Fucked A Village Girl In The Woods

Hi to all XIS readers this is varunvking. For readers who don’t know me, I am Varun, 28, from Chennai. I am here to share my experience of fucking a village girl in the woods.

Now coming to the story. I was living in Dubai for 2 years and didn’t get a chance to have sex in there. I didn’t have sex for 2 years and I was starving for fun. My grandmother suddenly fell sick and I had to come to visit her in our native.

When I reached my native that’s where I saw Selvi. She was a maid in my grandma’s home. She was sexy as hell, 23, tall, dark, and had a firm round 34 size boobs. At first glance, I saw her my dick stood up. I decided to stay for a couple of weeks with my grandma.

Selvi lived nearby my grandma’s home. Most of the time she used to stay with my grandma at night. She is a very reserved girl so I controlled my thoughts at that time and remained silent. One day Selvi was cleaning the house and I was sitting in front of her.

Suddenly she bent to sweep the floor and her cleavage was fully visible. She was wearing a pink color bra. It was squeezing her firm round boobs. I wanted to get my hands in her boobs and suck it. And when she turned around her ass was so tight and round.

I wanted to give a tight slap in her ass but my grandmother was there. Still, I couldn’t control my dick as it was tearing my pants. I went to my room played a porn video on my mobile and masturbating thinking about Selvi. I heard a noise outside my room.

When I turned around Selvi was standing at the door and saw me masturbating. I quickly pulled my pant back on and she ran to her home. I was so embarrassed and afraid of whether she will tell my grandma. She didn’t come to work for the rest of the day. I was very confused and decided to leave native.

The next day she came to work. I can’t face her but I wanted to tell her not to speak about this to anyone. Finally, my grandma slept after having a tablet and she was alone making lunch. I went to the kitchen and called her name and Selvi was startled.

I said, “Sorry, Selvi I didn’t see you there. Please don’t tell anyone.” She hesitantly said, “Ok but you need to do one thing for me. Otherwise, I will tell to grandma.” I was so shocked that Selvi was blackmailing me. I said, “Ok what do you want?”

She asked me to buy a smartphone for her and told me that I should recharge it every month. I was surprised and asked why does she need a smartphone. She replied that she wants to watch porn movies online. I was stunned and at the same time, happy to hear this from her.

I saw an opportunity to satisfy my 2 years of hunger. I bought her a new phone the next day she asked me to bring the phone to wood. I reached before her and checking if anyone is around. No one was present at that time. I was waiting for her and I heard someone approaching me.

When I turned it was Selvi wearing a blue color sari. We both sat under a tree where it was covered by bush. She was checking the phone. I slowly placed my hand in her shoulder and there was a reaction from her. Then I slowly placed my hands on her spine and still, there was no reaction from her.

I suddenly placed my hands in her tight juicy ass. I started to squeeze it hard she was staring at me. I immediately inserted my hand in her pavadai (petticoat) and rubbed her asshole. Selvi suddenly pushed me away. I pulled her back towards me and gave a tight kiss on her lips.

She was resisting a little I took her hand and inserted it into my pants where my dick has fully loaded and ready to shoot. She felt the warmness of my Rod and Selvi started to kiss me harder. She was sucking my tongue and massaging my balls. I pushed her to the ground and jumped on top of her.

Her 34 size firm boobs were getting crushed in between us. She can feel my fully erected penis touching her pussy. She started to enjoy it and came with kissing even more hard on me. I removed my shirt and removed her sari. I pulled her on top of me and made her lie on me.

I hugged and kissed her in her lips and started to suck her tongue. She too started to lick my face and lips and I kissed her neck. Then I inserted my hands into Selvi’s pavadai (petticoat) and inserted my finger’s into her asshole. She started to scream out of pain.

But I kissed her hard on her lips and kept pumping my finger into her asshole. Selvi then pushed me and removed my pants and kissed my penis head. I started to lick it and I pulled her head towards my dick and inserted it into her mouth. I pumped it hard and almost inserted fully into her mouth.

I can feel her throat and she too enjoyed it. I made her lie and removed her blouse and bra. I saw her firm cute plumpy boobs and it was dancing. I took one of her boobs in my mouth and another one in my hand. I sucked and squeezed it hard and she started to moan very hard.

I licked her nipples and started to bite her nipples and she was started to moan even harder. Then I removed her petticoat and saw her panty. I rubbed it with my nose and she was dancing like a snake. I pulled her panty and saw her hairy pussy and rubbed my face in her hairy pussy.

I inserted my finger into her pussy. It was tight I inserted my nose into her pussy. I moved it upside down and she was moaning like hell. We came to 69 position where she was on top of me. I was sucking her pussy and she was sucking my dick.

It was time to feed my rod. I inserted my dick inside her tight hairy pussy and started to push it slowly. But she was screaming in pain and told me to stop. but I didn’t stop and pumped it. The first four pumps were really hard. But I stroked it with full power and she too started to enjoy it.

I started to ruin her pussy. Then after fucking pumping hard I finally shot my load. We changed and went home. We had sex every day after that afternoon until I left. It was finally time for me to leave and I left for Chennai.

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