Hot Maid Made My Day! – Part 2

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Hello readers, I hope everyone enjoys reading the stories here like me. I am Rahul again. As the readers want this in the series mode, I am writing the 2nd episode of the event.

In the 1st episode, I mentioned how it started. The beginning was on a Thursday. I was done with the screwing. I told her that she should take a proper shower every day after entering my apartment and then change her dress with what I bought for her.

The next two days, she followed strictly what I said. I told her that on Sunday, I would be treating her especially. On Sundays, generally, she used to come at 9/930 am. She came around that time, and as usual, she was ready after a shower.

I asked her to remove the housecoat and move her bra and panty to prepare breakfast. She obliged. While preparing the breakfast, I was standing behind her pressing my dick in her ass crack. I was squeezing her boobs initially over her bra and, after that lifting her bra.

It was going on for some time. I touched the front portion of her panty and found that her panty had become wet. Somehow, she managed to finish the breakfast. I made her have breakfast with me. I started foreplay with her on the drawing-room sofa.

I made her in a birthday suit, licking, squeezing her boobs and ass. She was moaning with pleasure. I was with my boxer and bare body, slowly increasing my pace of lovemaking. I started biting her neck, stomach, boobs, and inner thigh. She started shivering heavily with my lovemaking.

She became extremely horny with my act. I inserted my middle finger in her love hole while sucking and squeezing her boobs. In no time, she reached an orgasm and started panting heavily. I did not let her go and continued squeezing and licking her boobs and, at the same time was fingering her.

She again became wet in a very short time. I pulled down my shorts and made her sit on her knees on the floor. I held her head and brought her face close to my dick, and asked her for a blowjob. I knew she was not comfortable. But I forced her, and she started licking my tool sidewise without taking that in.

After some time, I held her head and forcefully inserted my dick in her mouth. I started fucking her mouth in such a manner that she should not get choked. After some time, I took my dick out, took her to the kitchen and made her sit on the kitchen top edge.

I put on the condom and inserted my tool inside her pussy, keeping her legs on my shoulder. She took the support of her body by keeping her hands on the kitchen top. I started moving my dick in and out of her wet pussy, holding her shoulder. I started ramming her harder.

While doing so, I bent forward and started sucking her boobs by holding her body against mine. She could not continue taking my pressure in that posture. Thus, she leaned on the kitchen top and bent herself to accommodate her in that space.

I turned her sidewise and kept both legs together on one side. I started screwing her at the maximum possible speed. Her head was banging against the wall, and she was screaming aloud with pleasure. I simultaneously squeezed her boob hard in one hand and slapped her ass.

She reached her 2nd orgasm, and after some time, me too. It was almost a 45 minutes’ session. We parted and cleaned ourselves. She got engaged with her day-to-day chores, and I also went to my room and took a rest. After some time, I saw her entering my room to keep my washed clothes in the cupboard.

Our eyes met, and she smiled. I got up and hugged her. She surrendered in no time. I removed her housecoat and made her stand in two pieces. I looked at her eyes to see her response. Her eyes were half-closed. I hugged her with one hand, pressing her one bra-covered boob against my chest.

My other hand started pressing her pussy over her panty. She immediately started breathing heavily. I realized that she would be ready to fuck in a very short time. I felt her panty get wet. Then I removed her bra and panty and my shorts. I sat at the edge of the bed and asked her to blow me.

She sat in front of me on her knees and started properly giving that. I was enjoying her slurpy blow. My semi-erect dick got hard in a very short time. I brought the cover and made her sit on her knees at the edge of the bed. I started rubbing my dick on her pussy from the backside while standing close.

I kept on doing that for some time and then slowly inserted the tip of my dick. I started moving slowly without inserting full, holding her waist. While doing so, I thought of doing this round in a more naughty way. I anticipated it would be prolonged as I had the 1st round sometime back only.

While moving steadily and slowly for some time, I gave a big thrust, and I was in. She screamed while I did that thrust. After that, I immediately started ramming her very hard. The thrust noise was very loud, and she was also moaning. I was holding her waist and fucking her harder and harder.

After some time, I took out my dick from her hole as I got tired of ramming her. After that, I sat on the bed edge, pulled her up, and let her sit on my lap, taking my tool in. Another round of hard ramming, and I kept pumping her hard taking support with my hands on the bed and cum inside her pussy.

She had multiple orgasms in that session. After that, we cleaned ourselves, and our talk was like this.

She: you are too good at doing this. I need to leave some more jobs if you do like this as I cannot maintain my time.

Me: It is up to you if you say that you don’t have time we do only once, but if you like this, you have to manage, and from now onwards I shall not ask you to do it for the second time. Suppose you want a second time, you need to come to me and say that you want that.

She: Are you angry with me?

Me: No, not angry. But as you said, I am not going to force you for a second time. I feel that you are more concerned about your job than satisfying me.

I was a little firm while saying this.

She: (with her pale face) Please do not take this otherwise. I did not mean that.

Me: ok, you finish the work now and come in the afternoon. I do not want to discuss this anymore now.

She got very annoyed. She started doing her work and, after that, left once done. It was almost 12.30 pm then, and she used to leave by 11 earlier.

She came around 3 pm. She usually changed her dress to the usual one that I provided, i.e., bra and panty and housecoat on top. She finished her daily chores and came to my room. Our conversation was like this.

Me: Ready for the act?

She: Yes (with smiling face)

Me: then why are you waiting? Get ready. I am not going to do anything now. You have to start the action. When the time comes, I shall start.

She smiled and removed her housecoat and came to me with her two-piece on. I was lying on the bed. She hugged me and started kissing me and rubbing her hand on my chest. She put her hand on my boxer and started playing with my dick. She started licking my chest and sucking my nipples alternately.

I started rubbing my palm on her back and pressing her body against mine. While doing so, I unhooked her bra and removed that from her body, and pulled her up on me. I pressed her body against mine and started licking her earlobes and neck.

She started rubbing her pussy on my dick, although we had clothes on there. I asked her to massage my chest with her boobs, and she obliged. After that, I made her lie on the bed and started sucking her one boob and pressing the other. She started shivering with ecstasy.

I have understood by this time that her boobs are very sensitive, especially the lower part. I cuddled and caressed her body and then touched her pussy over her panty. It was dripping wet. I got up and removed her panty. Then I lay on the bed and made her sit on my face facing my leg.

I started fucking her with my tongue, and both my hands were playing with her boobs. In a very short time, she got an orgasm. Then I made her lie on the bed, started fucking her mouth, and fingered her pussy in a 69 position. After some time, another fuck in multiple positions.

I fucked her to the extreme level during weekends. She used to earn additionally for this and enjoyed my company. After a few days, she used to come to my room on weekdays and naked on weekends to get fucked. We fucked at every corner of my apartment, and she also enjoyed and cooperated.

After around four months, while returning home, she fell and had a fracture in her ankle. Due to that, she could not come for two months. During that time, she sent her sister as a substitute for whom she used to take money from me. I also screwed her royally during her elder sister’s absence. I shall share that story too.

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