Magic Moments Of Love And Lust With Viritha

Hello and my warm greetings to all readers at XIS. I am Mano from Hyderabad and I am here to tell you a real story. This is about a beautiful girl Viritha whom I met online, made friends and had a chance to spend two memorable nights with her.

This started in late 2011, at a time when Yahoo Messenger App was the major medium to make new friends and sultry chats. I was an occasional visitor to those yahoo chat rooms and had fun watching those dirty invitations and chats that guys used to make.

Coming to the story. It was one Saturday afternoon when I logged to one of the chat rooms and sat back looking at the chat in the main window. I was attracted by a chat ID name in the user’s list. I felt that’s a nice choice of ID and pinged her saying. “Your ID is good and I liked it. I will create a similar one.”

But there was no response from her. After 30 minutes, when I was about to log out, she replied, “Thank you. You can create and ping me from your new id.” I logged out and kept a note of her ID but later forgot about the incident. On the next weekend, it struck me.

So I created a similar id and did ping her. She responded after a few days. It went on like this for a couple of months, exchanging messages on yahoo. One day when both of us were online, we had a good chat. We never brought in our personal information in chat except for the names and ages.

I was 26 at the time and she was 24. We were just chatting random things. It went on like below:
Me: What’s your purpose of visiting the chat room. What is that you are looking for?

Viritha: You tell the reason why you are here. If I like it and feel that your answer is genuine then I will tell my reason.
Me: Ok, I will tell you. But you should not laugh and make fun of it later.
Viritha: Ok, I will try.

Me: Some men get aroused by watching nasty clips and by reading nasty chats.
Viritha: I am here to share my fantasies with random and unknown guys. I get pleasure in that.
Me: That’s nice. I like your fantasy and I would like to be part of it.

After some casual chat, we exchanged our numbers. She saw me on the webcam and asked me some personal questions to make sure that I don’t fall anywhere on her friends and relatives list. I am also happy about that as that is a safe way in such engagements.

We ended our chat and I logged out. I didn’t ring her during that week. Next weekend Friday afternoon, I sent her a text, “Eagerly waiting to hear the fantasies.” She replied with a lot of smileys and said, “All the best. Try your luck.” I asked her out for dinner.

After a little persuasion, she agreed. We decided to meet at a restaurant at 6.45 PM. I reached there around 6.40 and called her. She answered and said that she didn’t get the cab and will be late. I went to the restaurant and looked for a good place. I sat down at a corner table in dim light.

I sent her a text with table details and my shirt color After 15 minutes, I was having juice and going through the menu. Suddenly I heard a voice from behind greeting me with a ‘Hi’. I turned and stood up. There I saw the most ravishing girl I ever met. I smiled greeting her and we shook hands.

She was fair, 5.5 in height and looked inch-perfect everywhere. We had some casual talk. I came to know that she belongs to a different city in AP and works in an IT company in Hyderabad. She stays in a flat with her cousin. The basic reason for meeting her was lust. Both of us know it though we didn’t discuss it openly.

But now after seeing her, I was admiring her. I just kept looking at her and she was talking about different things. I asked her to order food. She said it’s too early and she asked for juice. I asked her to have an ice cream for which she agreed. We finished it by 7.45 and came out of the restaurant.

And I must say that the climate was awesome. It was full of cold breeze and we felt very relaxed. At the same time, both of us said out loud, “It seems it’s raining somewhere heavily.” We laughed at the coincidence. She asked ‘what next’ and I replied, “Anything you like.”

She asked if I came on a bike or car. I showed my bike parked opposite. She asked if we can go to any lonely place. We started by bike and decided to go to the park. She sat on the bike and placed her hand on my shoulder. She sat very close and her whole body was touching my back. I was feeling her boobs.

I am a shy person and can advance only in dark and lonely places with a good atmosphere. The ambiance is very important to me. As we moved on bike, that cold breeze and her hot touch gave me an instant erection. We reached the park. It was a huge park with lots of places without light.

We saw many couples doing kinky things. Both of us know that we would get intimate. But don’t know how and when that moment would get triggered. As we walked deep in the park, it became lonely and the breeze was cold. As we went inside, we walked close.

Our hands touched and she caught hold of my fingers while walking. I took her hand completely in my hand. We walked holding our hands in silence. I know she looked at me a few times while walking. But I kept my head bent down and could not gather the courage to look at her. It started drizzling slightly.

Though the drizzle was very slight and not disturbing the walk, the climate became very cold. She started shivering and came very close to me holding my hand and hugging it to her body. I know I am losing control and any moment I could proceed further.

It started raining slightly. We looked for a shelter to stand. But we could not find any as we are already somewhere inside that big park. So we went towards a tree and stood under it. She was standing beside me holding me tightly. We were slowly getting wet.

She left my hand and came forward in front of me. Now we were facing each other. She moved closer and pulled out a dupatta like cloth from her handbag and covered both our heads. We were under the cloth and so close that we can feel the breathing of each other.

She held the cloth for 2 minutes and asked me to hold it. I took it from her and she came close hugging me with her hands. I was in clouds. Her lips reached my chest and she slowly called out with my name. I asked what and she said to drop that cloth and look at her.

I said that our clothes would get wet without that cloth on top. She sounded a little frustrated and asked again to drop the cloth and look at her. I removed the cloth from our heads and bent my head down to look at her. It was dark but the little moonlight was enough to see her from such close distance.

Her fair skin was shining. She said, “It is nice with you like this.” She held my cheeks and kissed me on my chin and looked back in my eyes. I smiled at her holding her tight. She smiled back and kissed on my lips. We started kissing deeply and our tongues were making out.

She bit my lower lip and kissed with force and pushed me towards the tree. It was a long smooch. The raindrops kept the wetness live on our lips making the kiss soft and icy. We finally broke after minutes of deep kissing. She let me loose and said, “You taste good.”

I smiled and said back that you taste like a chocolate ice cream. She laughed loudly and said, “Really? Then have it more if you like it so much.” Having said this, she came forward and we started kissing again. This time it was more intense and deep.

She hugged me tightly and placed her hands around my back. I had my one hand placed around her waist and the other hand on her back, holding her head for support while kissing. She sucked my lips and kissed all over my face and neck. I turned her around.

I placed my hand on her tummy and started kissing and biting her neck and ears. This filled her with pleasure and she tried to stop me. I didn’t stop and went on kissing her neck and ears. She was not able to bear the pleasure and pleased me to stop that. But I could not stop and held her hands tight.

I went on kissing and licking her skin near her neck. She could not bear the pleasure anymore. She forcibly broke from my hug and moved a bit far from me. I was so much involved that I wanted to make out there itself. It took half a minute for both of us to come back to our senses.

I slowly said her sorry. She was standing some 15 feet away and looking at me. I went a few steps towards her and again said sorry. I told that it was a moment of joy and I could not stop myself. She didn’t respond even now and we kept looking at each other in that dim moonlight.

The silence is killing me inside. I told her that it was embarrassing me and we can leave the park if she is not comfortable. She thought for a minute. She asked if I can pick her wet shawl and handbag and hinted me of leaving the park. I agreed and we started walking back to the main gate.

As we reached a point where there were lights, I asked if we could sit for 5 minutes and then leave. She said yes. We sat on a bench and I started the conversation. I was about to say something and she stopped me. She said not to feel bad about what happened. She liked every moment of that.

I felt relaxed and thanked her and said that it was also my mistake for not stopping when she asked. She said to forget it and openly agreed that she could not take it long in that neck area. That’s her weak point. And our conversation went on like this for 5 minutes.

Me: Great, so what next?
Viritha: What do you think of me right now? Do you think I am a kind of kinky girl who makes out in public parks?

Me: Not at all. You already said in chat that you like to share your fantasies with strangers. What happened here could be one such fantasy and I could be that stranger.

Viritha: My fantasies are much wilder. You cannot believe it if I reveal them.
Me: That’s ok. Everyone has such fantasies. There is unrevealed space in every person’s mind.
Viritha: Are you always like this or trying to impress me?

Me: What is the point in trying and impress you? To be frank, I may not even call you again after this day. I am clear on this and I think even you are on the same stand.
Viritha: That’s nice.

Me: Tell me, why are you so doubtful and ask all these questions? I know that you looking for a ‘fun and forget’ kind of relation.
Viritha: I don’t have doubts about you. I mean, I checked properly and ensured that I am going out with a proper guy.

Me: I am hungry. Why don’t we talk while having dinner? Moreover, we met for dinner. I will feel bad if you leave without eating.
Viritha: Oh It is 9.30 now and it’s been one and a half hours we are here.

Me: Any problem? If you are getting late you can take a parcel. But please don’t leave without food.
Viritha: (smiles) Ok, let’s go out first and then decide where to go.

And with this, we moved out of the park and we reached the parking space. But we couldn’t decide where to go for dinner. Somehow I gathered courage and asked her to spend the night with me if she doesn’t have a problem. She looked at me for a few seconds and asked what the plan is.

I told her that there is no plan as such. But we can talk, have a late dinner whenever we want. I also made fun that she can have some vodka to make her warm as she was wet and cold. I didn’t expect that she would accept this. But she signed ok for the idea.

Now I am in big trouble with finding a good place. It’s close to 10.00 pm and I know that I don’t have much time to think. I sat on my bike was thinking about what to do next. She asked if there was any problem. I said no and started making a few calls to find if any of my friend’s flats were vacant for the night.

She understood the problem and our conversation went like this:
Viritha: Is it not at your home?
Me: My parents are at home and that’s not possible. So I am thinking of a good place.

Viritha: No, I don’t think I will be interested in any other place. I don’t like hotels and bachelor flats. Better drop the plan.

Me: What are you saying? Do you think that I would even think of a hotel with you? I am thinking of a very decent and good place where you should feel comfortable.

Viritha: I am not sure. I feel it’s risky and what is the point in spending time with fear and doubts.
I went near her, took her hand and kissed her palms and holding it.
Viritha: What happened?

Me: If a girl like you offers a date, there would be 100 guys standing in a line. I know that. So when you agreed to spend time with me, I know what it means for you. I have full respect for that and I know how lovably to treat you.
Viritha: (smiles)

Me: So please don’t worry at all and give me some time to think. If I didn’t find a good place, I will happily drop you at your place and go back home and sleep today dreaming about you.

After 10 minutes, I am losing hope to find a decent place. Viritha came near me and stood close.
Viritha: Have you seen the time? It’s past 10.00. I want vodka and juice.
Me: Yeah but I am not able to find a proper place.

She placed her finger on my lips and said, “Shut Up. My friend is arriving in 2 minutes to pick me and I must leave now.” Having understood the situation practically and not able to find a decent place, I thought it’s good to let her go without any delay.

Me: I understand and am sorry about this. I should not have asked you without proper planning.

While I was saying this, she got a call from her friend. She picked the call and started moving towards the main road to locate her friend. I followed her and we reached there. And just before getting into the car, she turned around towards me.

Me: It’s nice meeting you and………..
Viritha: I want an Orange Vodka and Juice. Buy them and any other stuff you need. Make it fast and wait for my call.

Before I asked what she was saying she got into the car and closed the door. They left immediately. I tried calling her but her phone was busy. Unsure of what she said, I was thinking of what to do. But as there is no loss in buying some stuff. I reached a shop and bought a half bottle of orange vodka.

Then I went to a ‘More’ store and purchased pulpy orange and a few snacks. I came out and started thinking about what to do next. I received a text from her asking for a Chocolate Ice cream. I sent a message back that I do not understand.

She replied with a Shut up and asked me to buy ice cream and wait for her call. I went back to the store to purchase the ice cream. Meanwhile, I received another text with an address. She called me then and said that it’s her address and invited me to her place.

I was confused and not sure what to reply to her. She spoke again and said she was alone as her cousin went home for the weekend. I am still in dilemma and thinking about whether to accept it or not. I asked if she was sure about this.  She said not to think too much and to start immediately.

I doubtfully started and reached her place in 15 minutes. On my way, I felt that as a male I doubt so much to go to an unknown place. So how much hesitation and dilemma a girl will go through in her mind to take such decisions. I reached her place and called her.

It was an old and posh colony with all duplex buildings. Viritha and her cousin stay on the 1st floor. As I reached she said ‘Hi’ from the top and called my mobile. She asked to open the gate and park my bike silently as the watchman was sleeping. I parked my bike, closed the gate, and reached the 1st floor.

She opened the door and kissed my cheeks. She asked me to go inside and relax. She would go down, lock the gate and will be back in 2 minutes. As she left to lock the door, I removed my shoes and walked through the hall. It was a pretty big portion and well-designed interiors and costly furniture.

I sat on the sofa and took my phone, called my home and said that I went to a movie. I would sleep in a nearby friend’s flat for the night. The time was past 11 pm and I felt tired. But the good part was, the climate was super cool and very breezy outside.

Viritha came back after locking the door. And now I saw her clearly. She was damn sexy in a short nightgown till her knees and wore a full sleeve denim blazer on that nightgown. I thought, “Man, what a girl this is. So simple yet so stylish and polished.”

She knew that I am tired and asked me to take a bath. I accepted and she took me to her bedroom. I had a good bath with hot water and found that she already placed a white Turkish towel on the bed. I wrapped it around and came out. She already switched on the AC and kept the bedroom ready to relax.

What followed was a beautiful and memorable night to cherish.

Thank you. I hope you people enjoyed reading this part and encourage me with your replies and emails to write more. Please share your feedback at [email protected]

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