Lost My Virginity To My Landlord’s Daughter

Hello XIS readers, I am a frequent user of this site. This is my first story of how I lost my virginity. So without wasting much time let’s get to the story. I hope you enjoy my story. The story is about last year in the last week of February.

I am Ayush and I am 19 years old, living in Kota. I had an athletic figure but since I am in Kota I have put on a little weight. I am 6 ft tall. The girl’s name was Shivani and about 5.5 ft tall. She too had an amazing figure with boobs size of 32a (I am not sure) and a fair body.

I used to live on the 2nd floor and the landlord on 1st. This all started in the last week of February. It was a Monday and Shivani knocked on my door around 7 pm.

Me: Yes.

Shivani: I want to tell you something but I don’t know how to say it.

Me: Just say it.

Shivani: I like you and here’s my number. Do give me a call.

By saying this she ran downstairs into her room, as her mom has arrived from the park in front of our house. I threw the number into the dustbin cause at that time I liked someone else. After a few days, she stopped me on the stairs and said, “You haven’t replied yet.”

I said, “I like someone else,” and went into my room. I went into my room and while lying on the bed I thought of her body. She was amazing. I thought of fucking her once before going home. I jerked off and then I slept. The next day I only thought of how I wanted to fuck her, how will I approach her.

So it was 6 in the evening and she was in the kitchen doing the dishes. I asked her, “Can I talk to you?” She replied positively, We sat on the stairs (I sat one step above her) and talked about why I didn’t call her. I told her I like someone else but she is having a boyfriend. So it’s one-sided.

Then she said, she can be her plus one and just after saying this she took my hand and placed it on her neck. She said she is having neck pain and will I massage it. I took it as a green signal and started massaging her neck. Slowly I moved my hand on her boobs and started kissing her neck.

Her breathing increased and she started to moan. I kept massaging her boobs with my one hand. My next hand slowly went inside her jeans. She was wet down there. I moved my middle finger inside her vagina and she moaned loudly. I said, “Let’s go to my room.’

We went to my room and were kissing like mad lovers. I took off her t-shirt and saw her perfectly round boobs trapped within that black bra (my favorite color). She unhooked her bra with her one hand and her next hand was in my trousers rubbing my dick. I took off my shirt.

She told that we need to hurry or else her mom will come back from the park. I pushed her on the bed and removed her jeans along with her panty, A clean shaved pussy was waiting for me, inviting me to lick it. I started to lick it like a pro with both my hands pressing her boobs.

She was moaning very loudly. If anyone was on the first floor he/she would have clearly heard the moan. Her both hands were on my head and directing her to get into her pussy. She told me she can’t wait now and begged for my dick.

Her exact words were, “C’mon baby fuck me. I can’t wait to feel you inside me, let me be your bitch.”

I got up and took off my pants and rubbed my dick on her pussy. She kept saying, “Please, baby give it to me.” I thought that she too was a virgin (she wasn’t). So with my great force, I inserted my dick into her pussy. Her moaning stopped for a sec and said, “Oh yeah!”

She waited too long for this. Her pussy was tight. It was like someone inside it was crushing my hard hot dick. I increased my pace and was right above her, with one of hand on her boobs and other on her waist. I fucked her hard. She went down and swallowed my whole dick.

She licked it like she was a pro in it. I kept choking her till her face was all red. We then changed to 69 position and again I licked her pussy. I really enjoyed it. Her cum was all over my face. She went straight for my face and licked all her cum.

We kissed again and then changed our position from 69 to doggy and was ready to fuck her from behind.

Someone downstairs: Shivani, beta where are you?

Shivani: It’s my mom, oh shit! We will continue this tomorrow.

Me: I can’t because I am going home tomorrow.

She ignored it, rubbed my dick and I cummed all over. Her face, she swallowed all my load. She dressed fast and washed her face and went downstairs. I dressed up as well. Then I went to pack my stuff because the next day was my train home.

In the morning I went downstairs to say bye to aunty. Her daughter was standing right behind her. She winked at me and said bye in a very low tone. I was about to leave the house she came from the back and handed me a paper in which her number and a message, “Call me later,” was written on it.

But I never called her again. It was more like a one night stand. I enjoyed that night. But I want to expand my circle of experience and want to try more and want to be a pro in it.

I hope you all liked my story do tell me how it was on [email protected]

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