Friends With Benefits – Part 2 (The Movie)

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To recall, I was introduced to SVM by my classmate. We became close over time. We decided to go for a long bike ride, and we got drenched in the rain. We came to my home, which was a comparatively better option.

I offered her a towel to wipe herself. She changed to one of my t-shirts. It was hugging her body and revealing her tits’ size and shape. I got aroused, and when I went to freshen up, I jerked in her bra cups and came out relaxed.

After I stepped out of the bathroom, I saw her going through my phone. She kept my phone aside as soon as I came out. I was curious about what she was looking at on my phone.

Me: What are you searching for? I am here, wrapped in just a towel.

SVM: Something which is hidden (she winked at me)

Me: Did you find it? (smiling at her)

SVM: I was about to find. It’s okay. I will find it later when you sleep.

Me: Is it? (with a naughty smile) Let me know what it was once you find it.

SVM: Sure. (with a wink and cute smile)

SVM: I am hungry, let’s order something, or do you have anything at home?

Me: (in my mind, I am also eager to taste you) It’s of no use to order in this rain. I will prepare Maggie.

SVM: Sounds perfect.

I just went to the kitchen with that wrapped towel only to prepare Maggie. I was chopping tomatoes by the time she entered the kitchen. It was a small kitchen, she came and stood beside me. Her shoulders were touching mine, and her smooth hands were rubbing mine when I was making movements.

I was enjoying her presence. Those who know the joy of being together will know that it’s hard to resist some feelings when a cute and sexy girl is around. She took one of the half-cut tomatoes and took a bite. She offered it to me also, which I happily accepted as I was also feeling hungry.

She was asking about my ex while I was preparing Maggie. She wanted to know the reason for my break-up. I never shared it with anyone. I told her I didn’t want to discuss that now, but she would get to know it eventually. She was a bit sad as I didn’t tell her.

By that time, Maggie was done. Her face lit up with happiness. We took it in bowls and came to the hall to have it.

SVM: I can’t wait for more to taste it.

She took a forkful and took it in her mouth, and spat a few of it out because of hotness.

Me: (laughing at her) Careful it’s hot, just like you (winked at her)

SVM: (blushing at my comment) I know.

We had Maggie. We sat opposite each other. Whenever she bent forward to eat, I was able to see her beautiful globes. As it was a loose t-shirt and a pretty big one, I was able to see it all. She was busy eating, and I was busy watching. The view of her milky white boobs was too much to take.

She had a pinkish areola. It was like a strawberry topping on a vanilla cake. My body was reacting to the sight. My dick started to harden. I was in only a towel. It was impossible to hide it.

SVM: (noticing the bulge in my towel) What happened? Why are you not eating?

Me: (disturbed by her words) I want to (eat those strawberries), but it’s hot.

SVM: Yeah, I can see that (still looking at my bulge). Some things taste better when they are hot. (licking her lower lip)

Me: You are right. (understanding her double meaning words)

I continued having Maggie. I felt it as a feast as that dinner fulfilled my hunger and also fed my desires. Once done with the dinner, we washed our hands. I wore my shorts and t-shirt and went to the hall. She talked to her parents, informed them about the rain. She told them that she was bored.

I was smiling at her for her lies and making actions that I would speak aloud. After a few minutes, she finished her call. She came to me and started punching me and hitting me for my teasing. While avoiding her hits and punches, I held her hand.

She lost her balance and fell on top of me. We both burst into laughter. At that moment, I was quick enough to feel her smooth tits. I was enjoying her as well as her actions. I am not sure if she noticed my fondling. To check if she reacted, I just continued to hold her boobs in my hand.

She was laughing like she didn’t know what I was doing. After that, she asked that we watch a movie. I put an English movie, which I have already watched. The movie is all about relationships. Though it’s a sad end movie, the screenplay was good, and it had lots of juicy scenes.

The movie started, and we were sitting so close. I could see her concentrating on the movie. Her soft thighs were touching mine. I had placed my hands so that I could touch her thighs. But it looked like it was on my thigh. As the movie progressed, she was fully into it.

After some time, she leaned on my shoulder. She wrapped her hands around my left hand and watched the movie. In this position, I was able to feel her right boob pressing against my hand. It was so soft and fluffy. I was again getting a hard-on.

As I mentioned, there were lots of spicy scenes in the movie. She was a bit shaky in the first scene. She wasn’t looking at me. But she was holding me tighter. She was playing with my fingers, interlocking her fingers with mine like that. I was sensing the pressure building in her.

The next scene was the kissing scene. She hugged my hand tightly, and her breath was becoming harder. I looked at her and just looked a bit embarrassed. She just looked at me and turned suddenly to the screen. She was red with all the emotions. Her lips were involuntarily rubbing against my upper hand.

Me: What happened? You look so flushed.

SVM: Nothing. (in embarrassment)

Me: It’s okay, tell me (holding her hand in assurance, encouraging her to open up)

SVM: (hesitantly) It’s my first time watching this type of movie with a boy.

Me: Is It? I am so lucky. (acting like I don’t know)

SVM: You naughty bastard. (with fake anger)

Me: Are you okay to continue the movie, or do you want to change? (I just wanted to make it clear that I am not desperate for the thing.)

SVM: No, I am enjoying it. But it happens na. I don’t know how to explain it.

Me: I can understand.

I placed my hands on her thigh in the way of assurance. But it was intentional from my side. We continued watching the movie. I slowly started to rub her thighs. It was smooth, soft. I started to move my hands to her inner thighs and Massage her lightly.

She was into the movie. The stage was set, and she was enjoying my movements. I was doing circular motions on her inner thighs using my index finger. I was taking the finger up to the top and taking it down. She was breathing heavily whenever I took my finger upwards.

She opened her legs a bit wide, indicating me to go further. The main thing here is, she is doing all these things but looking at the movie. I was going crazy with all these actions. By now, I was sure that she wouldn’t stop my advances. I slowly put my left hand around her in such a way that she is in my embrace.

I started to play with her left boob. Initially, I was moving my fingers on my boob so that her nipple became hard in few minutes. I was moving my middle finger around her nipples and was playing with it. At this time, she placed her right hand on my left thigh.

It felt like an electric shock. This was the first time she touched me like that. I was sensing the heat building among us. By now, I was massaging her boob. I was applying little pressure. Her boobs were so soft, it felt like a stress ball. I was enjoying it, and I was rock hard.

Meanwhile, she adjusted her hand in such a way that my dick tip touched her fingers. I was having a good time with her. After some time, a lovemaking scene came into the movie. We both were breathing heavily. The chemistry has been working well between us so far.

None of us restricted others’ advancements. It felt like we were submitted to each other. I slowly went near her ear in the pretext of telling something and kissed her ears lightly. She moaned a little for the first time. I just slid my left hand from above inside the t-shirt.

I was feeling her soft breasts. There was a little amount of sweat between her boobs. The feel of her soft flesh was so much to take for me. I adjusted my shorts in such a way that my cock tip touched her fingers directly. She, without speaking a word, started to play with it.

It felt great. Her soft fingers playing with my hard cock tip was an out-of-this-world feeling. I was on cloud nine. I bent forward, brushed my lips on hers, and did it again, and for the third time. It was a peck, and later it turned into a lip lock.

The ice was melted, we were immersed in our pleasure in the pretext of watching the movie.

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