My Wife And My Sister-In-Law – Part 1

Hi, this is Ragu after a long time. I never believed in a total change of life until a small accident or incident that happened. It happened to me this summer.

I am 26 and married to a beautiful girl named Reena (23) and have a boy. I am staying with my mom. I have one younger brother and sister. They both are married.

I am living in my family home with my mom and dad and my brother is living in his home next to mine. In between our house, there is a small old house of my grandparents and in that, a small nuclear family was living. The family consisted of Karthik (32), Ramya (28) and her two sons.

My brother’s name is Arun (24) and his wife is Anitha (24). They both studied in the same batch and thus they fell for each other and got married. My brother is working in a bank.

I own a department store in the city, which is 5 km away from my house. I am not a sex addict and I only had sex with my wife in my life.

It was late in the night. I was lying in my bed and thinking about the future. My wife came in and laid next to me. I felt her hands grabbing my cock and starting to shake it. In no time, it became rock hard.

My wife removed my lungi. She then started to kiss my cock and take it fully into her mouth to lube it with her saliva. My wife was sucking my cock like every day for 5 minutes and then laid on her back rolling up her nighty till waist, revealing her slightly hairy pussy.

I quickly got over her in missionary position and shoved my dick into her pussy. My wife moaned in loud volume in pleasure. I fucked her very slowly and passionately, kissing her neck all the while. A few minutes later, I started to thrust fast and faster for 10 minutes and then cummed deep in her pussy. We then parted and slept off.

The next day morning, my mom asked me to call my brother as his mobile was switched off. I went through the backyard which was common for both houses and went inside. I got the shock of my life. He was nude and fucking someone really hard. I knew his wife was with her parents to spend the vacation.

I moved slowly forward into the kitchen and peeped into the hall. Now the second shock of my life – it was our neighbor Ramya whom he was fucking. She was bending over fully nude with her ass standing upward and her hands placed on the sofa for support.

I always thought Ramya was conservative but she was committing adultery at 6’o clock in the morning while her husband and children sleeping in the next house!

There was a milk vessel placed on the doorstep. Maybe she pretended to come out of her house to buy milk. The scene was making me horny. My brother was holding her hips with both hands and thrusting his penis into her pussy at a very fast pace.

Then I came outside and walked around to the front and knocked on the door. The door opened after 3 minutes. He came outside wearing shorts. I went in and told him the matter and looked around. There was no sign of Ramya.

I came to my home and laid on my bed realizing how bad the world was. My mom helped Ramya to stay in our house without rent as she was cheated by her husband. She was tricked into marrying him by creating false circumstances.

I knew that she was desperate to make some cash as she was stuck up in a loan. Her foolish husband Karthik returned immediately from abroad losing his new job and it made them fall again into the hands of loan sharks. I knew my brother was a kind of playboy and had been with many girls.

Then the scene came to my mind. It was a standing doggy style. I had sex in doggy style with my wife as she on her knees on the bed. It was the suggestion of a friend. I and my wife both are naive in sex and repeatedly had it in two or three positions. I switched my mind to Ramya as my cock started to erect.

She was a real beauty at this age, having no belly even after having two kids. Her boobs are medium in size but in good shape with nipples pointing upward. And her ass was a little wide from the top and had perfect flesh with adorable shape. Lastly, her thighs looked like smooth banana stems.

I started to rub my cock with my right hand and was feeling the new type of pleasure. After a few minutes, my wife came in and was searching for something on the cupboard. I slowly locked the door and got behind her and hugged her tightly with my dick poking her back. She didn’t resist and turned towards me and kissed me.

We smooched for a minute while I pressed her ass and hips. Then she told me she was leaving with my mom to our relative’s house. I was in no mood to listen to her.

I lifted her saree and was rubbing her thighs. I moved my hand over her pantie. But she pushed me, knelt down, and pulled my lungi. I was half nude with my cock saluting her.

She then straightaway started swallowing my cock at a good speed, making me moan in pleasure. I caught her head and thrust my penis into her mouth and she tightly caught my ass and pressed it.

In between the shots, I slowly moved my cock to her throat and then again started to fuck her mouth fast. After 5 minutes, I shot my huge load into my wife’s throat and she completely swallowed it.

Then she cleaned her face and told me, “I never seen you this much intense sexual mood” and went outside. For me too, it was an intense one.

At night I was waiting in my bed for my wife. When she came, I pulled her over me and started to kiss her lips.

I squeezed her both boobs while kissing and she moaned slightly as I bit her lips and I pinched her nipples hard. I squeeze her nipples in between my fingers. It was going great and she laid on her back, rolling up her nighty till her waist and said, “fuck me, I can’t wait any longer”.

I slowly removed all my clothes and removed her nighty too. My wife became nude. I kissed and sucked her nipples while pressing her boobs. Then I asked her to be in doggy position. She turned around and was on her knees. But I wanted to fuck her like what my brother did to Ramya.

So I pulled her out of the bed and made her bend with her hands placed on the bed column for support. I went behind her and pushed my dick into her vagina. It was tighter than in missionary position and she was moaning louder.

I imagined what I saw that day morning and caught her both hips tightly and started to bang her hard.

I started to increase my speed on every thrust and it was amazing. She was also enjoying it and synchronized her hip movements to add pleasure.

After 15 minutes of hard fucking, I cummed deep into my partner’s pussy. As I stopped shooting my cum, my energy also depleted and I fell over her back and kissed her. We moved to the bed and slept.

The next day my wife woke me up and said that the previous night was awesome.

I got a call from Anita (my sister-in-law) at that time enquiring why I gave her three missed calls. I completely forgot that matter.

I called her to inform about her husband’s adultery. But now I didn’t want to tell her. I told her that I just want to know if she was okay. Then she asked me to chat on Whatsapp.
I secretly took my brother’s spare key and enjoyed the show for a week.

Anita told me she was surprised I cared about her as I had never talked to her personally before. I started to build a healthy relationship with my sister-in-law.

Also, after that incident, I started to see Ramya in a wrong way and spoke with her more frequently. Sometimes she shared her problems. Once she told me about her need for money. I told her to ask my brother. She looked at me shocked. I told her I knew the things between her and my brother. After that, she didn’t speak to me.

During a chat, my sister-in-law told me that she likes me very much. When I asked for the reason, she replied that I was loyal to everyone I love.

I asked, “what about your husband?”. She said, “he is disloyal and having an affair with Ramya”.

I was shocked as she knew it. I told her that I called her that day to tell her that matter. But I didn’t tell because it may have created problems between her and her husband.

I told her that they were having more time and freedom because of her absence and requested her to come back. She accepted and told me that she will come tomorrow.


That’s all for now, hope you read it fully, I know this part doesn’t have much sexy but I want to tell the circumstance so that it will be great. I assure you the next part is more erotic. Both positive and negative feedback are welcomed at [email protected]

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