Sweety’s Fantasies – Part 4 (My Anger, Driver’s Treat)

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Hello Guys. It’s Sweetie back with another erotic experience to make you guys fap more and more and girls finger their hot caves.

It’s quite normal between husband and wife to get into quarrels. Sometimes the heat of the argument goes beyond the limits. One fine day the same thing happened between me and my husband. It was a romantic Saturday and we had plans to go outside for the whole day.

I was quite excited to have a one day holiday with my husband. It had been quite a long time since we spent so much time together. It was the month of January, which is very cold in the state of Rajasthan. So the mornings here are very lazy ones and heaven like situation for the couples who love to get cozy.

And for a sex addict like me, winters bring more satisfaction. When I woke up, my husband was still asleep. So I decided to wake him up with some special actions today. I went to the bathroom and came out wearing just my undies. My nipples were already erect maybe because of cold or maybe because of my horniness.

I got up on my man and sat on his crotch in a cowgirl position. He directly knew what my intentions were. I removed his tee and lowered his trousers. I kissed all over near his dick and made sure that my lips don’t touch his penis. He was erected with my teasing.

He held my head through my hair and softly directed my mouth towards his penis. I licked his dick head like ice cream. He was very much aroused. My right hand was rolling all over his bare chest and left hand playing with his dick. He pulled me towards him and kissed me hard biting my lower lips.

He was so smooth and passionate that I didn’t even realize that he unhooked my bra. Even my panty was below my thighs. I sat on him to ride him and he held my boobs like a tennis ball. My hands rested on his chest. My hips lying on his thighs and his erected penis exactly in a position to let me take a ride.

I started rubbing his dick all over my clitoris. My wet cunt made a good room for his penis to enter inside me and I started my ride very softly and with slow pushes. I increased the speed gradually and by the time he reached his climax even he was putting his force to push deep inside me.

After around a great humpy dumpy ride of around 7-8 minutes, he came inside me. The bed was messed with both of our juices and I laid on his chest. We slept for another half an hour cuddling each other and enjoying the cold breezes touching our naked bodies.

I finished the household stuff soon as we planned to go to the resort outside the city for the day. My husband asked me to wear something hot today so I obliged. However even if he wouldn’t have asked so, I would have surely worn something hot. I love being men’s eye candy.

At around 11:00 AM the car arrived which we booked for conveyance. I was all set wearing V neck sleeveless kurti. It had three buttons at the front, which if left open, could easily see my boobs up to 80%. My husband had some work at hand, which was making me very irritated.

He asked me to wait for another half an hour, and then we will leave. I agreed to that. But it was noon and my husband was still busy. This time I lost my temper and I shouted at him. He was cool and calm as he knew that changing the holiday plans make me angry and apologized. And asked for some more time.

I didn’t have any other option but to say yes. I just sat on the sofa and switched on the TV. By now even the driver reminded us three times for our trip. But even he didn’t have any other option but to wait. I lost all my patience and again furiously asked my husband to leave his work.

This time even he lost his temper. His work was not going to according to the plans he made and he shouted back at me. We had a long argument and it really made me mad. I showed him the middle finger and said I am leaving to which shockingly he said, “Please go and let me work.”

I asked the driver to drive. Our argument was audible to him so even he didn’t ask anything to irritate me and started driving. I was having some tears in my eyes, and the driver was gentle enough to not to disturb me in my alone time. After around 10-15 minutes of crying, I sat near the window and lowered the glass to feel the air.

I was silently looking outside throughout the drive. I didn’t notice that the driver was examining me from the rear mirror. After around half an hour of the drive, he asked where I would like to go. I very casually answered him to take me anywhere he like but take me a little far from this city.

He knew that the plan for the resort had been canceled. So he started driving towards the mountain near the city. He thought maybe I will like to feel some sceneries and natural beauty. It was around 1:30 PM by now, and I was feeling hungry.

So I asked my driver to stop near some dhaba which serves some delicious food. He said he knew a place and took me there. I asked him to join me for lunch for which he was feeling shy. But I insisted so we had food on the same table. During lunch, I came to know his name was Amit.

He was quite a decent guy, maintain the etiquette of showing the decency in front of strange women. He was a recently graduated guy. Due to financial stress, he decided to work as a part-time driver until he gets a suitable job.

But as you all know its hard for men to control their feelings. When a beauty like me have lunch with someone he will surely check out my body. And so was the case with Amit. As my chunni was missing and my kurti was deep neck, he could have a glimpse of my cleavage.

He was enjoying the chance. I got excited about the situation and thought of going with the flow and forgot about my husband. We finished our lunch and the food was really good. I thanked Amit for the suggestion. I thought of exciting him more.

The drive was resumed. I messaged my husband. “I am going to my friend’s place and will be home at night.” So that he wont be worried about my whereabouts and wont disturb me. This time I sat in the middle of the back seat so that Amit could have a better view of me.

To increase the heat I opened two of my kurti buttons so that he could enjoy my juicy boobs. I could feel his discomforts and rising dick as he was scratching his crotch looking at the mirror. I decided to get even bolder and loosen the third button as well.

My deep bra was visible now and a very little portion of my boobs was covered. Amit got really tempted by this and turned back at me, I gave him a naughty smile. He understood my intentions but was hesitating to go further. So I thought of having a conversation with him to make him a little comfortable.

But even I didn’t know what to talk about and was thinking about the topic to start the talk. Suddenly I saw a wine shop near the road. I got the idea. I asked Amit about whether he ever had alcohol, to which his answer was yes. I told him about my desire to try beer.

He said he can help and he knows good bars nearby. I hesitated to get to some bar because there will be lots of men. So I asked him whether we could take beer bottles and drink at someplace where there will be no disturbance. He thought for a while and then answered that we could go to his house.

His parents aren’t home and it’s vacant. I was scared to take that suggestion. I didn’t even know about his house location. But saying a yes to the adventures was a habit of my slutty nature. I said yes, and by 4:00 pm we were at his home with six beer bottles.

His house was located in an outer part of the city, very near to their own land as his father was a farmer. It was just their one house in the whole lane. But it was not creating any scary look. The ambiance near to it was very beautiful. The house was made just on the ground floor. It had three rooms and a kitchen.

He offered me a seat on the sofa and kept the bottles on the center table. He went inside the kitchen to get the glasses and ice. My cleavage was still visible the same way it was in the car. Amit brought the glasses and to my shock, instead of sitting in front of me he came and sat near me.

He wasn’t shy anymore but was in no mood to hurry up the things. I turned myself such that he could look at my front body, and enjoy the view. We were not having eye contact as his eyes busy to look at my boobs. He passed me a beer. I opted to drink directly from the bottle.

It wasn’t like I was drinking it for the first time. But I pretended such that it was my first time. We started having casual talks, and his eyes were full of lust. So I said to him, “Staring at them ain’t gonna help you. Grab them if you want to feel them.”

He was shocked by my words and moved his eyes away. I moved closer to him such that our thighs were touching each other and his shoulders were pressing my breasts. He was already hard, so I decided to grab the opportunity and placed the bottle on the table.

I held his cheek softly and turned him towards me. Our lips were just centimeters away from kissing, and I removed that distance as well. We had a very passionate kiss, more passionate than the one I had in the morning with my husband.

We were kissing each other for around 3-4 minutes and our hands were busy too. His hands moved inside my kurti as well as bra and he enjoying the erectness of my nipples. I was busy caressing his hardness over his pants. After we broke our kiss, I got on his laps and removed my kurti over my head.

I then unhooked my bra and threw it in a distant corner. My whole upper body was not at mercy of Amit and his lust. Amit was a really passionate lover. Despite being so young he had good patience and knew how to satisfy a woman. He started with feeling through my thighs.

My salwar was no more able to hide my wetness and one could easily feel my waters over it. He rolled his hands very nicely through my ass followed by caressing my back. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. He kissed me harder this time with his hands exploring inside my salwar.

He pulled my neck holding my hairs and gave me a bite at my deep neckline such that it was in the center of both the boobs. I was in no sense feeling the pain but was just enjoying the pleasure. I was trying to rub my cunt as much as possible over his pants.

He was trying to still my moving body by holding me tighter and tighter. He attacked my boobs and sucked them like he never had such beautiful balls in his mouth. He gave a bite on my left boob as well. He stood up along with me in his arms. He gently placed me on the sofa while we were still kissing each other.

We then broke the kiss and he lifted another bottle of beer. I opened the cap and was decided to drink the whole in one go. I looked at his pants as I was thirsty too. I removed his belt and in no time his lower body was naked to nothing. While he finished half of the bottle, his dick was in my beautiful hands.

He smiled at my slutty behavior and his eyes directed me to take it in the mouth. I removed my salwar and panty at once and came on my knees in front of him. even before I could start the blowing thing, he placed his bottle back on the table and held my head with both of his hands.

I guessed what was coming and he did the same. He inserted the whole of his penis in one go inside my mouth. I could feel his thing till my throat. He was pumped and started fucking my mouth as if he was fucking my cunt. After a few seconds, I signaled him to slow down as it started hurting me.

He obeyed that and let my head loose. I made him sit on the sofa and relax, while I showed him my skills of blowing. He was happy the way I was giving him the head and way I was touching my boobs to his lower parts. After around 5 minutes he came inside my mouth.

Damn it was a long and heavy load. Usually, I don’t mind gulping the cum inside me. But his load was so heavy that despite me swallowing it, much of it came out of the mouth. It flowed through my neck to my navel and even lower. I sat on the floor and collected all of it through my hands and licked it all.

Amit had a very proud and satisfactory smile on his face. I saw a towel near the basin, with which I cleaned both Amit and me. We both sat on the sofa and started drinking beer. He held me in his arms and was feeling my body. I was trying to rub his dick through my thighs.

We had numerous kisses. He was hard again, and I knew it’s time for me to get fucked now. He pushed the center table a little by his leg and asked me to take another bottle from it. I didn’t understand what he wanted but without asking anything I stood up and bent to get the bottle.

As soon as I bent forward to collect the bottle, he positioned himself such that his dick was rubbing on my ass. I now knew what he wanted so I decided to stay in the position. He spanked me on my ass and held my waist by one hand. His other hand was busy with the beer bottle.

His dick was hard enough to enter straight into my holes. He started fucking me in the doggy style. His size was really good and I could feel his penis touching every inch of my cave. After a few minutes, he placed his bottle back on the table and grabbed me tighter.

His pace and depth were increasing by every stroke. His hands were playing with my boobs such that they are only meant to be squeezed to the maximum. He was excited but was still in senses. He fucked me there for quite a few times. When he was about to shoot his juices, he took out his dick and shot at my back.

I could feel the warmth of it all over my spine. I don’t even remember how many orgasms I had that day. He sat back on the sofa, and I handed him over another beer. I took the cloth and cleaned my back and I sat on his lap this time. We again started our romantic kisses.

He praised my hunger to have sex, and that too so boldly. We had two more sessions that day in his bedroom. One in cowgirl style where I rode him the way I did for my husband in the morning and another in my favorite missionary style. He had really good stamina and beer added more to it.

Despite getting our holiday ruined because of my husband’s work, I had a fantastic sex-filled day with Amit. I will never forget it. He dropped me at my place by 10:00 pm after having dinner on the route. In the whole of the drive back to my home, I kept my kurti open for him.

He dropped me outside the lane, as it will be a hectic thing to turn the vehicle back in a narrow lane. We surely had a goodbye kiss, and he squeezed my boobs last time for the day. I closed my buttons, set my hair properly and walked back to the house. But I felt so good and satisfied that day. All thanks to my husband and his work.

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