Over The Edge: Teasing Housewife

Hi guys, this a story of one of my readers. It’s about her naughty adventure. I got horny hearing the story from her. I hope you guys will get a pleasurable feeling form the story as I had.

The story is going to be in the third person, so bear with me through it.

Let me tell you something about my hot reader. Her name is Regina. She is an HR in a reputed company in Bangalore. Her husband is a bold man. He pleasures her in all the possible ways. But their quench for sexual pleasure is unfathomable.

She likes to expose off her skin in modern dress to men. Those glares from them and their naughty thoughts, sometimes their ‘unintentional’ touches turns her on a lot. She lives in a residential society near her workplace with her husband Rahul.

The last residential members’ meeting adjourned to appoint a new watchman. The old one had retired out and went to his hometown. The new watchman came during November. His name was Charan. He was 6ft tall with a dark complexion, but a yet a handsome face.

His salt and pepper look was the one that caught Regina’s eyes. He was about 50 years old, retired out of the army, with a muscular boy. He was the cousin of the residential association president. He was cheerful and always kept a smile on his face.

His body posture, and his way of talking, gave stern and protective feelings. He was married but Regina thought why not tease him like all men. It’s not just that, she thought, she wanted to fuck him. She had a fantasy about it. But her goal was always to tease men.

Then days passed, as the new the watchman came into the routine of the life of every person in the neighborhood. Regina would, however, tease him in the way she dresses. She would get out of the car sometimes at the gate under the pretenses.

She would lean before him as she would accidentally drop the key. She would call him to the apartment and open the door in her bath towel, or in her top and apron with nothing underneath. Circumstances changed, but the teasing went on.

One Monday morning, Rahul(Regina’s Husband) had gone off for work. Regina’s sister in law was in town and would be leaving that morning back to her house. Regina went to the society gate along with her to drop her off. She was wearing a red sleeveless top and tracks.

As she returned after sending her off, there he was standing, leaning against a wall, smoking a cigarette. Seeing him, made Regina’s mind spiraled with naughty thoughts. She stretched her hands up, as it would reveal of her milky navel. Then she lowered her top from her waist.

He saw her and was pretty sure hard. He wished her, “Good morning, madam ji,” with a smile. She then turned to him with a smile and wished him “Good morning hero.” He seemed in great joy as she looked at his salt pepper hair. She asked him, “Ye kya, subah subah cigarette!”

He smoked off to the side in a hurry to impress the woman. But keeping his stern attitude. He replied said, “Thandi hai na madam. Aur chai wala bhi aas paas nahi hai. Toh main cigarette se hi kaam chalata hu. Aap kya mujhe chai pilayenge?”

His eyes went down to her cleavage as the conversation progressed. She noticed it, she had purposefully put on a low neck top. But hearing his plea, she thought to tease him some more in her home. She then dropped her keys in an accident. She leaned down in front of him and showing off her cleavage as she picked up the keys. She told, “Haan kyu nahi, chalo mere ghar.”

He thanked her for her kindness. He had a naughty smile. Regina was in full mode for a teasing round. Then they got into the lift and Charan was checking out Regina from top to bottom. As if he would fuck her ass to make her moan in that lift, bite on her boobs. His thoughts were aggressive.

In the lift, he was constantly staring at her juicy cleavage, with her mangalsutra hanging above it. He wanted to eat it like ice cream to a little kid. Regina noticed his bulge in pants. His throat gulped his desire for her.

Charan: “Bhabhi ji, aap bohot sexy lag rahe ho.”

Regina blushed and gave a naughty smile thanking him for comment. Regina saw his eyes lining her curves and scanning her body top to bottom. his bulge was clearly visible to her. They got out on the 5th floor and Regina invited Charan inside the house. She asked him to be at ease, as she prepares tea.

He sat on the couch looking around. There were a lot of pictures of her and her husband. Regina then went into the bedroom and changed into a revealing loose top with skin tight jeans, that stuck her ass out. She then swayed her ass as she walked into the kitchen.

He was ogling at her beauty as Regina prepared tea in the kitchen. She was suddenly startled to hear his voice in the kitchen.

Charan:- “Bhabhiji doodh zyaada daalna.”

Regina happily obliged. He then from the entrance of the kitchen kept on ogling at her round ass. He was giving her anal in his mind. Then she took a cup and handed him the tea. They both walked to the dining table and sat on the chair as they drank it.

Regina adjusted her top in such a way as to reveal her cleavage more. It was a loose top. The current was out, lustful heat made her sweat. Charan watched it as it entered her cleavage, where he wanted to place his dick and rub on. He gulped up his saliva of desire along with tea.

He thanked her for it and told her, it was a great tea. She appreciated his comment. She then raised her legs on upon the other as her the legging lined her thighs. It was making him hornier. She then took the cups. As she leaned over the table to get his cup, she gave him a glance at her hanging 36c round boobs.

She then swayed her ass in front of him again as she walked by to the kitchen. He then was lost in thought but after a while, he too went to the kitchen. He suddenly caught her from behind and grabbed her boobs. She was startled, but she knew that the day would have resulted in this.

He turned her, their faces were close and he said, “Doodh yaha ka chahiye, bhabhiji.” She was excited as he rubbed his strong hands around her body down to her ass and grabbed on it. Regina gave him a naughty smile and said, “Tumhe doodh chahiye ya mere boobs huh?”

He held her tightly against his body by her hips and brought his face a little bit closer and told her, “Tere boobs, teri body, teri choot, sab lunga kutiya.” He looked her in her eyes with lust. Regina was in full mood. She had fulfilled her desire to bring a muscular man like to break his horny wall.

Now she could feel the pleasure of his large dick in pussy. She wanted more than her husband’s touch. Regina with a naughty smile asked him, “Toh le na, der kis baat ki.”  He pulled her close to him. His strong hands wrapped tight around her hips, grabbing her ass in between.

He started to kiss her with lust and passion. Her soft hands felt his broad chest, they kissed wildly, like teenage couples. He then broke the kiss and removed her top in a hurry and threw it on the floor. She ripped open her bra, and carried her and placed her on the kitchen counter.

He started sucking her boobs with my mangalsutra on. He kept on sucking her boobs. His hands went inside her leggings, lowering and threw it on her floor. He could see that she was too wet, as her juices leaked out. He then kept on sucking her boobs.

He lowered his hands in-between her milky thighs as he rubbed on her pussy and took control of her insides with his fingers. He bites her nipples as he sucked on her neck, his fingering was doing magic in her pussy as she was moaning a lot with biting her lower lips in pleasure.

He lifted her with his strong hands and took her to her made himself nude, Regina was shocked to see his 7-inch cock, black, very thick and standing. She was a bit too happy and excited that it was her teasing that made it hard. He saw her surprise and said, “Aaj teri choot fadunga, kutiya.”

Her eyes were wide open and my pussy was wet. He spread her legs and started licking her pussy. She entered into her pussy with his fingers. His other hand kept on squeezing her nipples one after the other. She was moaning in pleasure. He then went into her pussy with three fingers, messing up her spot.

He licked into her clitoral skin, pinching it a little. She jumped on her bed. He was strong and wild. He took hold of her boobs and squeezed them like anything as he sucked on and bite on her nipples. It didn’t take her long to cum on to his hand.

Regina was in the mood for a dick. She then started to kiss him. She caressed over his broad chest and his abs. Then came licking down to her cock. She rubbed on it after encircling it with her hands. She then told him, “Chalo hero, ab aur raha nahi jayega, mujhe chodo.”

He then spread her legs wider, and placed his cock near her pussy, rubbing on it several times. Regina was moaning. He, after a few teases, gave a hard push, suddenly shoving in his cock into her tight pink pussy. Regina moaned in height of pleasure and screamed.

Then he raised her by her hips and carried her. She pumped in his dick into her fucking her like a mechanized beast. He grabbed on her ass tight, as he pushed in his dick with the high throttle. The room was filled with the sound of the dick hitting her pussy insides and as well as Regina’s soft moans.”

She was moving up and down on his cock. He then slowly placed her on the bed and started to suck on boobs, her nipples, pinching them with his hands. In between, he would give hard pushes, to break her insides. This continued for 20 minutes.

He fucked her with his full energy. As he sucked on her boobs, her mangalsutra, bounced off her body and his. During the intense fuck, Regina came. She was in hands of horny security. After a few more minutes, he pulled out his dick and cummed on her face, boobs and her mangalsutra.

Thank you guys for listening.

‘Over The Edge’ series will return with another story of one of my fellow readers or another experience. I would love all you all comments and feedbacks to my account at [email protected]. All Bangalore ladies, or anyone from across the world, are welcome to inbox me at any time.

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