How I Fucked My Punjabi Neighbor

Hi everyone this is Nathan (name changed) from Mumbai. I’m 22 years old slim athlete and have a 6.5-inch cock. I am a student and I live with my parents. Okay, now, let me come to the story. The building which I lived there was a Punjabi family with whom we had a good relationship as a neighbor.

They had a son who lived in Canada, came back and settled here in Mumbai just a month ago. And here comes the heroine of the story. Simran, she was married to his son. She was 27 years old her figure was 34-30-34. She is fair and has very big boobs which anybody will want to grab.

So let me come to the story. Once when I was getting down from the building I saw her coming up and our eyes met. I don’t know why I just did that eyebrow thing and just passed by. And then I wasn’t able to remove that scene from my head. I was thinking about her whole day.

How her boobs were and the way she looked at me. I knew it was full of lust. And then I thought of sending her friend request on Facebook. To my surprise, she did accept. Then I sent ‘Hi’ and then we talked normally. She told me she was from Canada and stuff.

When I asked her about her married life she was a bit sad. She said that her husband wasn’t much romantic and all. So I got a plan I asked her out as I ride bikes during monsoon. I asked if she would like to join for a long ride. At first, she said no. But then I convinced her to please come and give some excuse at home.

So then she gave some excuse in her house. Then we met each other for the first time and she was looking hot as fuck. I literally wanted her in my arms. Then we headed for a long ride to Malshej ghat at 8 in the morning. It was raining too and she was a bit uncomfortable.

So I said, “Hold me or else you will fall.” That’s the moment when she just held my waist. Her boobs touching my back that was an amazing moment. She didn’t mind at all. I was horny and we had the best ride. Her boobs touching my back and monsoon perfect heaven.

I purposely used to apply brakes. I guess she knew that and the more the time we spend she came closer. At last, we reached the spot and she was happy as hell. She never had gone out and never seen something like this before. Malshej ghat looks awesome during the rainy season.

She was all wet and she looked hot, as usual. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her t-shirt was wet I could see her nipple poking. Then I asked her for a selfie. I was a bit awkward trying not to touch because I didn’t know how she would react. But she asked why are you so nervous?

Then she said to be free and I got some courage. Then I grabbed her waist and I was in heaven. We posed for a picture and she didn’t mind. And we were so close while taking pictures. My face touching hers and my hands on her waist. All of a sudden we looked at each other and our lips met and we kissed.

We broke suddenly and we didn’t speak later. We came back to Mumbai and didn’t speak anything at all. Then I texted her sorry and even she did text sorry. And then we talked normally. But the devil inside me said to text her that how was the kiss and I did too.

She replied it was good and then I got some courage. I said I wish we could have done it more and even she wished the same. And I was like damn I missed a wonderful chance. Then we talked some dirty stuff and she was horny as hell. It was around 8.30 pm.

Her family members and her husband were going to some Gurudwara. But she gave some reasons and she didn’t go. She asked me to come to her house and I went. As soon as I saw her I directly hugged her and kissed her. I grabbed her ass and was squeezing them and kissed her hard.

I sucked her lips and played with her tongue and also sucked her tongue. And then I made her sit on my lap and I started kissing her neck and licked her neck too. I slowly grabbed her boobs from behind and started squeezing them. It was like a dream come true.

I removed her top off and her bra with my teeth and grabbed her boobs with my hands. I started squeezing them and she started to moan. I pinched her nipples and pressed her boobs harder. Then I made her lay down on the couch and started sucking her boobs and bit her nipples too.

Then I started licking her body. Then I went down and removed her pajamas and her panty. Damn, she had a perfect pussy shaved and it looked right. Then I just licked her pussy in and out and started fingering as well. I made her squirt and she said this was her best orgasm till now.

Then she undressed me and started kissing me again and licked my body and gave some hickeys too. And then she smiled and removed my pants and underwear. She grabbed my 6.5 inches dick and she gave me a wonderful handjob by putting some spit.

She took my dick in her mouth and gave me the best blowjob in the world. She did it like a pornstar. When I cum inside her mouth and she drank it. Then again I started playing with her boobs. I got over her and was in a missionary position. I inserted my dick inside her and she was in a bit of pain. But she took it.

I made her scream and moan and we fucked in different positions. Then I left as soon as possible as her family members could come home anytime. We still have fun when she’s alone. If you liked my story give me feedback on this email [email protected] Any ladies in Mumbai feel free to contact me.

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