Fantasy Of Friend’s Mom Peeing In Mouth Fulfilled

Hi all, thanks for the overwhelming response to my first two real stories. It’s been a long time since I have shared my experiences. I would just like to take some time out and create a story that gives you a whole idea about my fantasy.

I have been having sex regularly with many girls and everyone has their own taste and style of having sex. My intention is to combine all the experience as one since, I am unable to get it from any single girl, though this is a real story it was not this dirty.

This story is about my friend’s mom Ayesha (name changed) and me, and how we got so intimate that lead us to fulfill our deep hidden dark fantasies for sex.

It was almost 8 years ago when this spark started between us. Since she was our neighbor and I was best friends with her only son (younger to me by 4 years), I used to spend a lot of time at his place and vice versa. She always had a crush on me but never showed it.

My friend’s mom used to touch me, kiss me on my cheeks often, hug me when our team used to win the matches, give a hi-fi when Sachin hits a century, and many more of such gestures. She was more of a friend to me and to her son as well.

About her, she was 36 years at that time. Since she was married at the age of 18 and had a child at 19, she looked like 26, a perfectly maintained figure with little love handles around the waistline that anyone would like to grab while her fucking her in the doggy style.

Her fat ass was a sign of perfect love symbol while having doggy style sex. Her boobs were very soft and because of it, they were a little hanging down. Trust me guys, the size was perfect and those little pink nipples topping them, made them extremely spicy.

My friend’s mom still does yoga and has a very smooth, flat tummy which makes your tongue feel like skating on ICE. Her back with that mole perfectly centered will make you feel like ripping her bra off.

Now, coming to the story, I was 22 back then and had just completed college and was placed in an MNC. It was like a normal day when I was spending my weekend with my friend since I had no idea how this spare time will turn into my life’s best experience.

We were going through the family album and we saw a photo of Ayesha wearing a sexy black one piece. That particular photo was hidden behind one of the other photos.

After looking at the photo, I and my friend started laughing since we have never seen Ayesha in any western outfit. We have always been seeing her in sarees and nightgowns.

Ayesha was sitting beside us and joined our laughter with a little embarrassment. Somehow, I could feel that sad emotion in her eyes where she was missing that fun while in college. This was because she had got married to a very orthodox husband who didn’t like her wearing any western outfits.

A few days passed by and I used to make fun of her by posing the way she was standing in the photo and she used to hit me gently asking me to stop it.

One day she was alone and I went to her home in expectation to meet my friend. She informed me that he had gone with his class friends as they had some workshop to attend.

I started leaving but she told me to stay with her since she was getting bored. I agreed and sat on the sofa. She made me tea and gave me some snacks and we started talking,

Me – I am sorry, aunt, I don’t intend to make fun of you by posing like you were in the photo.
Ayesha – It’s fine. I don’t mind it, in fact, I like it. It reminds me of my youth and the kind of fun we use to have.

Me – Don’t mind me asking, but you got married so early, what kind of fun you had in that limited time?
Ayesha – I agree, but I did have my own fun in a certain way.

Me – Interesting, Can you tell me what your certain way was?
Ayesha – I wish I could, but let it be. I don’t want to dig up old graves now.

Me – You call me your friend, trust me your secrets are safe here.
Ayesha – Yes, you are my friend, but maybe I am not comfortable since this is awkward, after all, I am your aunt.

Me – But you are so cool. I never felt like you are my aunt. It’s just because of social norms that I call you aunt. I can call you by your name when we are alone, maybe then it might be not so awkward.

Ayesha – I don’t know, but calling me by my name would be a lovely step to take our friendship to a mature level.
Me – Deal.

There was a very positive vibe going on when I was around Ayesha since then. While she was in the kitchen making food, I used to go from behind, close her ears and take her name in a seducing way.

“Aayeshaaa” which only she could hear and her heart use to start pounding. I used to do this everywhere, whenever I used to get a chance. While using the elevator together when we are alone, while she is at my place talking to my mom, while she was doing her laundry, and every possible place where there was a chance.

She started liking it a lot and kisses on my cheeks started increasing in number with an occasional spank on my ass. Normally, I used to just get the weekends to meet her and talk to her for a long time since I was working.

Then we started talking on the phone, where my friend’s mom started sharing her certain way of fun. She said that they were a group of 4 girls who used to read dirty magazines during their college at their friend’s place. They use to roam around in bikinis and comment on each other’s body parts.

According to her, Riya was the sexiest and dirty girl in the group who use to take off the bikini as well.

While telling me all this, she suddenly stopped and disconnected the phone. I tried calling her back but she didn’t take my call. I just hoped everything is fine and no one else heard our conversation.

I was feeling very distracted the whole day and left early from work. After freshening up, I went to her place. My friend was working on his project. I sat for a while and then went inside the kitchen for some water.

As usual, I went close to her and whispered her name, “Aayeshaa,” she got scared and was a little embarrassed as well. She couldn’t look me in the eyes.

I quickly asked her, “Is everything all right?” She said, “Maybe. I may have crossed the line by telling you about my way of fun.”

I was then relaxed as it was nothing major and explained to her that it’s fine and she can tell me anything and everything.

I told her, “I can share my experience with you to make you feel better, but I have to leave now since my friend is waiting for me in the bedroom.”

This time I gathered some courage and kissed her on her cheeks which were dripping with her sweat. Her eyes popped out and she then smiled at me and said, “Go mad boy.”

Her cheeks were magical though. I had a few drops of her sweat on my lips, it tasted heavenly. I went into my friend’s bedroom and had normal talks about the day.

We started playing cricket on his computer. Ayesha came after a few minutes and stood behind me, just as she used to be with us before as well. This time, she rested her arms on my shoulder and her cheekbone was sitting on the top of my head. For my friend, this was normal as she has done this in the past.

But this time, I knew it was not the same. I had this adrenalin rush in me where I wasn’t able to concentrate on playing and all weird thoughts started crossing my mind.

My friend’s mother sometimes pinched my neck as well just for fun’s sake. It was getting really difficult to concentrate but somehow I managed and played but lost the game.

The very next day, she called me when I was at work,

Me – Hello
Ayesha – Hello, my mad boy.

Me – Ha..ha..ha that’s a cool name for me.
Ayesha – Yes, cool name for my hot friend.

Me – HOT.. no, I am not.
Ayesha – Your kiss on my cheeks made you a HOT boy.

Me – I am sorry, that was totally unintentional.
Ayesha – I liked it, but I would like more to hear about your experiences which you promised to share with me.

Me – Yes sure, but now is not a good time. I am at work.
Ayesha – Oops, sorry. I forgot. So when will be the right time? I so want to hear about your experiences.

Me – What makes you say that I have multiple experiences?
Ayesha – I just feel that way. You have guts. A newbie won’t have this gut.

Me – You are good. I will try to leave early today and then call you from our society garden around 5. Will that be fine?
Ayesha – I am waiting for you, my boy.

I again made some excuse at the office and left early. I reached and sat in the society garden which most of the time is empty and then I called Ayesha.

Ayesha – You are punctual.
Me – I am always.

Ayesha – So without wasting time, tell me.

Me – I mean I don’t know what to say. I don’t have any experience like you. Since now we have porn websites, I have never read any magazine like you did. Also, we never had any boys’ day out where we get in and out of our shorts and comment.

Ayesha – You are so silly. Obviously, boys don’t do such kinds of stuff. You are topless most of the time at home, so it’s not a big deal for boys. I want you to share something which is equivalent to my embarrassment.

Me – I saw porn for the first time when I was in my teens. We all school friends gathered at my friend’s place who had a DVD player since at that time computers were not a common thing.

Ayesha – Now you are talking. What did you see and how did you feel?

Me – The feeling was amazing seeing someone naked for the first time, even though it was in the video. I could never forget that scene. The porn movie was about Tarzan and how he had sex with everyone in the girl’s family who takes him with her from the jungle.

Ayesha – Oh my god. I know about that and I have seen it as well. It was amazing and awesome.
Me – You also watch porn!

Ayesha – Yes, I am a human being with needs. So did you guys jerk while watching the porn or after that?
Me – I was in that zone for almost a week. I felt like having every beautiful girl I saw, and yes I did jerk off but I guess I was a bit young, so I felt relaxed but nothing came out.

Ayesha – Boys are such jerks, and especially you and your friends.
Me – See, now I am embarrassed.

Ayesha – Don’t be. It’s the age that makes you do such stuff. So tell me after you hit puberty, did you have sex with anyone?

I was dumbfounded and silent for a long time.

Ayesha – Are you there? what happened?
Me – Yes, I am here, but not sure how to answer this.

Ayesha – Which means you have had sex before. How was it and who was the girl?
Me – I don’t know what to say. Yyyyyyeeeaahhhh, I had sex before when I was in college but she is now my ex.

Ayesha – Ex ha, do you have any girlfriend now?
Me – I wish I had one.

Ayesha – Poor boy, and when was the last time you had sex?
Me – It’s almost 2 years now.

Ayesha – 2 years, oh my god. How do you control your urges now? Just jerking off might not be helpful. It will keep you silent for some time but again that feeling will be aroused.
Me – Yes, you are right. You know a lot about this feeling.

Ayesha – I have been there so I can understand your feelings.
Me – Do you still finger yourself? I hope I am not crossing the line.

Ayesha – No not at all, we are well beyond that now. And about your question, yes I do. Don’t take me wrong, but I would like to confess that I was not completely honest with you earlier.

Me – When?

Ayesha – When I was talking about my experience with my friend. We all used to take off our bikinis and then finger our-selves, squirting all over the place and pissing all over the floor.

Me – Ohh, my God, that makes me feel so horny.
Ayesha – Indeed it does to me as well, but no more squirting and pissing sessions now.

Me – You can still have it since you are alone all the time at home.
Ayesha – I know but that is not fun any longer. Tell me about your dirty things now.

Me – I never had any dirty sex, mine was the very conventional way. I like to suck pussy a lot, especially the tasty salty juice dripping off. I like to lick it from the thigh to the deepest part of the pussy that my tongue can explore.

Ayesha – Ohhh, Jacky you make me feel so horny, tell me more.

Me – I like it when you take my name. To be frank, licking pussy is the only dirty thing that I have done so far, but thinking about piss makes me go horny. I mean, just imagine sucking the pussy so wildly with piss all over my face will be such an amazing experience.

Ayesha – Ohhh Jacky, just stop. I do feel like fingering myself now.
Me – I wish I could be there with you, even I feel like jerking off.

Ayesha – If you don’t mind, you can still come in. Your door is locked and no one knows that you left early from the office.

Me – Are you sure about this?
Ayesha – Stop wasting time and hop on.

I quickly settled my boner and rushed towards the elevator. Luckily Ayesha’s door was right in front of the lift door. I quickly sneaked inside without anyone noticing.

My friend’s mom was very horny like me at that time and we directly went to the bedroom. She asked me to tell her about my wildest fantasies. I again told her about licking the pussy with piss coming out of it.

She came close to me and was rubbing her pussy over her saree. My boner was visible over my jeans, which I too was rubbing. We could sense the tension building and without a second thought, she pounced on me and I didn’t stop her and got into the act.

Ayesha started kissing me madly, biting my lips, licking my neck, and pulling my hair. She was at her peak as I started responding to her by pressing her boobs very tightly. My friend’s mom moaned and it was hurting her but she didn’t say anything and started removing my t-shirt.

I was still pressing her boobs, our lips locked with each other. She then inserted her tongue inside my mouth and started tasting my tongue. This was my first experience with my tongue. I was loving it.

I started playing with her tongue, licking it, sucking all the saliva from her tongue, making it completely dry, and then again licking it with my saliva. She was almost eating my mouth at times. I felt breathless, the beauty turned into a beast which was over my mouth. She unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down with her legs while we were on her bed.

Her saree was all over the place and then I buried my mouth in her blouse and starting biting it. She removed her blouse and bra. I was sucking those beautiful nipples which were erect.

The moment I bit one of her nipples, I could see the goosebumps all over her boobs. We both were in a different dimension of life. I removed her petticoat and then her undies.

We both were naked and rubbing our bodies over each other. It felt nothing less than a fire. Our mouths still buried in each other and my hand caressing her soft hanging boobs.

She started kissing my neck and started going down. She was sucking my nipples and biting them softly. I started moaning and pulling her hair. She went further down dripping her saliva all over my chest and abdomen.

She kissed my thick 7 inches cock and complemented the thickness. She said, “This cock can kill a virgin,” as she started sucking my cock as if this was the last cock in the world.

Ayesha pulled down my cock skin and started licking it, that area is too sensitive as you all know, and I felt like cumming.. I was having a physical sensation after a long time.

I told her about this. She said, “This is how I would like to start by drinking all your cum and then kissing you and spreading the white cum on each other’s face.” I felt hornier as the idea of being dirty was never so amazing.

Ayesha kept sucking my cock and within 3-4 minutes, my sperms were all over her mouth. She sprang up quickly with all the cum in her mouth and spat on my face, and then we started kissing again madly.

We were burying our mouths into each other. I put my tongue inside her mouth and felt my cum for the very first time. She kept on kissing me and licking my face and I was just lying down on the bed and didn’t stop her.

After a few minutes, she stopped. But she was still horny and this time with full of dirty ideas in her mind. She took me to the bathroom to clean up, then asked me to sit down in the bathroom, which I obeyed.

Ayesha then asked me if I wanted to make my fantasy come true. I was getting horny again. Within no time, I grabbed her from her ass and buried my mouth in her pussy. My face was full of my own cum and Ayesha’s saliva.

I started eating her pussy like this as if this was the last pussy in the world. Then suddenly she started pissing, all over my face. I removed my face from her pussy and she stopped pissing.

Ayesha said, “This is your chance to be dirty. I always wanted to do this.” I agreed. Now my face was getting cleaned up from her piss and in the process, I drank a few drops of her piss as well. My mind was full of sex and couldn’t distinguish anything.

I was liking this a lot. Ayesha’s piss was flowing off from my tongue. She then stopped and asked me to take her piss in my mouth and hold it. I opened my mouth wide and she buried her pussy in my mouth and filled my mouth with her piss.

It was dribbling from the side of my lips but I had a good amount of piss in my mouth now. She then quickly sat down and asked me to spit the piss on her face and lick it.

This was like the next level for me. I started spitting piss on her face and then started licking it. We both were wet with her piss now and that warmness was all over our bodies.

I was liking it so much. I never felt like stopping now and eventually I had the last gulp of piss in my mouth. We had a shower together. While in the shower she asked me fuck her from the back.

Ayesha bent down and I started licking my friend’s mom’s pussy from the back and my right hand was resting on her waist while my left hand was holding her thigh.

I slipped my thumb in her ass to which she stumbled forward and said, “I was not ready for this, at least tell me before you do anything.” I think this had turned her on, and I inserted my thumb in her ass and put my mouth again in her pussy.

My tongue was all over her pussy and my thumb was fucking her ass. Once her pussy was lubricated deep with my saliva, I picked up my giant cock and tried to insert it in one go. It was painful for her. She started shouting and moaning, “Aaahhhhh..’s very thick.”

My cock was completely inside her and after a few solid jerks, I started fucking my friend’s hot mom in the doggy style. Ayesha was like a real bitch, who wanted to get fucked for ages.

I grabbed her beautiful love handle first and was fucking her hard. It was very painful for her since I was holding her waist too tightly. She then gave me both her hands to hold and kept her head on the floor in the doggy style.

I grabbed both her hands and started pushing in and out very forcefully. She almost started shaking from her thighs since there was no proper support and I was taking a long time this time as I had already come before.

After a rigorous fuck, Ayesha was almost half dead and stopped reacting. I told her that I am about to cum. Her eyes sparkled and she asked me to release my cum in her mouth.

I put my cock in her mouth and then she started sucking it with full joy. She took my cook so deeply that I could almost felt her trachea. I was about to cum. At that moment, I moaned before cumming.

Ayesha took my cook deep choking herself to breathlessness. I released all my cum directly in her throat and when I removed my cock she started panting with a few drops of my cum dripping from her lips. She was really satisfied and now was like a calm deep ocean.

We then both took a shower quickly as it was almost 7.30 pm and her son would be coming home around 8 pm, We got dressed and started kissing each other again. This time softly for a very long time.

My friend’s mom then asked me more about my dirty fantasies. I winked and gave her an evil smile!!!


Thank you, guys and girls, for your patience in reading my story. I hope I was able to take you to my fantasy land. I will definitely come up with my next dirty fantasy, till then take care and be safe.

Let me know your dirty fantasy. I will definitely write more in my next story. You can contact me at [email protected]

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