Wife Fucked By A Shoe-shop Owner

I went with my wife to buy her a sandal. It was late evening and the shop was about to be closed. All the staff had already left and the owner of the shop was just wrapping up the day’s things. He left the cash counter and walked towards us.

“Yes madam! What should I show you?” He asked.

“I need a black sandal.” My wife replied, looking around.

The owner brought a few designs of the sandals and spread them before us. My wife was looking at them to choose which one to try.

“Madam! Why don’t you sit down and try the sandals on your feet. Unless you put them on your feet, you would not be able to know which one is more suited to your feet.” Said the owner.

My wife sat on the settee and the owner kneeled down in front of her. He brought the measuring stand on which they measure the foot size and placed it before her.

“Madam, please put your foot here so that I can check your size.” He said and, without waiting for her, he held her foot and kept it on the stand. He put his palm on her foot to adjust it.

The owner was a young guy in late 20s and looked a decent, well-built fellow. From his looks, he appeared to be a fitness freak, with muscular appearance. My wife has very sexy and well-pedicured feet and she had painted her toe nails pink. Her feet were looking gorgeous.

He tried the various designs one by one by putting them on my wife’s feet. Every time, he held her feet and put it in the sandal and removed it, and every time he strapped and unstrapped the sandal with his own hands. He was trying to touch her feet as much as he can.

“Bhaiyya, show me some other designs. I don’t like any of them.” Said my wife.

“Ok Ma’am!” He said and went to bring more designs.

My wife tried nearly over a dozen designs and did not like any of them. Yet, the man was happy to let her try. I sense, my wife was enjoying his touch too. I looked at her and she smiled mischievously. I knew what she wanted.

“Honey! I will carry on with my shopping. Give me a call once you are through.” I said.

“Okay! You carry on.” She replied and I walked out of the shop.

The balance story was narrated to me by my wife.

When they were left alone, she tried few more designs and now, the owner was quiet liberal with his touch. She could also make out his erection since his crotch had a huge bulge now. After some time, the owner said, “Ma’am, if you don’t mind, can I pull half the shutter down. If any more customer walks in, I would have to spend the night here only.”

“I don’t mind!” My wife replied.

The owner pulled the shutter down enough that someone would not be able to see anything inside. She knew her plans were about to succeed. He came back to her, adjusting his cock in his trouser and sat before her. She tried a few more designs. Now his cock was pulsating so much that it appeared it would force it’s way out.

While he was opening the strap of a sandal to put it on her feet, my wife raised her foot and put it on his crotch. Pressing her foot against his cock, she said, “You seem to be having a terrible problem there.”

“Ma’am, who would not have a problem when such beautiful feet are in his hands!”

My wife began rubbing her foot on his cock. The other foot, she placed on his lips. He began trembling with ecstasy. My wife massaged his face with her foot. He began kissing and licking her foot. He stood, unzipped his trouser and pulled out his 8 inches pulsating cock.

My wife put her feet on his cock massaging it. He put her feet together and inserted his cock between her feet. He started pumping his cock between her feet. He was wildly pumping his cock, caressing her feet and kissing on them.

“Ma’am, I have never seen such sexy feet in my life.” He said in a trembling voice.

“And I have never seen such beautiful and strong cock in my life.” Replied my wife.

My wife sat in front of him and held his cock between both her palms, fondling it with her beautiful hands. Then she took it in her mouth and began sucking him. He began massaging her feet with his foot. Throwing my wife on the settee, he took her feet and started wildly kissing and caressing them.

He was so mad about her feet, he did not know what to do with them. He again started rubbing his cock on her feet. His cock was almost red with the rush of blood. The veins of his cock were filled with so much blood that they were about to burst. And the skin had started glistening as if made of glass.

Holding her feet together, he again started pumping his cock between her feet. Then he started trembling wildly and sprayed a huge load of cum on her feet. Exhausted! He fell down on the settee. My wife cleaned her feet with a cloth. He came to her and planted his lips on hers. He began kneading her boobs.

My wife held her semi-limp cock and was fondling it. He started massaging her ass. Slowly, he tried to put his hand into her salwar.

“No dear! Not this.” My wife stopped him.

“Ma’am please!” He implored.

“Not now! May be some other day. I too need this into me soon.” My wife replied.

He was already stiff with another erection. My wife was still caressing his cock.

“Ok ma’am, can I cum on your feet once again.” He requested.

“Okay! But a hurried one.” My wife submitted.

“Ma’am, can I at least see your boobs.” He requested.

“Okay!” Said my wife raising her kameez to show her boobs. He started sucking her nipples and massaging her boobs and nipples. He buried his head between her boobs.

“Ma’am, can I just see your ass and cunt too.” He implored.

“You are now advancing.” Said my wife.

“Ma’am please. Just once!” He implored again.

“Okay!” My wife resigned to his wish and lowered her salwar showing her ass. He pulled down her panty, marveling at her beautiful ass.

He started caressing her ass and then his hands reached her cunt. My wife started moaning. He parted her vagina and inserted three fingers into her cunt probing for her clit. As his fingers reached her clit, he started rubbing it. My wife went ecstatic. She started moaning. He gradually increased his speed. She started rocking, clenching him.

He parted her vagina and, before she could realize what was happening, he shoved his cock inside her cunt. Once his whole 8 inch cock was buried deep into her cunt, he held her tightly by her ass close to him, lest she break free. But my wife was not interested in breaking free. She hugged him tightly and put her lips on to his lips.

They began rocking in rhythm with moans of my wife. He was madly pumping his cock into her cunt. She lost count of how many orgasms she had. He was now becoming wild and was about to cum. He pulled out his cock and started rubbing it on her feet. Within minutes, he sprayed her feet again with his cum.

“You cheated on me, but I liked it.” Said my wife dressing herself up.

“Thanks ma’am for making my evening wonderful.” Replied the owner.

He kissed her feet as goodbye and my wife kissed his cock as goodbye.

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