Lustful Experience With College Junior – Part 2

Hi, this Nadia Rahman back with the second part of the story! To know more about me, please read my first story here – Lustful Experience With College Junior – Part 1

In my last note, I left when my junior started exploring me. For those who haven’t read the first part, there I mentioned that my junior Jay started exploring me inside a movie theatre. And when the movie we were watching ended, we had to leave the theater.

And today, I shall explain what happened after that first exploring event of ours.

Moving on, after an encounter where he explored me and fingered my soft spot, we were bound to talk dirtier. Every night, we talked about our bodies. It is true that it took me a while to adjust and talk smoothly about my body but soon I started mixing up.

That reminds me of an encounter – our first phone sex. To this, I should mention that I live in my hostel and we use to have single rooms. So, there was no problem with that.

The story is quite straight forward. My college junior Jay asked me if we should talk via phone call and I agreed. First, we talked regular stuff and by that, I mean how my body was feeling and how erect my nipples were and other kinds of things.

Soon, we moved to more physical things, one of which was that he would keep ordering me to do stuff and I keep doing those things to me in real-time.

First, he started from the top. He asked me to kiss myself in the mirror and then he slowly moved below to my neck. Soon, the junior guy was on my boobs and was ordering me to bite my own nipples harder and harder till I felt pain.

And soon after that, he moved down to my pussy. But instead of ordering me to play with my pussy, he ordered me to finger my ass hole!

At first, it seemed dirty but he kept ordering me so I finally put my finger in it. It felt strange, but also kind of fun. It tickled very badly and also, it instantly made me wet. I started moaning loudly, so loudly that I later had to explain things to my neighboring rooms!

After we were done, Jay said that he still hadn’t cummed. Actually, he said more things than that. He said, “Nadia, I haven’t cummed yet you know. I am saving my cum to the day when I get the chance to do it inside you.”

And I must admit that, by then, I had lost all my shame with him and I wanted to feel more pleasure alongside him. So, I said I was waiting for that day too. And as he was waiting for that very moment, he suggested that we meet on a lodge and do our dirty stuff.

I was excited and was looking forward to it. I didn’t think much and agreed on the condition that he should hammer out the details himself including the money. And with that, we ended that day’s call.

The next day, things went identically. We had sex over the phone. At the end of the call, my horny junior Jay told me that he booked a lodge and had taken care of everything including food and everything. The time he had chosen was the next Sunday which was two days from that day.

I was so excited that I kept masturbating the entire night and waited for the Sunday like a mad person!

Days passed and I waited. When Sunday finally came, I woke up early in the morning. The first thing I did was took a long relaxing bath.

Then I went back and started wearing clothes. That time, I chose to go somewhat modern and sexy. Thus, for that time, I wore a thick t-shirt and a pair of full jeans with some accessories, of course. But here I should mention that I was so excited that I decided not to wear a bra or panties inside.

After dressing up, I waited till it was 8 am and when the clock ticked, I went out of the hostel. I saw Jay already waiting for me outside the hostel on someone’s bike he must have rented for the day.

It didn’t take much time to start the ride. However, there is nothing much to explain about the road except the fact that he didn’t notice that I was wearing no panties nor bra (well, I believe so).

We took a few turns here and there, and soon we were at the lodge. Now the true story begins.

As we entered the lodge and closed the doors behind us, my college junior directly jumped on my body and pushed me onto the bed! I was ready but to my surprise, he instead suggested that we go inside the bathroom. I was honestly shocked but I decided to agree.

We were in the bathroom and Jay picked up the shower-head with cord. It was one where you hold it in your hands and shower over.

He turned the shower on and started showering over my body. It started revealing my curves and I could see him getting erect under his pants.

Then he asked me to strip and I obliged as well. There is no sexy story behind it because there was nothing much to take off already.

Soon I was naked. The next order he gave me was to turn my back towards him and then bent down on the floor. I followed his instructions and bent down facing opposite to him.

The next thing I remember he kept on showing water on my body. Then I felt something over my ass hole and before my realization, I could feel something trying to enter my ass!

I was not worried about the “entering” part because the hole was too small to enter in my opinion. However, to my surprise, I next felt two fingers entering my hole. It was not painful but was itchy.

Soon my junior tried opening my ass hole by force and at that point, there was some pain. And soon, there was a dick inside me for the first time.

At this point, I should mention that it hurt but not as much as other girls explain it to be. Soon it felt good too but as for my luck, he cummed inside my asshole soon as he entered. So everything was at best boring for me.

But soon he was about to show me his beastly side and pleasures of sex on his next try.

As you can see, I am not a very good writer neither a passionate one. I am leaving what happened for the next part of my story. However, if you liked the story or want to have some chatting, then mail me at [email protected]

Thank you.

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