Outdoor Fun With My Girlfriend – Part 8

Hi, I am Anil from a tier 2 city Warangal in Telangana. My age is 24 with an average built body and an average dick. This is a real story of how I befriended a Muslim girl on Facebook and fucked her. Names of characters are changed for security reasons.

In the last part, ‘Outdoor Fun With A Muslim Girl – Part 7’, you read about the lesbian encounter between Saba and Mehar in college and how I got sucked by Mehar’s brother Mushtaq.

After he sucked me off, Mushtaq cleaned his face creampied with my cum and licked all of it from his fingers. He then got up while I pulled up my tracks. As he got up I could see that his cock was already out of his tracks and rock hard. He must have pulled it out while he was giving me the blowjob.

His dick was long but not so thick as mine. He was circumcised and didn’t have any foreskin. His dick was all white in complexion and the pink top was shining because of his precum. He caught me looking at his dick and said, “Are you liking it? You wanna return the favor?”

Me-“Oh fuck you. I am not hungry for cocks as you are. All this is because I got a dare from one person whom I couldn’t deny.”
Mushtaq-” Oh, you do such dares ah. So are you gonna suck my cock now?”
Me-” Unfortunately yes I have to.”

Mushtaq-“Oh god that would be awesome.”
Me-” Yeah but only one condition. You shouldn’t hold my face and let me do it my way.”

Mushtaq-“Oh god I don’t care anything as long as I am getting a blowjob.”
Me-“Give me your mobile and take mine to record it.”
I didn’t want any proof with him. He obeyed. I then caught his cock with my hand. And he gave a sweet moan.

Mushtaq-“You’ll be the 3rd person to suck my cock.”
Me-“You were 2nd to suck me off after your sister.”
Mushtaq- “She must have loved it.”
Me-“She craves for it.”

I put my other hand also so that his dick is completely in my hands. It is that long. Then I kneeled down and gave it a squeeze. He groaned. I rubbed the tip with my thumb and got stuck with his precum.

There was no foreskin so it was not that easy to jerk him as it was for me. So I had to add my saliva. I spat on his dick and greased it with my saliva. I started stroking it up and down with my both hands and added more saliva.

Slurping sounds were coming. I increased the Speed. Though I was feeling awkward I slowly moved towards the tip and kissed the pink top. He jerked. I opened my mouth and slowly took the top inside. It tasted a bit salty and sourer.

He gave a large groan. I kept my lips on the top and started swirling my tongue around the dick hole. He was moaning and was pressing his nipples through his shirt. I then got it out and pointed my tongue into the dick hole. This was what Saba did to me. I thought of trying it on Mushtaq.

Mushtaq-“Oh, god my girlfriend never did this to me. Oh man, that’s sexy.”
Me-” oh yeah, your sister did this to me.”

And continued fucking his dick hole by my tongue. He was groaning loudly. I caught his ass cheeks and started pressing them hard. I parted them and was spanking. He was enjoying this. I then started taking his dick into my mouth. He was so long I couldn’t take it completely.

But to my surprise, he caught my head and pushed me towards him. Now the dick went directly to my throat. I couldn’t bear it, I was choking hard. My nose was buried in his pubic hair. Though he didn’t have any hair on his entire body he had a good amount of pubic hair which was brown in color.

It tingled my nose. As I couldn’t bare I slapped and pinched his ass cheeks and tore them apart. He immediately left my head and I moved away to have a breath.

Me-“You bloody idiot you gonna pay for this. I am gonna send your video to everyone.”
Mushtaq-“Sorry bhaiya o couldn’t hold it so I had to. I’ll not do again.”

Then I resumed my sucking. This time I was very fast to complete it soon. I was bobbing on his cock and stroking it with one hand while caressing his ass with the other. He was breathing heavily.

I parted his legs furthermore so that I could open his ass cheeks more. I could sense his body stiffening as he said he was going to cum. I then removed my mouth over his dick and gave him my fingers to suck and grease them. He didn’t know why I did that.

On the other hand, I was stroking him vigorously. As my fingers got completely greased with his saliva I took them and inserted straight into his asshole. I knew this would make him cum as I have seen Mehar doing this on him

As soon as I entered my fingers in his hole he started cumming. The first 2 streams landed on my face so I immediately took his hand and made him collect the rest of his cum in it. After he was done I took his hand and gave it in his mouth to make him drink that.

He happily drank all of his cum from my hand and cleaned it by licking. He even licked the cum on my face with his tongue neatly. Then surprising me he planted his lips on mine and started kissing me. I obliged because his lips were so soft just like his sister and juicy that I couldn’t resist kissing.

I could taste his cum from his mouth. It was so salty than my own cum and was hot. After kissing I saw his dick becoming soft with tiny drops of cum at the tip. I bent down and licked it for which he groaned loudly.

Then he stopped the recording on my mobile and gave it to me. He pulled up his tracks.

Mushtaq-“That was so amazing bhaiya and was the best blowjob.”
Me-“It may be for you as you are into sucking cocks but not that for me.”
Mushtaq-“Oh whatever bhaiya you just made me cum so hard with your fingers in my ass.”

Me-“Oh I have seen that in your video where your girlfriend inserted her fingers into your ass.” Saying this I gave my fingers in his mouth to clean them off his ass taste.

Mushtaq-“Oh god yeah. We like doing this every time. That feels amazing.”
Me-“Whatever. Now let’s go.”

I gave away his mobile and we left the place. First, I sent the video of me sucking Mushtaq’s dick to Saba.

Saba-“Oh yeah Anil what a sucking lol. That was amazing. Finally, you too got some homo experience lol. Who’s the guy?”
Me-“You will be shocked and amazed to know. He is just like you. He sucked me exactly as you do. I couldn’t even tell the difference between you and him.”

Saba-“What? Whom are you talking about and where is the video where he is sucking you?”
Me-“On the way baby. Be ready to be surprised and ya take it easy. It’s a dare and I could only think of this guy and moreover, he had already sucked a cock earlier.”

Saba-“Oh crazy, send me the damn video.”

I sent her the video of me getting the blowjob.

Saba-“Oh fuck no. fuck you bloody, that is my brother, My Little Brother! How the hell you could do this?”

Me-“Babe babe cool down. I couldn’t go to anyone else yar. I just couldn’t. Moreover, I could trust only your brother and also I had his video so it was a lot easier. And ya he is not that little as you think, this isn’t his first-time gay encounter. He confessed sucking a cock earlier”

Saba-” Oh god. What are you saying? My brother is gay? I can’t believe this.”
Me-“Babe it’s not like that. He is not into guys totally. But he did suck earlier and now me that’s it and he liked it so much.”

Saba-“Oh no what have we siblings become into, sucking and fucking irrespective of gender.”
Me-“Haha that’s so sexy right. It’s a part of life babe don’t be so bothered.”
Saba-“Whatever but yeah that was sexy.”

Saba-” Nice we are the most adventurous couple I guess, these dares and all. Well what else we are left with now?”
Me-“Only one big thing I guess. Getting involved with the opposite gender.”

Saba-” You mean like you with another girl and me with another boy?”
Me-” Yeah. Would you think that is ok for us to do? Will it be cheating?”

Saba-” I don’t think so because we know that we are doing things na. So it’s like any other dare maybe.”
Me-“Oh, Saba babe I thought you would never accept this. Now I can happily have that pussy of Mehar finally.”

Saba-” I knew it, you are so hungry of her pussy.”
Me-“Yeah. But this time you will the 1st one to do the dare. Find a guy and have oral just oral ok?”

Saba-“Yeah I was thinking about that only. Ok I accept your dare but it may take time to find someone trustworthy”
Me-“Yeah you take your time. I’ll also try finding someone for you.”

I was not that sure about this dare for Saba so I wasn’t expecting anything and started forgetting about the dares altogether. That was exam time also.

But one day Saba without a prior intimation sent me a video saying, “Here’s your surprise darling.”
Me-“What surprise?”
Saba-“Just open the video.”

I opened the video. I see Saba pressing her boobs over some traditional dress. When she rotated the mobile I was shocked to see a boy blindfolded and hands tied at the back was face down on Saba’s naked pussy. I instantly got a hard-on.

Though he was blindfolded it seemed I saw this guy somewhere by his facial features. He was smelling Saba’s pussy. He dug his nose in her pussy and took the aroma in him.

Boy-“Oh god that smells so amazing.”
He then gave a slight lick on Saba’s pussy lips to which Saba hissed. He was licking like a dog all along her pussy.

He was also licking her pussy hairs. He then kissed her inner thighs and licked all her pussy area. He was painting his saliva on Saba’s body. Saba was giving out moans from the back of the mobile. He then took her clit in between his teeth and pulled it harder. Saba gave out a sexy scream.

He did this a few times and again started licking the pussy. He cupped Saba’s pussy with his mouth and probably licking inside her. He then made his tongue pointed and dug into the pussy. Saba groaned louder, “Oh yeah.”

He was making movements to and fro with his tongue fucking Saba. Then I could see Saba’s hand reaching her pussy and she inserted her middle finger while his tongue was still there.

Now Saba was fingering and he was fucking her with his tongue. They increased their speed and Saba inserted two more fingers. Now it was like four things pounding Saba’s pussy, her three fingers, and his tongue.

Saba was breathing heavily and in a husky voice said, “Oh god am cumming suck me.” With this, the guy increased the speed of his tongue while Saba removed her fingers. As her orgasm hit she caught his head with her hand and pushed him into her pussy.

The juices flowed out at once spraying all over his face into his nose and mouth. He was not able to take a breath. He tried drinking all the juices. After Saba was done she left his head and the boy got up from her pussy. His face and the blindfold was completely drenched in her pussy juices.

He licked his lips and said, “That was amazing. You squirted like anything and tasted excellent. I like your pussy and your juices.” He bent down again and licked all her pussy area for one last time.

Then he moved away and Saba placed the mobile at a place where the guy was visible. He was standing clueless with hands tied at back and eyes blindfolded. Then Saba appears in the video standing in front of him.

The guy was in a buttoned sherwani. She slowly opened all the buttons and slid it back hanging in his hands. I thought to myself that I have seen such a body earlier. His dick was making a tent in his pajama. She placed her hand over his dick and gave it a squeeze. He groaned.

She started stroking him over the pajama. Then she loosened the thread of the pajama and it fell down at once. Now she caught his dick again over his undies and started stroking. She went near his face and blew air on him. He jerked for that.

She then went down his chest and took one of his erect nipples with her teeth and pulled it hard. He let out a soft scream. She did the same with the other nipple. She then kneeled in front of him and with one push removed his undies.

His cock sprang out. The cock of this guy looked very familiar, long, thin and No Foreskin. Oh god, I was doubting who this guy was when Saba suddenly took his entire cock in her mouth directly. Her nose was touching his pubic hair. She stayed there some time while folding his ass cheeks with her hands.

She started retracting till the head of the dick and slowly going all the way again. She did long slow sucks for a few minutes. Then she freed her mouth and caught his dick with one hand and lifted it. She licked its base from top to bottom till his balls.

With the other hand, she was squeezing his balls. He was groaning continuously. She then took his balls in her mouth and sucked them one by one. She would drag them with her mouth. She did this for some time and was stroking his dick simultaneously.

Then again with both her hands she was stroking him wildly while taking just the oink top in her mouth. She then with her tongue tried entering his dick hole just like she did for me. She fucked his hole and he was in complete heaven.

Boy-“I am gonna cum oh yeah am gonna cum.”

She then started sucking him faster while stroking with both her hands. It was like an assault on his dick. She was doing this so fastly that I felt as if he could break his dick lol.

Boy-“Yeah take my cum drink it, bitch.”

With this Saba took the cock completely inside and I could see her cheeks bulge as he released his cum inside her mouth. The load was so huge that it couldn’t stay inside her mouth and started leaking through her lips. After his groans were over Saba removed his dick from her mouth.

She came near the mobile and opened her mouth to show me his cum. Her mouth was full of his load. She then drank it and opened her mouth again. There was still some cum leftover. She then went to the guy and kissed him on his lips and it seemed like she transferred his cum into his mouth.

He took it in and drank. They again shared a kiss. She even kissed his forehead. I didn’t get it. Then Saba came towards the mobile and the video ended.

Me-“Oh god Saba that was fucking sexy.”
Saba-“Yes it was amazing. He tasted good”
Me-” Hell with the taste and all first tell me who was the guy.”

That’s it, guys. This part ends here. Wait for the next part to know whom Saba sucked. You’ll be shocked to know the guy. And also I got to have fun with another Muslim girl Mehar as part of my dare. Stay tuned.

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