My Sex Mojo Is Back!

Hi all. This is a true story and not a fictional tale where everyone fucks anyone. It is a pretty long story and there is sex in it. Just be patient. My name is Rohit (name changed) and you can contact me on [email protected]

Coming to the story. This story will have these characters majorly

Rohit (myself)- I am 32 years old with a 5-inch rod and average built (sorry can’t lie like others about having six-pack). About 5ft 11 inches and wheatish complexion. Currently living in Sydney, Australia and basically from Hyderabad, India.

Anusha (my ex-girlfriend)- 30 years old, dusky complexion, 34 D 28 36 sizes, huge boobs, and spankable ass. Nice expressive eyes and seductive lips. I can just kiss her whole day.

Anusha was my ex-girlfriend we were very much in love. We made out several times. But when we asked our parents’ approval, unfortunately, my parents did not approve of the match. They quoted caste and other factors.

After fighting with them for a while I decided to break up with her. It was a difficult breakup and all I remember last memory is she leaving me crying.

This was 5 years ago. Now I am married to a beautiful girl called Ramya but she has a very bad take on sex. She considers sex to be a bad or unholy thing. She does it without interest or as part of her duty as a wife. But not with a sexual feeling or drive. There is absolutely no seduction from her.

Gradually I lost interest in it and lost my mojo. I am filled with guilt on how Anusha is doing. I could not track her as she distanced herself from social media completely.

One fateful day I was walking to my workplace in Sydney when I bumped on Anusha suddenly. I could not speak a word but left quietly without saying a word. So did she. I visited her next day by carefully guessing where she could be working, (We were ex-colleagues too ) based on her job profile.

I could finally speak to her and we exchanged pleasantries. Then I asked her out for coffee. She told ok and we started conversing. I started by apologizing and she replied you need not and we moved one, etc. But let me share an interesting part.

Rohit: I am glad you are engaged finally.
Anusha: Yeah, I took my time partly because of our break up and secondly, I am not sure about my sexual life.
Rohit: Huh what do you mean by that?

Anusha: You know we both were really good in the bed together. I had 2-3 affairs after you but no one was close to what we were.
Rohit: What about your fiancée?

Anusha: I met him only once. It is an arranged marriage and they are a very traditional family.
Rohit: Oh so you are afraid that you might have a boring sex life or romantic life.

Anusha: Yeah
Rohit: I can empathize with you.

I explained to her my sex life.

Anusha: Oh that’s sad but again that’s your choice.
Rohit: yes it is.
Anusha: Don’t get disheartened who knows your life might change.

Rohit: Hopefully. Heh do you remember our first time
Anusha (blush): Of course.

We started remembering our first. Our virgin night. After I proposed to her we started kissing each other whenever we get chances like in a cab during the night. In theater or in dark street or stranded place. I used to grope her big boobs.

So much that she thinks her cup size increased from C to D because of my groping. Later on, we decided to have sex. I picked her up and we went straight to the resort. She wanted to be seduced completely. I told the resort guys to decorate our room with scented candles.

We reached the room. I already felt my penis becoming hard. We closed the room door and I hugged her from behind. She would have felt my cock in the ass. She gasped aah. I started groping her ferociously and turned her started kissing those lips omg how seductive were those lips.

Her lips are similar to Angelina Jolie or Nargis Fakhri. I can kiss her for the whole day. She is an amazing kisser and she sucked my tongue and bit my lower lip. I reciprocated in the same way. She then said, “Enough of kissing, strip me.” I was pulling her t-shirt. But she told me I need a naked man to strip me.

I started removing my dress fastly she told slowly my tiger. She sat on the bed. I started stripping. She was biting her lips and when I become naked her eyes were fixated on 5-inch cock. She says, “Good that you did not clean shave and just trimmed your pubes. I wanted to feel the real way.”

She came to me and smooched me hard. She told me, “Strip me to the birthday suit. No one ever saw me like this apart from you today.” Omg, those words made my cock even harder. I stripped her to be naked. I was just ogling at her nude body when she shouted, “Hug me before I die.”

I hugged her and we both fell on the bed. We started smooching when she told my boobies wanted a baby. I understood what she meant I started sucking those huge titties. She surprisingly had her first orgasm of the night. We did not indulge in oral sex.

She asked to use lubricants like Vaseline even though she is wet. She asked me to enter her hot trimmed pussy. I kissed her whole body included her pubic hair near her pussy. Then I positioned in a missionary position. I started slowly entering.

We both were unsure about ourselves. So it took time to understand whether we are doing it correctly. When we got comfortable I started pushing in more, breaking my foreskin and her hymen together. There was little blood around. It pained me a little and significantly to her.

I started increasing my speed and then she started yelling, “I can feel it, babe. I can feel it coming. I am cumming .” I could not talk and kept doing it and until I cum and she did too. I sweat a lot and so does she. The whole bedsheet was filled with our sweat and blood together.

We both fell gasping for breath and started kissing slowly catching her breath and hugging each other. I wish I could have saved that bedsheet. I suddenly came back to my senses and realized what an angel she was on the bed. How I missed her all these years and will miss her in the future.

Anusha: Lost in memories
Rohit: Yeah, that’s the least thing I can do.
Anusha: Don’t kick yourself too much. My father rejected our match too, quoting your financial status.

Rohit: What?
Anusha: Yeah, even I wanted to end it. Luckily, you said it first and I was sad that day it ended. Not because you ended it.

Rohit: That’s very relieving.
Anusha: I know.
Rohit: Let me drop you to your place.
Anusha: Sure.

I dropped her at her place. It was already 7 PM. I already got a text from Ramya about my whereabouts.

Anusha: Wanna come upstairs?

I really don’t know what to do. Is she horny? Did she remember our first time as I did? I was horny but I am also concerned about my wife. I pondered a little and finally said, “Sure.” I texted Ramya I will be late and stepped into her apartment.

To be continued.

I am looking to hear from ladies Open to sexting and definitely open to Indian Sydney ladies.

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