My Landlord’s Wife, Madhavi Bhabhi

Hi everyone, this is Raj, age 25, from Mumbai. I am staying in Mumbai for the past 4 years and am working in an IT company here. I recently shifted to a newly rented flat in Mumbai. Our flat owners lived on one floor above mine.

Since I lived alone and I usually felt like having a companion or a gf. But I was not having much luck. But my new flat turned to be lucky for me.

Our landlord was a couple with a 7-year-old kid. The husband’s name was Kamal, age 39, and he had his own business. His wife, Madhavi, was a 36-year-old housewife.

When Kamal introduced me to his wife, I found her a cute and beautiful lady. She was quite friendly, and she helped me settle down in the flat. She used to assist her husband in his business.

She had a beautiful curvy figure like 36-28-36, and her cute face attracted me at the very first glance. For the next few days, she would bring food for me. Even I would go to their house for dinner as my kitchen was not set yet.

She would wear a normal suit, and I could not easily get her off my mind after meeting her. Soon my interaction with her increased. She would often come to my flat to drop her son Rohan when she and her husband would go for some work.

One day she called me to know about her son, and I saved her number. Then I started chatting with her on WhatsApp. Within the next month or two months, we had become good chat buddies. Whenever she would be alone at home, she would come to my flat with her son Rohan to have tea.

One day we were chatting on WhatsApp, and this brought us a little close.

Madhavi – Raj, are you home?

Me – Yes, bhabhi, I am home anything urgent.

Madhavi – No Raj, I was making tea at home. I thought if you want to have tea.

Me – Sure, bhabhi, I will come in a minute.

Madhavi – Come, I will wait for you.

Me – Should I bring anything else for you?

Madhavi – No, Raj, thanks for asking.

I wore my shorts and t-shirt and went to her flat. As she let me in, I saw her kid was playing in the hall. She was making tea. She said, “Raj, you have a seat, and I will make tea and come.”

I quickly realized her husband was not home.  I walked to the kitchen, and she was making tea, and she said, “Raj, you can sit. I will bring tea.” I said, “No issue, Madhavi bhabhi, it’s fine.” I thought it was the right time for me to try some flirting or something on her.

Me – Madhavi bhabhi, is it your birthday today?

Madhavi – No, why Raj?

Me – You are looking so pretty today.

Madhavi – Oh, thanks, Raj, but I dress like this only.

Me – Oh, by the way, this white suit suits you a lot.

Madhavi – Oh, thanks, Kamal gifted me this.

Me – So when is your birthday, by the way?

Madhavi – It’s already gone.

Me – How old are you?

Madhavi – I am 36.

Me – Is it? I thought you looked much younger.

Madhavi – Don’t joke with me.

Me – Seriously, bhabhi, see how glowing your skin is and see such beautiful hairs you have. You seriously don’t look like a mother of a 7-year-old.

Madhavi bhabhi started blushing and giving me a wicked smile. It encouraged me more to try on her. Since tea was ready and while sipping on tea, I told her that tomorrow was my birthday.

She smiled and asked, “It’s awesome, so what are you planning?” I replied, “I have tickets to a movie. Would you like to come with me?” She smiled and said, “Oh, thanks, Raj but (hesitantly).”

“What but bhabhi? Let’s go, don’t be a spoilsport.”

After my convincing, she agreed, and I was quite excited about going to the movie with her. In the morning, her husband left for work, and she and her son came with me to the movie.

She was wearing a beautiful pink color suit and pajama below. She was looking quite pretty. I must tell you her suit was a bit transparent type. I could see her panty shape from behind, and that had turned me on more.

We reached the theater, and we took popcorn and snacks for her kid. I was sitting immediately next to her, and her son was on the other side. The lights of the hall darkened. She and I were murmuring in low voices and talking with each other about the movie.

Suddenly the heroine of the movie came on the screen. I whispered in bhabhi’s ears, “She looks just like you.” She blushed and put her hands on me, patting me on my hand.

Her hand on my hands got me more comfortable with her. As the lights were dark, I kept my hands on her hands, and our hands were locked. She was giving me an occasional look. I knew she liked my company too.

I took some courage and put my hand on her thighs and was gently massaging her thighs. I was having goosebumps as she was still smiling at me. I knew I had got her in my control, and I had goosebumps.

I took some courage, and I slipped my hand inside her salwar. Oh gosh, I could feel her silk panty. I felt it was a bit wet, and no doubt I knew why. As I was rubbing her panty, she started shaking a bit. I pulled my hand out as I thought it would be risky.

It was enough for me for today as now I knew she felt something for me. We came out of the hall, and we behaved as nothing happened. But one thing had changed now. She, too, was flirting with me, not only me.

We reached our flats respectively. I then got a message on my WhatsApp saying, “Raj, we have not cut your cake. Come up, let’s cut your cake.” We were cutting the cake, and I saw her husband had just got to sleep.

As my cake was cut, I asked her in a joking way, “Where is my gift, bhabhi?” She smiled and said, “What do you want?” I smiled and grabbed her hair and kissed her on the lips.

After kissing twice, we got entangled in a long 1-2 minute smooch. She was biting my lips, and our tongues engulfed together.  I whispered, “Should we go to my flat?”

She said, “No need. Just come with me.” She took me to the kitchen, and she said, “Don’t make noise. Else Kamal might come.” I was having goosebumps as she pulled off her suit and threw it on the floor.

She was wearing a black color bra. I unhooked it for her.  Her breasts were big, and her nipples were hard and big. I grabbed them and felt the softness of her boobs. I sucked her nipples.

I could see tremors in her body, and she was biting her fingers to control her moan.  I played with her boobs for some time before she pulled my shorts and pulled down my underwear. She kissed my chest and went down on me.

She took my balls, caressed them, and with her hands on my cock she put it in her mouth.  She was sucking it very nicely and slowly. It was the most beautiful day of my life. Within few minutes, I got hard, so I got her up, removed her salwar and her black silk panty down.

Oh gosh, her fluffy married bhabhi pussy was looking so good. It had fine hairs. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy. After a few minutes of fingering, I went down on my knees to lick her wet cunt and pussy with my tongue.

After pleasuring her with my tongue, I got up. I started rubbing my cock on her pussy.  She gave me a condom and asked me to wear it. I wore it, and then she sucked my cock a bit to lubricate it. She had spread a blanket on the floor, and she laid on it and opened her legs for me.

I got on top of her and inserted my cock in her pussy.  I buried my face on her neck, kissing her neck and lips. She locked her legs over my butt. We were involved in intense missionary sex for the next 3-4 minutes.

The kitchen was full of the ‘ghapghap’ sound of her ass rubbing the floor hard.  The warmth of her pussy was enough to make me blow. But I controlled myself and took out my cock. She asked me if I was done, and I said not yet.

I laid down now, and she got on top of me. She was riding me gently initially before increasing her speed. There was intense sex going on between us.

After few minutes of cowgirl, I again controlled and removed my cock from her pussy. She again asked me if I was done. I smiled and said, “Not yet, bhabhi.” She looked quite happy. Now I got her up, put her in the doggy style, and inserted my cock back in her pussy. This time it was with full power and speed.

First, she reached her orgasm. Within the next 2 minutes, I could not control too and finally cum inside her. I was tired, and she was sweating too. But the warmth of our bodies rubbing each other and got us emotionally connected too now.

She wore her undies and clothes. She kissed me on my lips and said, “Honey, now go back to your flat. I will come to meet you tomorrow after Kamal leaves.”

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