The Tale Of Lust – Christmas Celebration

Hi everyone. Thank you for your responses to my previous stories. If you haven’t read them, please read and give your feedback. But please don’t ask for my girlfriend. I’m not going to reveal anything about her or going to give her contact. Now enjoy this Christmas celebration.

Let’s jump to the story. It was a week before Christmas. Varun and Sapna started their decorations at Sapna’s flat. After arranging the tree, they both clicked some pictures. Varun once in a while touched Sapna in her spots. She was well aware of his actions and quite enjoyed them.

They both sat on the sofa and started reviewing their pictures. Sapna was wearing a knee-length white dress. Varun tried to penetrate with his eyes between Sapna’s legs which were neatly waxed. His complete focus was on her and, Sapna kept noting all his behavior.

Sapna: Baby, shall we play a game?

Varun: Game ah? What game?

Sapna gave a naughty smile.

Sapna: Truth or dare.

Varun: Bore.

Sapna opened Varun’s top two buttons of the shirt and rubbed her hand on his chest hair. She went close to Varun’s ears that her melons touched Varun’s arms. She rubbed her nose on his ears and whispered, “I’ll make it spicy.”

She slowly planted a kiss right below his ears. Varun was turned on immediately. He swiftly went near her lips, but she stopped him by closing his mouth and pushing him.

Sapna: First the game and, then you can have. You have all night.

Varun obliged.

Sapna: The first question is mine. Which is my favorite spot when you tease me?

Varun knew the answer, but he loved the way she asked.

Varun: Hmmm… neck?

Sapna: Wrong. So, I will punish you now.

Varun: Punish?

Sapna: Yes. Dare is for children.

She moved forward and tucked Varun’s hand behind. She stripped his shirt and said his hands could not touch her. She slowly caressed his neck with her left hand and moved to his chest. She planted her nails in his chest, and she gave a small bite on his neck.

Sapna: Your turn. But you shouldn’t repeat the same question, and you’re allowed to wear your shirt.

Varun: But which is your favorite spot?

Sapna: Find out by yourself. Now the question.

Varun: Okay. What is my favorite position?

Sapna: That’s easy. Doggy style.

Varun smiled at her naughtily.

Varun: Strip down your bra right in front of me and wear your dress back.

Sapna: What, no?

Varun: Dare is a Dare.

Sapna obeyed. She unzipped her dress and pulled it to her hips. She tried turning back to Varun. But he caught her and said it had to be in front of his eyes. She wore a maroon bra and, she slowly unbuttoned it.

She sensually pulled her right strap down and did the same with her left. Now her boobs were free. Varun was looking eagerly to bite her melons, but he waited. When she was about to wear it, Varun grabbed her bra and said she would wear the dress back without that.

Sapna was hesitant, but she agreed. Varun couldn’t take eyes off her tits. They were perky and protruding despite her dress.

Sapna: You will pay for this, Mr. Varun. My question next. Foreplay or intercourse? Which one do I love?

Varun: Intercourse.

Sapna: Wrong. I love both. Remove your pant now.

Varun stood up and removed his pants. He was in his boxers and, his tool created a tent. Sapna was excited to see that and pushed him on the couch. She wrapped him with her legs and started sucking his lips. She sucked his upper lips first and then the second simultaneously.

Varun caressed her ass with his left hand while the right was busy with her hips. Her hole was right at the top of his bulge and, she kept rubbing against it. She penetrated her lips deep into Varun’s lips and, she occasionally bit too.

Varun broke the kiss and pushed her back. He said the game isn’t over. It was Varun’s turn to ask.

Varun: Where do I love to suck you?

Sapna very well knew the answer. It was her nipples that he always craved. It is perky, and Varun loves to pinch it with his teeth. But she intentionally said the wrong answer to make it much hornier.

Sapna: My love hole darling.

Varun: Sorry, Sapna, you’re mine now.

Varun pulled Sapna closer and started sucking her lips. They were already so high and, their tongues started fighting. Varun crushed Sapna’s melons over her dress. He broke the kiss and invaded her neck while his right hand pinched her inner thigh.

Sapna was already wet, and his doings were making her go crazy. She was losing herself. Varun let his tongue play with Sapna’s earlobes and, he even bit her collarbone. His right kept pinching and pressing her inner thigh and, he kept moving his hand inside her thigh.

Then he made contact with her panties. It was already soaking in wet. He gently rubbed over her panty right on the pussy. He sucked her neck simultaneously while his large fingers were conquering her fortress. He backed from all his doings.

He made Sapna widen her legs on the couch in a knees-up position. He started sucking her inner thigh. He did this with both her thighs. He licked thighs from her knee to her panty line. Her moaning filled the room. He widened her legs further.

He slightly moved his panty to the right and let his tongue invade her hole. Her body shivered and, her moaning became even louder. Varun slowly licked her hole for 2 minutes and, he backed off. He grabbed her with her legs wrapped around him, and he took her to the bedroom.

He threw her on the bed and removed her dress in one go. He went on top of her and, he stared at her boobs. It was glowing in the dim light and, her nipples were waiting for him to suck.

Sapna: Why are you looking like that? It makes me feel shy.

Varun: You should be proud, darling. You have the best melons ever.

Sapna: Melons? That sounds fucking hot. Suck Jaanu. It’s all yours.

Varun pressed her left and compressed her tit with his thumb. He massaged her boobs softly and circled her areolas. He sucked her right boob and circled the tit with his tongue. He sucked her nipples wildly and, he even crushed them occasionally between his teeth.

Sapna went mad with his actions. He shifted to her left boob. He licked the end of her boob and slowly went near her nipple. He again circled her areolas and, he sucked her tit vigorously. He slowly went down from her boob to her navel hole.

He inserted his middle finger in her navel hole and, he moved it right and left and pushed it deep into her navel hole.

Varun: How badly you want me, Sapna?

Sapna: Fuck me, Varun. Fuck the brains out of me. I can’t hold it long. Baby, please put it inside me.

Varun flipped her that her back was facing him. He slowly caressed her thighs. He made her hair a little sideways and planted a kiss right at the back of her neck. Then he slowly moved his middle finger over her spine, followed by his tongue. He was almost conquering all her body.

Just above her ass on her spine, he made a bite. He slowly sucked the bone. Then he slowly caressed her ass cheek. He suddenly placed a small slap on her ass cheek.

Sapna: Ah. Baby. Give me more.

Varun: I will, darling.

Varun sucked her cheek and, he pulled her panty and yanked it. He removed his underwear, too, making his tool free. He turned her slightly and, made her in a spooning position. He rubbed her ass line with the tip of his dick. Sapna was alarmed and, turned immediately.

Sapna: Not on the rear side baby. I’m not ready for that.

Varun: Don’t worry, Jaanu. Without your consent, I’m not going into your asshole. But trust me you will love this.

Varun inserted his hand between her thighs and, gently rubbed her clit from behind. While his middle finger was busy with her clit his thumb invaded her rear waiting for her access.

Sapna: Baby. Don’t. Not there, baby. Please.

Varun: Trust me, darling. You will love it.

Saying this his thumb penetrated into her rear hole while his middle finger was playing with her clit simultaneously. Sapna’s body was shaking badly. Her hips were moving up and down. Varun turned Sapna a little and grabbed her nipples. He increased the pace of his thumb.

Sapna: Yeah. Baby, please don’t stop. I’m going to cum, please, baby, let me do this.

Varun took his hands out. Before Sapna could say anything, Varun widened her legs and positioned his dick into her pussy in a spooning position. He slightly raises above her to go deep inside her he slowly started penetrating her.

Varun: You’re so tight, darling.

Sapna: Ah. Baby. Don’t stop. Push it harder baby. Yeah, make me cum, baby.

Varun was increasing his pace. His balls made contact with her ass cheeks. Varun sensed the G-spot and started pounding on that.

Sapna: Baby, ah! I’m there. Please don’t stop honey. Yeah, Yes fuck me harder, Varun. Yes, baby. I’m going to cum.

Her grip over his hand tightened. Her legs started shivering. Her moaning turned into screaming and with a loud scream, she ejaculated all her juices over his dick. Varun pulled his dick out and allowed her to enjoy her orgasm. Sapna lied on the bed having the best shag of her life.

She took some time to regain consciousness, but she knew that this wasn’t over. Varun took a condom and flipped Sapna back to missionary position. He made her legs wider, placed his hard dick just above pussy, and rubbed it while licking her lips.

He raised above and opened the condom, but Sapna grabbed him. She sat and ran her fingers on his abs. She pulled the condom and tore it with her lips.

Sapna: My baby deserves better.

She touched his balls and slowly pressed them. Varun gasped. She ran her finger over her shaft and, she wrapped it. She slowly took the skin out of it and, closed it. Varun was leaking his precum. This made so turned on and, he badly wanted to pound her.

But much to Varun’s surprise she took his tool into her mouth. This was the first time for both of them. His balls were filled while her slow sucking made his erection even higher. She massaged his balls while her mouth was giving Varun the best time of his life.

Varun: Enough, Jaanu. I want you now.

Varun pulled his dick out of his mouth and made her flat. He licked her cunt while inserting his two fingers into her hole. He took the fingers out and, inserted his tongue and rolled his tongue inside her pussy. Sapna was on head over heels. She pressed his head hard so that he would go deeper into her pussy.

Varun took her leg over his shoulder and went in deeper. He shifted his tongue to her clit while again inserting his fingers into her pussy. Then he wore the condom and inserted his entire dick into her pussy, and banged her. He drove in and out of her pussy. He was pounding her, and her boobs were jiggling.

Sapna: Yes, baby, make me cum. Do until I Cum. Yes ah! Yes! Yes! Ah! Ah! Fuck me harder, Varun.

Varun moaning got harder and, so did his dick. He slowed down a bit as he knew he was going end. He lifted her, made her sit on his lap, and made her legs wrap around him. This made his dick go in much deeper and harder. His dick was rock solid and, she was bouncing on his dick.

There was zero friction as her pussy was completely soaked. He grabbed her nipple with his teeth and pulled it while pounding her. She pressed his head against her breast and, his teeth pulled her nipple in delight. Varun was nearing a climax. So, he grabbed her ass and, held her tightly.

He increased his pace and took the entire dick almost in and out completely. His muscles twitched and, he continued to pound her. She sensed that he was about to, so she moaned a little louder, and this made him go nuts. Finally, Varun released with a huge moan and slowed down his strokes.

After 2 to 3 strokes, Sapna was released for the second time of the night. They both fell apart, breathing heavily looking at each other.

So, this is the end of Part-1. Mail me at [email protected] with feedback for this story of a cheeky game.

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