Submissive Slave Of Two Wild Indian Aunties!

Hello readers, I am Rahul from Bangalore. I was 19 years old when this happened. I finished my exams and was enjoying my vacation. My family consists of me and my parents. Both my parents run a good profitable business and they are busy most of the time with their work.

Mrs. Ramya was my mom’s best friend and used to stay near our house only. My mom’s best friend was 46 years old and a divorced lady. She was 5’9″ tall and not very fat but looks strong and dominant. She was sweet with me whenever she visited our house but we never talked much.

I was active in social media and made friends from abroad. Those ladies were very friendly open-minded. I used to have sex chat and exchange nudes very often.

One evening I was alone at home and watching TV in the hall. Ramya aunty came to see my mom but she was not home. I greeted my mom’s friend and asked her to sit down. I offered coffee and she agreed.

Then I went to the kitchen and made coffee and gave it to aunty. I observed my mobile was not in the same place where I left but I didn’t bother much. My mom’s friend started asking me, about my studies and other things. After some time, she called my mother and left.

I was checking my phone and saw that my gallery which was empty! I thought by mistake I might have formatted my memory card. But when I checked my phone’s memory card, I realized it was missing!! I was in panic because there were lots of nude photos, pics of my dick, videos of me masturbating, etc in that memory card.

I searched everywhere and couldn’t find it. I was worried and could not sleep that night.

Around 11.30 pm, I got a Whatsapp message with just a “hello”. It was an unknown number but I tried to check it in Truecaller but I didn’t find any name.

“Who is this?” I asked.

“I know you very well” came the reply. And that person sent a few nude pics of mine. I was scared and asked that person to delete my pics and return my memory card.

Then I got the address of a park near my house to collect my memory card the next day around 10.30 am. I couldn’t figure out who the fuck was blackmailing me. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t.

The next morning, I got up late. It was 9 am and I got ready. I was really scared. I took a kitchen knife for safety and went to the park. It was 10.20 am and I was sitting on a bench in the park. A few people were there in the park walking but there was no sign of this blackmailer.

After some time, Ramya aunty came and greeted me “good morning” and asked me what I am doing in the park. I was nervous and replied to her that I was waiting for my friends.

Then she started walking. It was 10.45 am and I was thinking about leaving.

Then my mom’s friend came again and sat next to me. She took out the memory card and said, “You are a very bad and naughty boy.”

I was paranoid and could not believe that my mom’s best friend was the one who was blackmailing me! I was in shock and I couldn’t move. Then aunty asked me to follow her without any questions.

We reached her house. We didn’t speak while walking. Finally, I asked her when she reached her place that why she brought me here. She gave me an angry look and said, “You have no right to ask any question.”

We went in and then she asked me to sit down on the sofa and she went to the kitchen to make tea.

Meanwhile, I inserted my memory card on my phone but it was empty. I felt a little relaxed because aunty may not have seen anything. She gave me tea and said, “Did you check your memory card?”

I said, “Yes and it’s empty.”

She said that she has formatted the memory card. I was relieved for a moment. She also said she had copied all the pics and kept them safely somewhere and she has seen all my nudes, dick pics, and videos. Then she said she will inform my parents.

I started crying and begging her not to tell my parents. She was scolding me for sending my pics and receiving foreign ladies’ nudes. I was scared and I went to her feet and held it and begged to her not to tell anyone.

My mom’s friend was still very angry. She gave me a tight slap on my face and for a few seconds, I couldn’t realize what was happening. My head was spinning. I was still crying.

Then she asked me to stand up. I obeyed. Then she said that if I obey her, she will not tell anyone and she wants to teach me good manners. I nodded and said I will do whatever she says.

It was around 12.30 pm. My mother’s friend asked me to go home and come back after lunch by 2 pm. I ran home and went to my room and locked the door. My parents were at their work.

I took a bath, finished my lunch, took rest for 15 minutes, and started walking back to aunty’s house. My heart was beating loudly.

I reached aunty’s house and rang the bell. She opened the door and asked me to come in. I went in. She asked me to sit. I sat on the sofa. Suddenly, she gave me a slap and asked me to sit on the floor.

Aunty: Yeah, that is your spot from today. If you don’t want me not to tell your parents about your dirty secrets, obey me and do whatever I ask you. Till your vacation gets over, you will be my dog.

Me: Ok, aunty.

She gave me a small old shorts and asked me to wear only that and remove all other clothes. I was afraid but I had no other option than obeying her. I wore what she gave and went to aunty for the next order.

Then she asked me to wash the vessels. I went to the kitchen and washed all the vessels. My mom’s friend was supervising all the time. When she saw one of the vessels had a little food stain on it, she asked me to wash it again and gave me a tight slap on my face. I finished washing it.

Then she gave me a groom-stick and asked me to mop and clean the entire house. I was cleaning the floor silently. She came and gave a hard slap on my ass. It was very painful. It was around 5.30 in the evening and my mom’s friend asked me to go home and come back the next day in the morning by 10. I said ok and left.

The next morning, I went to her house, changed into small shorts which barely covered me. Then I was cleaning the floor. I heard aunty speaking to someone but I didn’t stop.

Suddenly, I saw another woman was standing with my mom’s friend. I was in shock. I recognized that lady. Her same was Sushma. She was 42 years old with two kids and lived next to our house.

Aunty asked me to not worry because Sushma knows everything now and she will keep it as secret too. She asked me to continue my work.

They both were sitting on the sofa and making fun of me. Then aunty asked to come and sit on the floor near them. They were making fun of me and showing me my nude pics and commenting on that. I was so humiliated but I was in no position to oppose them.

Then Sushma aunty said she wants to see me naked. Ramya aunty just pulled my shorts and stood naked in front of two evil ladies. Sushma aunty got up and grabbed my balls and squeezed them. I screamed in pain. Then she made me sit on the floor in my four (like doggie).

Then Ramya aunty came with a dog-collar and tied it around my neck. She made me walk in that position as their dog. She took me to her kitchen, poured some milk on the floor, and asked me to drink it like a dog. But I did not follow her order.

Ramya aunty said to Sushma aunty, “This boy needs some punishment and we should teach him discipline.”

Sushma aunty grabbed my balls in one hand and started spanking my ass. I started to drink milk from the plate. Then they took me to the bedroom and made me sit on doggie position on the bed.

Then my mom’s friend took a rope and tied my hands behind my back. She tied me very tightly and I was still in doggie posture with hands tied and resting my face on the bed.

Sushma aunty removed her dress she was in her panty now, only exposing her big boobs in front of me! Seeing her boobs, my 6.8″ dick started getting hard. Ramya aunty noticed my hard dick and started giving me hard spanks. But her spanking me more horny.

Then my neighbour Sushma aunty came to the bed, held my face next to her boobs, and asked me to suck them. Ramya aunty started rubbing my dick and stroking it slowly.

I continued to suck her boobs then suddenly, I felt something on my asshole. Ramya was pouring some lube on it and started inserting her finger in my butt. It was very tight and her one finger got inside my butt. I started moaning in pain and pleasure.

Meanwhile, Sushma aunty removed her pantie and asked me to lick her pussy. I started licking my neighbour aunty’s pussy but I couldn’t focus too much on the licking because of the finger in my ass! Sushma aunty got angry and started slapping my face. Then I started to lick her faster!

After 10 minutes, Ramya aunty removed her fingers and pushed something bigger into my ass. It was a vibrating butt-plug! Then she turned on the vibrator. I couldn’t control myself and collapsed on the bed.

Ramya aunty asked me to lie on the bed to fuck Sushma aunty.

Then Sushma aunty came on top and inserted my dick in her pussy. Meanwhile, my mom’s friend was changing the vibrator speed and it felt amazing.

Sushma aunty started riding me and fucking me hard and I was moaning. After a few minutes, I was about to cum. Suddenly, Ramya aunty stopped Sushma aunty and turned off the vibrator and gave me a slap saying, “You can’t cum without my permission.”

After a few minutes, my mom’s divorced friend aunty asked Sushma aunty to start riding my cock again. Ramya aunty turned off the vibrator with the remote control and she got naked too.

Ramya aunty asked Sushma aunty to sit on my face and made me lick her ass and pussy. Ramya aunty started fucking me from the top.

After almost 10 minutes, Ramya aunty came and took my dick out. Then she gave me permission to cum. Sushma aunty was still sitting on me and Ramya aunty asked her to hold me still.

Ramya aunty started sucking my dick, holding my balls very tightly. When I was about to cum, purposely she slow down and gave me a slap on my balls which was painful. She did it for 4-5 times and finally, she started giving me a quick handjob and made me cum in loads.

But she didn’t stop. She continued to rub the tip of my dick which made me impossible to control. But Sushma aunty was a heavy lady sitting on me and I couldn’t move.

Then they took me to the shower and gave me a nice bath. Then we all dressed up and came to the hall.

Both aunties looked very happy. Ramya aunty gave me tea and said she had already deleted all the pics and thanked me for such pleasure.

I was happy and said that I also enjoyed it. Then Sushma aunty said if I want to continue the sex adventure, I can come and have fun. I happily agreed and Ramya aunty gave me a deep long kiss.

I still have sex with these two dominant Indian aunties and have explored many other things with them.

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