Satisfying Rimi During Lockdown – Part 3

Previous Part: Satisfying Rimi During Lockdown – Part 2

Hello once again to all the horny and lusty readers of this wonderful platform. Let me take this opportunity to thank for the wonderful response to my previous sexual encounters. My mailbox and hangout were flooded with emails and messages.

This is a continuation of my previous stories. I hope these stories have made the readers horny and masturbate.

In the previous part, Rimi and I smooched each other against the wall. After losing all her patience she slowly murmured in my ear that she wants to enjoy nothing else but bathroom sex. I just smiled and was not in a hurry to enter the bathroom so soon.

I threw Rimi on the bed and dived upon her. I wanted to have some foreplay before entering the bathroom. I was smooching her neck and bare chest. I was pressing one of her boobs. I was rubbing my dick upon her pussy and feeling the wetness of the cum oozing from that glacier.

Rimi was getting aroused and excited and was making slow moans. Out of excitement she had also bitten my shoulder. Although it was painful but is also a sign that your bed partner is enjoying sex with you to the fullest. I hold both the hands of Rimi and started licking her armpits.

That was heavenly. She was moaning softly. After licking her armpits for about 5 minutes we both had a wild passionate liplock. I can feel the free jelly-like movement of her belly through my stomach. We kissed each other wildly and passionately for about 10 minutes.

I wanted to have intercourse in the missionary position again but Rimi stopped me. She said that she won’t have any intercourse anywhere in the house except for the bathroom. Now being a man you can’t argue and disobey a woman who gives you sex.

Pushing me aside Rimi just pressed my crotch and went straight to the bathroom. I just followed her like her sex slave. I had several sexual encounters in the past with my bhabhies and aunties. But this was the longest and most entertaining of all.

The entire credit goes to Rimi’s sex appeal which was immense and incomparable. Rimi entered the bathroom and slowly started the shower. I followed her. Then we both started taking cold water bath and cleaning each other’s body.

While bathing, we first hugged each other to keep ourselves warm. The cold water was just making our sex hormones inactive. While hugging and bathing we smooched each other’s body part. I pressed her boobs and ass. She was also pressing her boobs against my chest and rubbing her pussy against my dick.

As we were hugging and smooching, we were looking at each other’s eyes. We were trying to create some erotic romantic moments out there. I was trying to feel her warm breath and taking my face closer. I gave her a liplock. It was smooth and gentle unlike the previous one.

We were still hugging each other and feeling each other’s body heat. We broke the liplock after a few seconds. Rimi put the shower off and kneeled and started to play with my dick balls. Although I loved her action but was confused too regarding what she is up to.

She just holds my crotch and started giving a blowjob. She superbly gave a deep throat and made me cum inside her mouth. She drank the whole semen in one gulp. After giving a very wild blowjob Rimi stood up and pointed me to suck her pussy.

Now I have just become a “Yes, Man” to my sex mistress and obeyed her orders. I started sucking her pussy. She was getting aroused. She holds my head and was pressing towards her pussy. Rimi was also pressing my face through her milky thighs.

It was a bit suffocating for me. But I was enjoying the smell and taste of the pussy to the core and was also fucking her with my tongue. Within seconds, she cummed on my face and sat down on the bathroom floor exhausted. She was looking at me with her thirsty lustful eyes as if she is craving something from me.

I also sat down and pulled Rimi towards me by her waist. I made her sit around me crossing her leg around my waist. I lip locked her and fingered her pussy. She was playing with my cock with one hand and pressing her wet pussy with the other.

Now Rimi was engrossed in kissing and playing with my dick. I slowly positioned my dick upon her pussy gate and slowing jerked it inside. We have had multiple sessions of sexual intercourse. I have sucked her pussy several times in a short span of time. Her pussy hole has become wider.

That’s why when I penetrated my dick inside she didn’t feel much pain. Rather, she was enjoying. As I started stroking her, she was saying, “Faster, faster come on faster,” and was making moaning sounds. She was enjoying to the fullest and at the same time, she was exhausted. She was not in a position to take any more.

Rimi felt unconscious on my shoulder and I knew that it’s time for pack up. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom. I made her slept on the bed. I kept on staring that beautiful lady without clothes and thinking of the entire sexual encounter made my dick erect.

I couldn’t resist myself from masturbating and dropping my semen upon her naked boobs and pussy. After masturbating upon her I texted her a sweet adieu message and thanked her for the great sexual experience. I covered her nude body with the blanket and dressed and left her house.

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