Blackmailing My Sexy Landlady

Hi XIS readers. This is Mandy here from Navi Mumbai, 22 years old with a 6.5-inch cock and more than an average body. This story is about how I blackmailed my landlady to have sex with me which she eventually enjoyed.

Let the story begin. I had recently shifted to Mumbai for my college and was leaving as a PG in a two-story bungalow. The owner was a rich couple in the late 30s. The husband was a businessman and his wife a housewife. A fucking bombshell anybody could go mad just by looking at her perfect hourglass figure.

Those luscious melons and that perfect peach-shaped ass anybody would die for it. The structure was such that the couple lived on the ground and first floor. The PG was on the second floor. There was a terrace on the first floor. There were 2 staircases leading towards the second floor.

One from inside and another one from outside which was connected to the terrace on the first floor leading to the internal stairs. Sometimes I used to see that hot bhabhi drying clothes on the terrace from the 2nd-floor window. I could get a good look at that deep cleavage. I have masturbated a lot by imagining those big melons.

It was a usual day. I came early from college and was going upstairs. I heard some noises from the nearby bedroom. As I went near I came to know they were moans of the Bhabhi. I peeked from the curtains and got shocked she was getting fucked. Not by her husband but by an unknown person.

I quickly removed my mobile and started recording it. I got the face of the unknown man fucking Bhabhi. I immediately ran towards the bathroom and started masturbating looking at the video. It was the best shag and I cummed a lot. Then I thought of using that video to fulfill my desires of fucking the damsel.

The next day I went to bhabhi with the pretext of paying the rent. I showed her the video of her being fucked by an unknown guy. She was just dumbstruck and froze for a minute. I started crying and saying don’t tell the husband please and started begging me.

I picked her up, made her sit on the sofa and made her comfortable. I said I will not tell her husband. She was happy. But I said I need something in return. She said anything you want just don’t tell my husband. I said, “I want to fuck you, Bhabhi.” She was shocked again.

I said this is the only way. And I got near her and kissed her on the lips she did not respond. I said, “Why to resist it? Both are at a benefit.” She said OK. I kissed her again and she responded with those soft cherry flavor lips. And suddenly she leaped on my lap.

We started kissing passionately like lovers, she was all over me. We were smooching for 5 minutes. Then I moved towards her neck and gave her peck. She left a moan. Now I knew that she was turned on. So, I slowly started pressing her boobs over the blouse.

She was enjoying it and was kissing me passionately. Then she suddenly stopped, held my hand, made her way towards the bedroom and closed the door. As soon as she closed the door, she pushed me on the bed and jumped on me like a hungry tigress.

She was kissing me everywhere. She removed my t-shirt and was licking my chest. I too was pressing her boobs over the blouse. Then she removed her blouse and red color bra. Those fucking huge white color melons with brown nipples were nude in front of me.

I just went crazy and pounded on those 40D size huge boobs. I was playing with them suddenly she pulled me by my hair and told me to suck the nipples. As soon as I sucked the nipple, she left a heavy moan. I started sucking and playing with those huge melons.

As I was doing so she was moving her hand over my hard dick over the jeans. She told me to remove the jeans and show her the dick. As I showed her the dick there was a shine in her eyes. She looked towards me and said it is bigger than her husband’s.

She took it in her hand and wet it with her saliva and started giving me a blowjob. I was in heaven filling her hot mouth around my dick was my dream come true. The most beautiful lady whom I have known so far was sucking my dick. She was like a pro she even did deep throat. I was just in cloud nine.

After some time, I cummed a lot all over her boobs. She got up went to clean herself. When she came back from the washroom she was wrapped in a towel. I could guess that she was only in her panties. I told her to lose the towel but she was saying no playfully.

I went near her and she started moving backward. I caught her and give her a tight hug and French kissed her and started licking her neck now. While doing this I pulled the towel. she was the fucking beauty in only in her panties that too a thong. I could clearly see her big fat bubble shaped ass in front of me.

She had a perfect peach shaped booty. She had a perfect hourglass figure of 40d-34-42. I went just crazy by just looking at her only in a thong. I immediately hugged her and started pressing that big booty. She left a heavy moan and told me to spank them.

Then I turned her and made her lean on the wall. I started spanking the right one she was fucking moaning. She told me to spank her harder and I increased the spanking the ass cheek turned red. By now I was also turned on so I started sucking those big ass cheeks.

I was licking them furiously and was sucking them. I even could not hold he booty in my hand. While I was her booty, I started moving my hands towards her pussy. She suddenly told me to stop and I was shocked. She held me up smooched me and said look at the clock.

Its time for her son to return from school. I said OK. Then I held her hand and placed it on my dick and said but what about this monster. She immediately got her on my knees and started sucking it. I was again back in my heaven being sucked by my dream girl. Again, I cum on her boobs.

Then she went to the washroom to clean herself. After cleaning herself she looked at the wall clock. She told me to hurry as her son will be soon back from school. I said, “This is not fair. I want to fuck you.” She said, “Who told this is enough? There is always a next time,” winked at me.

She told me to wear the clothes and told me to leave. I got fresh got dressed while going I gave her a smooch and pressed her big booty. She too pressed my dick and said she wants this big dick in her pussy soon. Then I left for the room. Soon we started sexting that lead to ultimate fun.

But that story next time. For any feedback or ladies who want to enjoy with me. Ladies from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik around Mumbai feel free to contact me at [email protected] Privacy will be maintained I promise.

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