Things Got Hot With Neighbor Aunty

Hey, I’m Aman, a third-year mechanical engineering student from a reputed college. Yeah, mechanical engineering, therefore there are no girls in my class. I’m from Malapuram and there are a lot of gorgeous girls in my neighborhood.

I’ve always fantasized about having an affair with a Muslim girl. I’m 5 10″ tall and had an aesthetic body. I guess I’ve said enough about me.

I live along with my parents and grandparents. I don’t have any sibling and thus I got all the love and care from my parents. We didn’t even have a wall to separate our house from our neighbors. Both the family knew each other well and were close.

So, my aunt’s name is Asha, and she looks like a typical Mallu woman and is gorgeous. She is kinda conservative. She lived along with her husband, her kids, and her in-laws. He worked abroad and used to visit a couple of times a year. She was caring and used to take good care of me.

I even remember her giving me oil massages and bathing me when I was little. There was never any barrier between the 2 houses. We lived like a family and so I never had any bad intentions towards her. But things changed when I came home during the semester break. I had around 2 months of holidays.

One day when I got up and came out I saw her sweeping the ground with a broom. She had to bend while sweeping and I could see her melons juggling inside the gown. It was the first thing I saw in the morning. I was awestruck and had an instant erection.

Suddenly I felt that it was wrong and tried to divert my mind and went inside. But it kept on playing in my mind. I tried to be busy to avoid that thought. Even though I didn’t want to have that picture of her in my mind, there was a part of me that wanted to see more.

The next day I woke up at the same time and again saw her boobs juggling inside her gown. And this became a routine. I became restless, I was always horny hard, and her naked body was playing in my mind. Btw her figure is 34-30-36.

I did spend a lot of time thinking of ways to seduce her and make her mine. But every idea seems to be stupid. I didn’t want to spoil the relationship but wanted her badly. Maybe be I could give her a hint and if she is interested I’ll be lucky. I was sunk in these thoughts.

I decided to spend more time with her and get closer, get her trust. From the next day, I started spending time with her, played with her kids. I talked with her about different things, helped her in the kitchen and her office work. I forgot to mention that she is a teacher.

And In between, I used to steal glances of her assets and touch her if I got a chance. As days passed I started getting closer with her. She told me about her college life and stuff. We didn’t get close enough to share her sex life, but I knew I’ll succeed one day. I was mad about her and used to shag on her name.

Once she asked about my relations. I had one in the past and I told her that I’m 20 and I’m a virgin. She was taken aback when she heard this. Maybe she didn’t expect that word coming out of my mouth. I immediately said something else and got rid of the awkward situation.

One day, as usual, I went to her home. She was sweeping the floor then. I sat on the sofa and started talking to her while checking here. Her ass was one hell of a thing to watch. At one point in time, she came in front of me and started sweeping. I could see here boobs inside her gown right in front of my eyes.

She usually wears a gown while she is home and doesn’t wear a bra. My eyes got fixed on her boobs and I was soo lost. She was asking me something and I didn’t even hear the question. She asked me a couple of time and when there was no response she checked me.

And she caught me red-handed, staring at her boobs. She called out my name in an angry tone, that’s when I came back to reality. I apologized here and ran back home. I couldn’t face her then. It was awkward. I tried avoiding her. But she came the next day and started talking to me as if nothing happened.

That’s when I was relieved. This also gave me confidence as she didn’t say anything regarding that incident. From then I started staring at her assets often, and she had caught me several times, but never said a word. And she got used to the staring. Once I even complimented her figure and she blushed.

We got closer. She even told me about her encounter before marriage. She had one relation and had some encounters with him out of love and in the end, he ditched her. She started crying as she finished this. And I hugged her and consoled her.

Her touch was intoxicating and I masturbated thinking about her that night.
Now we were closer than before and could share anything. Let it be a non-veg thing she didn’t mind saying it to me. And that’s what I wanted. So far everything was in my favor, but I had no further plan.

One month of my holidays was already over and I just had one more month to get her. A couple of days later she came home. I was watching fifty shades from my room. She had a bit chit chat with my mother and then came to my room, upstairs. I was lying on my bed watching the movie on the laptop.

She came and sat beside me and inquired about the movie. I told her the movie and said it’s a romantic movie. She said that she will also join for some time. A few moments later the scene started playing in when Anna drops a spoonful of ice cream on Grey’s chest and licks it off.

It created an awkward situation and she turned her head off the screen. I looked at her gave a slight smile. I gazed into her eyes went closer, took my hands behind her head and gave a peck on her lips. She didn’t utter a word. I looked into her eyes and I got the green signal.

I kissed her again, she was a bit hesitant at first, but later on, cooperated. It turns to be a passionate kiss. I went behind her ear and kissed there, sucked her ear lobes. My hands started running all over her back. I again went for her lips, my tongue exploring her mouth, saliva exchanged.

I then went down trailing through her neck. Kissing every inch, kissed like there is no tomorrow, while my hands went in search of her boobs. She let out a moan when I rolled her nipple between my fingers on top of the gown. We were so into each other and then heard a voice ‘Asha’.

We got shocked and separated quickly. She went down as my mom needed some help. I was still not sure whether it was real. It was a dream come true. I was so excited and so was my dick. I didn’t know where I got the courage, but it turned out well. I locked the door and started shagging thinking about the moment.

Now I knew she was mine for sure. I think I’ll stop here. I know it’s a bit lengthy and that not what I had in mind. I wanted to make it short but ended up like this. I’ll tell you how I lost my virginity to her in the next part.

Any girls and aunties from nearby my place can contact me on [email protected] You can trust me, it’ll stay a secret between us. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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