The Desperate Housewife – Part 4

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Hey guys, it’s me, Mike, again. Thanks for your kind words and response.

This story is a continuation of the previous part. So let’s get on with it.

They say, ‘Attraction is intense only when a mystery is involved.’ Yes, we were attracted. And yes, to each and everyone else, it was a mystery. Who could have thought out of nowhere we were feeling bound to each other. I was not sure what was going to happen tomorrow or what happened in the past.

I was living that moment as I quickly took an exit from her wing. I didn’t care if anyone saw me. I was happy and having the time of my life. Everything that had happened in the last few months was just like a quick reel.

I went back home quickly and directly to the bathroom. I took a hot shower and checked for love bites. My chest was red. There were 3 bite marks visible. I took my time and enjoyed the shower with the same energy. Suddenly I felt the bulge down, and I was already jerking to all the things that had happened.

It barely took me 5 minutes to cum, and my dick was in pain. I ejaculated more than I normally do which also justified I had good sex. It was almost 6, and till 9, I did absolutely nothing but took a good sleep.

Around 11, she texted me, “Awake?” I replied, “I just got up!” She said, now? I said sorry for today. She asked, “For what?” I said, “I should have controlled.” She said, “That’s okay. I guess I will have to take a pill.”

The next day post 11, she called me up. She was walking. I quickly understood from her tone. I asked her where she is. Miti said, “Let’s hope I don’t get pregnant after pill.” I got a bit relaxed. This was the first time I had the courage to ask her.

I asked when we are meeting again? It was pretty spontaneous! It came out of my mouth unknowingly. She became silent. After 15 seconds, she said, “Let’s see. Let me get my periods first. I already have many things to worry about, and now this period’s tension will eat me up!” I quickly apologized.

The same night she texted me, “Coming up tomorrow?” Without thinking anything thing, I said yes. She simply replied, cool. I decided to go up alone without informing my friends. Everything was set, my alarm, my workout shorts, and I slept early that night.

I was excited. Even in my sleep, maybe I was over-expecting. And out of nowhere, I can hear my mom telling me to wake. I quickly got up and took my phone to see it was already 9:30. I missed it. I missed the alarm too. I quickly opened the chat to see if I had any message from her.

She dropped a text of an emoji which represented ‘the fuck!’ look. I replied, “I am sorry I didn’t wake up on time!” To which she didn’t reply at all. She just saw the message and went offline. I waited the whole day for her text, and I was not pushing from my end.

I simply waited, and she did text at night. She simply said morning 7. And I said okay. She read it and didn’t reply at all. The next day I was there by 6:50 and was walking on my terrace. She came around 7:05 or so and went on to the other side of their terrace.

She took few minutes to come back, and I was waiting for her on the other side. She glanced at me and gave me a bright smile. I smiled back at her. She began her workout. I was doing absolutely nothing but trying to take a glance at her now and then. She noticed it.

After 1 hour or so, when she was done, she smiled back again and went downstairs. I, on the other side, waited for 10 more minutes and went home. As soon I reached home, I took my phone.

She already had dropped a text saying, “Stop staring at me. You will get us caught someday. Also, it would be nice if you work out, or probably you should try yoga for flexibility.” I replied, “I am already flexible enough to be fit for you! I was being naughty.”

My confidence was growing day by day, and we were meeting every morning on the terrace. I used to watch her work out, do yoga. Also, I took a peek at her perfect round buttocks, her juicy medium boobs, her sweaty body. I wanted to fuck her every day in every way I could.

Also, we were chatting not constantly but barely minimum. She was surely hungry but very reluctant to show. She maintained her standard every day – nothing more than a smile or barely a ‘Hi’ when we worked out in the morning.

One thing was sure. She would fuck again with me, so I was waiting eagerly for that moment. It was Thursday evening when she called me around 5. I picked up the call. Her tone was different this time. Softly she said, “Are you free tomorrow?” I knew it was that moment.

After so many days, I was going to get a chance to bang her again. I said, “I am already buying condoms here.” She laughed and said, “Yes, please. I don’t have to wait for my periods to come and go, and then we can fuck. After all, I was waiting for my periods. It’s the last day today. We can meet finally.”

I had an erection instantly. I wanted to rush to the bathroom and jerk, but I resisted. I didn’t jerk for the last few days as I wanted to cum as much as I can. Finally, that day arrived. I went to the terrace. She was already there. Before ending her workout, she indicated 11 with her hands. I understood at 11 am.

I quickly rushed down, had a bath went to the medical, got some condoms, and rushed at 11:05. I gave her a miss call. She understood I was on the stairs waiting for her to open up the door. She instructed me that way. I did as she said. Her door was open, and she was holding it.

She wanted me to rush in instantly. I came inside. She closed the door with eyes full of lust. I wasted no time. And as soon as she closed the door, I went on for a kiss. She gave me a peck and said to wait. I was agitated. Miti said, “Let me check on my daughter.”

She went inside her daughter’s room. I quickly slipped into her bedroom and waited beside the door. I took a seat on the corner of her bed and waited for her return. She came inside slowly closed the door. I got up. She approached me. Miti was wearing a white top and a pink baby bra inside.

I could see one of her straps. She came near me and hugged me tightly first. I wrapped my arms around her hips. She looked up at me, and we kissed deeply for a minute or so. It was so refreshing. Her soft lips, our wet kiss, our tongues were rolling with each other.

Her eyes were closed. I was feeling her buttocks slowly with my hands. We paused. She said, “Wait, my kid is still awake, and you might have to sit here for some time. I will lock the door from outside.” I simply said, “Wow? And what am I going to do?”

She said, “Please, in the meantime, you can arrange my wardrobe.” I joked, “I will only look out for your bras and panties.” She said, “Find as many as you can,” winked, and left.

I made myself comfortable. But not that comfortable enough that I would take my clothes off and wait for the goddess to return. Then, she came in. She made sure that she made minimum noise while opening the door and closing it. I looked up at her.

She had that cute expression where she wanted to say sorry but understood the kind of thing. I smiled at her, and she just stood in front of me. I was sitting. She bent down to kiss me. While kissing, she said, “I am sorry.” I pressed her left boob tightly and said, “Please attend me too.” It was almost 11:30. I inserted my hand in her top. Our kissing was taking up pace. My hand somehow managed to cup her boob from her bra inside her top.

She came down on her knees. We were on the same level now. Her hands were all over my hair, my shoulder, my neck. She was losing control. My right hand was constantly pressing her right boob. It’s better to say I was crushing her right tit. I made a bold move and pinched her nipple.

It was so hard that she bit my lip and screamed. Her areola was red. Her nipple was paining. She stopped kissing me after that bite. Instead, she pulled my hair and made me lookup. She was horny as fuck, and she kissed me deep with more passion. It turned her on.

While kissing, she let her body loose on me. I laid on the bed, and she was on top. She completed had forgotten that she had some work pending outside. I was enjoying it too. Suddenly her daughter banged the door, and she came back to her senses.

Miti took a deep breath and asked me to rush to their master washroom. I quickly went in. She took her daughter and went outside and also closed the door from outside. I was bang on hard, and my dick wanted to come out of my shorts.

I started stroking my cock over the shorts themselves. But I didn’t want to lose it, so I controlled myself and came out. It took few more minutes for her to made sure her daughter won’t disturb us for a while.

I got up and came near the door. I stood behind it. I wanted to get wild on her. She approached the door, and I took her by surprise and pulled her and closed the door. I grabbed her arm and placed my second hand on her back neck. I slammed her against the wall on the side of the door.

She was shocked and wanted to resist me, but I took no time to kiss her deeply. She loved it. She grabbed my hip tightly. We both moved towards the bed while kissing. I pushed her on the bed and got up on my knees. I want her to suck my dick badly. She understood and took my shorts down.

I leaned forward so that she could suck it. I wanted to choke her, she slowly started licking my tip and made it wet. I was getting chills. She was perfect at it. It was obvious Miti was experienced in sucking. She slowly took half of my dick in her mouth and started rolling her tongue under it.

I began humping on the bed as if I was masturbating on the bed only difference was my cock was between her soft lips. I started fucking her face, my pace was increasing, and she was gasping for air. I was a different animal today. I don’t know how but I lifted her head and choked her in the same position.

She gulped out all the saliva. Then I let her loose. She told me to get up. I got up and laid beside her. She rushed to the washroom and washed her up. She came back again. My dick was still hard full wet by her saliva. I was stroking the tip slowly. She came and looked at got a grip of my dick.

She started stroking it swiftly. I took my hand off and closed my eyes, and started enjoying the moment. She was not in a hurry. I opened my eyes and gave her a flying kiss. She looked into my eyes and told me to spread my legs. I slightly spread my legs, and she started blowing me again.

Her right hand was still on my dick. She slowly placed her left hand under my balls. She started rubbing her index finger over my balls. I could feel it all coming up. She then slowly started licking under my cock near my balls. Her right hand was still stroking me. I was mesmerized.

Her gentle soft hands were exactly at the perfect pace. She then licked my ball twice. I moaned out quite loudly. She was constantly looking at me. She wanted to see how happy a man looks when treated with perfect pleasure. I was fuming with enjoyment. She then moved on to my left thigh.

Her right hand was already stroking me, and she was giving me soft kisses on my left thigh. Gradually she started slow bites and started licking my crotch side. I was unable to move because it was making me go mad. My legs were already feeling heavy. I felt it coming from inside.

Her licks and her hand were in a steady motion. I closed my eyes and blasted out my juices. She had milked me perfectly. My first shoot was on her forehead—the rest of everything accumulated in her right hand. She made sure she licked it.

I watched her every move and how she made sure not a single drop spilled on her bedsheets. I felt drained. She went to the washroom to clean herself, I followed her. She was washing her hands. Also, she noticed I joined her.
We kissed, and she said, “Let’s eat something.”

I asked, “Can I come outside now, at least?” She said yes, and she went to the kitchen. I searched my pant on the other side of the bed outside the washroom, wore them, and went outside. She was in the kitchen drinking water. I followed her.

She offered me her bottle and asked, “What do you want to eat?” I said I already love your taste. Anything can do.” I was really hungry and wanted something quickly. I asked for Maggi. She gave me a look and asked, “Don’t you want anything special?”

I simply said, “I am already have something special,” and kissed her. Our kisses were countless. There was no hesitation left between us. I was at that stage where I could even ask her to roam naked, and she would be comfortable to do so.

So, Miti started preparations for cooking, and I was standing on the side. My dick was half-erect already. I stared at her white top. I looked at her curvy boobs from the side. I addressed where her nipple could have been. And glanced at her ass.

I wanted to fuck her ass someday. But she wouldn’t let me. It was tight. I could easily see her panty line from her pajamas. I walked past and stood behind her. She was cooking, but she knew what I was about to do. She stopped stirring the utensil and closed her eyes.

I started rubbing my semi-erect dick over her ass. I grabbed her hips and started kissing her neck. She smelled good. I took my right hand over her shoulder onto her boob. She loved it. She kissed me while bending behind. I inserted my hand inside her top and into her bra and popped out her boob. Her top got stretched.

She didn’t think twice, and she took it off. She turned towards me and fed me her right boob. While I was sucking her, she unhooked her bra. I stopped sucking and let her take it off. She took her bra off and placed it on top of the microwave, on the other side.

Also, she quickly turned off the stove, took my head, and buried it in her chest. I was licking her cleavage, kissing her nipples, pinching them bitting them. She placed both her hands on the kitchen platform and lifted herself. She took a seat on that platform. I wanted sex.

I whispered, “Let’s fuck.” She asked me, “How are you going to fuck me?” I didn’t say anything and just pulled her pajamas. She was quick to take her panty off too. I removed the packet of condoms which was inside a zipped pocket of mine. I took one condom from it rolled it over my dick.

She made her pussy wet by rubbing her saliva on it and fingering it. She spread her legs, and I placed my dick and gave it a slight push. It went in. She was already wet. She took her left arm and placed it on my shoulder. I gave 2-3 thrusts, but we were not comfortable.

It was painful for me. I was not able to adjust. So I took my dick out and told her to get up and bend so that I could fuck her from behind. Miti quickly got up and using the platform. She bent, still, I was not able to get the proper angle. She came on her toes, and with one push, my dick went inside.

She moaned. It must have hit on her exact spot. I improved my thrust. Every shot of mine was digging deep in her pussy. She was going crazy. She was using one hand to push my abdomen as if she wanted me to stop. But her words were, “Yes, fuck me hard, fuck.”

I spanked her ass a couple of times, and I did spit on her ass hole. And used my thumb again. She didn’t stop me this time. Maybe she was already enjoying the fucking session. I slowly inserted my thumb. A loud moan of hers, and she quickly made her body straight.

My dick slipped out of her pussy. I thought she might slap me again, but rather she turned and kissed me and said, “Let’s go inside.” We rushed into her bedroom. She simply laid, and I came on top of her. It was missionary this time. I was ramming her and kissing her.

I slowly moved towards her armpits. I kissed them. She was constantly moaning. We were slowly moving towards the edge of the bed. Our motion made her neck hanging out of bed. She quickly took both her hands and placed them for support. I was in no mood to stop.

My dick was digging her pussy, and I was looking at her face. Her hair was completely messed up. She was tired, and so was I, but I wanted to cum. We took a breather to adjust back and started fucking again. This time I told her to wrap her legs around my ass. She did it.

Also, she placed both her hand around my ass and started pushing me deep and scratching me. My hands were wrapped around her neck. We were constantly kissing. She knew I wasn’t cuming. She whispered, “Mike. I am yours. You can fuck me. You can fuck me like this every day, every night.”

It made me improve my thrusts, and finally, I ejaculated. It was finally done. We both were sweaty. I laid on the side and glanced at her naked body. Her nipples were dripping with sweat. Her stomach was full wet. Her legs were shaking, and she was lying there with her eyes closed.

I closed my eyes as well and was recalling the words she said while fucking. She slowly wrapped her hand around me and turned towards me. She got low near my chest and placed her head on it. I was tired and didn’t have the energy to move. She kissed my nipple for a minute, got up, took my condom off.

She went to the washroom without saying a word. I simply saw her doing so and then closed my eyes. I took a nap of twenty minutes. After waking up, I saw her drying her hair up, and she was wrapped in a towel. She took a bath. And she noticed that I was awake. She came, kissed me, and got dressed.

I slowly got up and went to wash. It was 2:45 almost, and my hunger was at its peak. She prepared Maggi for us, and we had it both together. I asked her while eating, “Did you really mean all the words you said?” She took some time to respond and said, “I guess you know it better.” We both smiled.

One thing was sure we were bound to fuck again and again. We both knew exactly how to satisfy each other. After this incident, we fucked a couple of times again, to be precise, four times. We were sleek in planning and didn’t make any noise around.

Our talks on chats and calls were limited. But once we met each other, there was no other better companion for me! We fucked and fucked better every time. I grew dominant. I used to tell her straight away to suck my dick, lick my balls, or used to choke her. Our desires increased as we were growing bold together.

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