Client’s Friend Chases Me For Callboy Service

Hi all, I am a callboy. My name is Rohit from Mumbai. I am a regular reader and writer of this site and while reading, I also thought that I should share my next experience with you guys. I am sharing my real experience. Do not forget to mail me if you feel good, and you want services to any sister aunty, other age female, please mail me.

I am a handsome and average built guy with height 5’9 and weight 55 kg. My age is 26 years and cocks size is 6.5″ which can satisfy any woman. Now, let me come to the story

I enjoy having sex. So, one day as I was having coffee at home, I recieved a mail for my service (I thought she might be story reader and maybe she was giving me feedback). Then I replied saying, “I am ready, please share your details”. She sent me all the details.

Her name was Seema (name changed for safety). Her age is 30. She is married and lives in Navi Mumbai. Her hubby is a businessman. She gave me her mobile number and told me to call her.

I quickly called her. Her voice was very soft. Our conversation started. I asked her where she wanted to get my service? At her home or hotel?

She said, “at my home itself. When my hubby is out of town, I will call you”. Then I said, “Ok, I will be waiting for your call”. Then Seema asked for my fee.

Because it was my regular job, I asked how much she can afford. She said she can give 10,000 bucks, I was happy with that fee and I started waiting for her call.

After two days, she called me, I received the call. She gave me the address of her house and asked me to come in the evening.

Then I went to her house, rang the door bell. She opened the door and I went inside. Then she brought some water. I was staring at her boobs which were big and very tight. My tool got an erection.

Seema’s figure was superb – 34-30-36. Her height was 5’4″. We were talking normally. Then Seema took me to the bedroom and said, “You sit here. I will get changed”.

She came after a while. I was continuosly looking at her shape. She was wearing a very sexy nighty. I complimented her sexy figure.

She came closer to me and asked, “How many ladies have you served till now?” I said, “Almost 27”. Then seema said, “Are you sure you will be able to satisfy me?’

I replied, “Satisfaction guaranteed and that is why I have been referred by my clients to other ladies.”

Then she started hugging me tightly and gave a deep kiss. We continued to play with each others tongue for the next 10 minutes. Then I started pressing her boobs. Slowly, I came down to kiss both her boobs and started pressing them tightly.

Then I took off her nighty. She was looking very sexy in only bra and panties. I started to squeeze the boobs from the upper bra and sucked them. After that, I removed her bra and threw it away. I took her boobs in the mouth and started sucking and squeezing them one by one.

Seema started to moan, “Aaaahh..ahhhh…” I was rubbing her pussy over the panty. Meanwhile, Seema had her first orgasm.

Then I went down and took out her panty with teeth. Wow, it was clean shaved and I started licking her pussy. As I was licking her pussy, her moanings increased. She was pressing my head on her pussy and started screaming loudly, “Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Rohit..nobody has licked there before.. you are the first one to eat my chut..”

After some time, she cummed once again.

She pulled me up and kissed me. She then took off my t-shirt and removed my pants too. Now I was only in underwear and my cock was visible from underwear.

My cock was tight and was begging to come out. Seema lowered my underwear in one stroke and started saying, “You have very good cock. Today I will have a lot of fun.”

She then started kissing my cock tip and took it in her mouth and started sucking like an ice cream. I was like in the seventh sky.

After sucking cocks for 15 minutes, I made her stand up and started kissing her hard. I pushed her on the bed and took out the condom from my pants pocket.

But Seema said no to condom.

“Fuck me without it, meri pyaas bhuja do. I am sex starved since last 2 months.. Please fuck me fast”, she said.

I started rolling on her pussy with my cock. I sucked her nipples. She said, “Daal do Rohit ab bardash nai ho raha hai. Tear my pussy with your cock and make my pussy satisfied”.

I took Seema to the edge of the bed and stood beside the bed with both her legs on the shoulder and adjusted the cock.

I started pumping in her pussy hard. She screamed.

Her pussy was tight. I stayed a while and tried pushing second time keeping her feet down and the whole cock went inside pussy. Seema started screaming loudly and I started kissing her in same position.

By the way, she was unable to bear the pain and tears started comming out from her eyes. Maybe she was not having sex since many months as her hubby was always out of town becuase of work.

After a while, her pain went off and she also started enjoying herself and supporting me with her bounce. Then I raised both legs on my shoulder and started giving a strong shot.

Sounds of “ahhh, ahhh ohhh, uhhhh” were echoing across the room.

After 30 minutes of fucking, Seema and I fell together. I left all my cum in Seema’s pussy. Despite being ac in the room, both of us were completely drenched with sweat. Seema said, “Let the cock remain inside. Do not remove.”

I started kissing Seema keeping tool inside her pussy. That night we had fuck 4 more times in different styles. I will tell you guys in next story.

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