this real incident. Rohit was very happy. I agreed to live his fantasy to take more pleasure from a man other than him. While we were cuddling each other naked, he asked me

Rohit: So, my sexy Reshu, what is your condition before inviting Samar to our bed? Why am I asking you this question? I am okay with your conditions.

Me: Darling, I don’t know how to say this.

Rohit: Say it, dear. This is our first step to the world of unlimited pleasure.

Me: Okay. Please don’t take me wrong. But I want you to be away when I meet Samar. You can secretly watch us without getting noticed by Samar or me. I won’t be comfortable if you are around. I do not know about Samar.

Rohit: I understand your state of mind, dear. I will take your leave once Samar arrives. I will take Sam away for the new movie.

Sam is the nickname of our son Sameer.

Me: Thank you, darling. You are so caring and loving.

Rohit: I want you to be the happiest woman on this earth. Since we are talking about Samar, your boobs are still enlarged, and your pussy is wet and dripping. It looks like your love hole can’t wait anymore. Your body is eager to take Samar and give him the best time of life.

Me: Yes, my darling. I am very excited about it. Tomorrow, I will get the full body wax done and straighten my hair again. We should plan it for tomorrow evening. I also need to buy a few lingerie for this very special day.

Rohit: Yes, honey. Do whatever you wish to do for YOUR Samar.

Me: “My Samar”? Wow, darling, that’s so nice of you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I am very lucky to have you as my husband. I love you, honey. Darling, but how would you tell Samar about this?

Rohit: Darling, as I told you, he is a diehard fan of you and your body. He has told me many times that he had fucked Priya, imagining you many times. So when he knows that he can enjoy your body, it will be a dream come true for him.

Rohit: I will visit him tomorrow morning, and I will let him know. As you know, he always works from home. I will go and meet him.

We kissed for a few more minutes and slept. The next day, I got up early morning and completed household work. I served Rohit and Sam breakfast. I called my boss and informed him that I wouldn’t come to the office as I was not well.

Around 11, I started for Serenity Parlor. My heart started pounding faster as I started imagining myself in the arms of Samar. Whenever he visited us or took me shopping in the absence of Rohit, he stole glances on my curvy body.

I always wore something tight like a top and jeans or tight salwar whenever he was around. I liked the way he admired my body through his eyes. From his first glance, I knew he liked my body. If he gets a chance, he will not say no to it. In the parlor, I got my full body waxed.

It was painful, but that pain was subsided due to the pleasure I was about to get in the evening. I made sure my thighs and my love hole were super smooth and soft. I insisted on deep waxing for my underarms. The cream applied to my whole body made my body smooth and desirable.

I also got my nail painted with red color. I was feeling like I was getting ready for my honeymoon. After waxing, I headed to my favorite lingerie store, where I bought a red netted semi-transparent bra and panty. Its material was very soft. It was a bit undersized.

Meanwhile, Rohit called Samar. Samar lives 10 kilometers away from us. Rohit visited his house and discussed the evening plan. Samar was very excited to know about this. He told that he would wind up his work early and be there around 6.30 PM.

He requested that I wear a red netted semi-transparent bra and matching panty. After taking some rest in the afternoon, I got up around 4.30 PM. I chose a red saree and red blouse. I took my own time to get ready for Samar. The only song that was coming to my mind was “Sajna hai mujhe, Sajna ke liye.”

When I was done, I looked at myself in the mirror. My sleeveless blouse exposed my smooth arms. The neck was quite deep. My back was almost open with small stripes to cover the bra straps. My light red saree was transparent enough to show my deep cleavage.

I wore my saree quite low to wrap perfectly around my round ass. I didn’t wear a petticoat as well. I applied dark red lipstick and light make-up. I wore high heels of red color. I sprayed my hair with soft scent hair spray, and at the end, I removed my mangalsutra.

When Rohit saw me, he couldn’t believe that I could look so sexy and that too for Samar. I realized that he was a bit jealous. But I told him that this was his fantasy and that I would be back to him after a few hours. Looking at me, he couldn’t control.

He started hugging me and playing with my boobs under my saree, and wanting to kiss me. But I stopped him and said he needed to wait for his turn. He stopped hesitantly, but he understood my intention. I wanted to give the best time to Samar so that Rohit gives back the best to me.

Rohit asked me about mangalsutra. I told him, “If this happens, I don’t want to feel guilty in the middle while Samar is giving me hard strokes.” Rohit smiled.

It was almost 6.30 when the bell rang. I was still in the bedroom. Rohit and Sam were in the hall. Rohit opened the door and welcomed Samar. Samar had brought big Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate for our son. Rohit called me and told me that he and Sam are leaving for the movie and will be back around 10.

As soon as I heard the closing door, I came out of the bedroom. Samar was still standing with a small box in his hand. Though I had agreed to this, I was very nervous. I couldn’t look into Samar’s eyes. To break the ice, Samar started the conversation.

Samar: Bhabhi, you look very beautiful, and I can’t believe this is happening. I am feeling very lucky today.

Me: I don’t know what to say. And I don’t know whether we will do it right or wrong.

Samar: Bhabhi, we all three know what we will do. And at any point, if you don’t feel comfortable, please stop me. We will stop there and will not continue.

Me: Okay. But please do one favor. Please don’t call me Bhabhi. Call me just Reshma.

Now I could look into Samar’s eyes and talk to him. I asked him to sit on the sofa. I also sit beside him, but a few inches away.

Samar: Okay, Reshma. I will call you by your name, which I always like to say. Reshma, I must tell you that your body is glittering like never before. I am not able to take away my eyes from your whole body.

And he took my right hand into his left hand. He started pressing it slowly.

Me: Samar, you look very handsome in this yellow-colored polo t-shirt and jeans. You have always been helpful all the time. In recent few months, I have wondered how your gym-toned body looked.

He kept caressing my right hand and then kissed it with his warm and broad lips. I didn’t tell you about Samar. He is 5 ft 9 inches, a regular gym-goer hence fit and healthy. He is always clean-shaven and keeps short hair. He has a wide and strong chest, and his hands are quite big with long fingers.

When I thought about Samar, I wondered how his long fingers would make me crazy when his fingers go deep inside my pussy. Now, that moment had come, and I was about to find it out everything.

Samar: Thank you, dear Reshu. But you are in a hurry to take off my clothes. I have seen you for years, but you look very sexy and mind-blowing today. The way you have worn the saree of my favorite color, I am going mad. I am eager to see what is hidden below your sexy saree. But I hope inside too it is red.

Me: So you are also in a hurry to see what is beneath my saree. And yes, dear Samar, inside its red!

Samar: How could I wait further? And why should I? I never thought that such an evening would come in my life. A fully prepared Reshu will be ready to come in my arms. I see you have well prepared for this evening. I have seen your curves. But it’s the first time I see you from just a few inches away. I liked the style of your saree. It is very inviting. You are making me mad.

He kept pressing my hands and slowly shifted close to me. Now my open smooth, and soft arms were touching his strong biceps. He turned his lips towards mine. My heart started pounding faster. My marriage with Rohit, our kid, all our precious family moments flashed through my eyes.

For a moment, I thought this was not correct. I am allowing my body desires to take over my values. I was frozen. But I could feel the warmth of Samar’s breath. His warm lips touched mine, and slowly I started responding to him. He is quite close to me.

He held my face in both his palms and started kissing my lips. I was having goose-bumps all over my body. He sucked my lower lip and then upper lip. I was getting hornier minute by minute. We kept kissing for 4-5 minutes. Then slowly, he moved his hand on my backside.

He started caressing my open smooth waxed back. His hands were very magical. I started getting hornier and hugged him tightly and suggested getting up. My hands were holding him with so much force that his wide chest started pressing my boobs.

I was caressing his back. I opened my mouth and invited his tongue inside my mouth. His left-hand finger was roaming in my silky hairs. I liked the way he started feeling each body part. His right hand was still on my open back. Our tongues met, and I tasted his saliva.

Its taste was different, but it was wonderful. We continued our tongue fight for almost 7-8 minutes. Suddenly Samar turned me around by holding me at my waist and holding me from behind. He moved my hair to the left front side.

His hands were on my stomach above my thin transparent saree. He started kissing my open back. Ahh, what a feeling it was. I didn’t know what to do. I just kept receiving his kisses and pushing my back on his lips. Slowly he started licking my back and moved his hands on the lower side of my boobs.

He started feeling both my boobs with his wide palms above my blouse below the saree. I just closed my eyes and kept receiving his love. His touch was very manly. He gently started pressing both my boobs. Now slowly, he moved by kissed toward the backside of my neck.

One more time, a sharp current passed through my body. His warm lips were kissing my neck slowly. And at the same time, he started pressing his hard tent on my round soft big ass. I slowly started rhythmically moving my waist to receive his hard cock on my ass-crack.

Then I slowly kept pushing myself below my waist so that I felt his hardness as much as possible. His cock was so hard that I felt like I was not wearing anything below the waist. He kept kissing and licking my neck and earlobes, giving me goose-bumps all the time. He was pressing my full boobs slowly.

He started feeling my nipple above my blouse. My nipples were ready to be sucked. Now Samar slid down my pallu and started feeling my cleavage with his right hand. He was rubbing my smooth waxed skin slowly, making me crazier. His left hand was now playing with my navel.

This slow lovemaking was something new for me, and I fell for it. My body decided to surrender to my dear lover completely. Now I was not able to control it. So I tried to feel Samar’s hard cock above his jeans. My god, I could feel how hard, hot and long it was with just a touch.

I didn’t want to waste my time further and turned towards Samar. I started kissing my Samar passionately. I inserted my tongue in his mouth. I kept feeling his big hard tent with my left hand while holding him with my right hand as close as possible.

Samar started playing with my soft hips. He was moving his hand from my back, then my lower back and pressing my hips slowly. And again in the reverse direction. He was feeling all my curves above my partially naked body. I felt like he was scanning my body dot by dot and creating an image in his brain.

Samar whispered in my ears, “Reshma, you are the person I want to see every night.” I responded, “Yes, my darling, I would love to give you unlimited love all the time. But now, I want to see and feel your body. And I don’t want to think about the future. Let us enjoy this evening to the maximum.”

Samar said, “Yes, my sweetheart, I can’t control. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Saying this, Samar lifted me in his strong arms. His left hand was where my hips end, and my right hand was below my open back. His right hand fingers were touching my boobs slightly. He held me in such a way that I started kissing him slowly.

To be continued.

Dear readers, this is a continuation of my first story. It is a real incident. I request you to share your feedback/suggestion on my email id [email protected] I will write the next part soon.

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