An Adventurous Train Journey with Married Friend

Hello Friends, this is Rudra, 28 from Vapi, Gujarat. This story is about me and my married friend Riya, 26. It happened during an erotic train journey. Before I start the story, I want to inform you all that, this entire story is real & actual fact. The only thing fictional is the name of the characters.

Going towards the story, this happened during December 2021. Riya posted a picture on her Instagram story on the occasion of her birthday and she was looking damn hot in a knee-length white one-piece with blue stripes. Even though we are very close and had been involved in kisses and some erotic foreplay in past but after our marriages, we never had discussed that part of our life again.

But after seeing her story, I immediately messaged her that she was looking damn sexy and hot in that one piece. She happily obliged the comment and thereafter we continued the conversation for some time and during that, we came to know that we were to travel from Mumbai to Vapi on the same day (She shifted to Mumbai after marriage and I was travelling back to Vapi from Mumbai after a professional visit).

Thus I proposed to her that I will book tickets for both so that we can spend some time during the journey and after some hesitation, she agreed. Soon after the conversation, I intentionally booked Singe Tier A.C. Coach hoping that I can try my luck and relive some old memories. After informing her about the booking, I made a video call to her and our conversation went something like this.

Riya: Rudra, I very well know that why have you booked a single-tier coach. But don’ keep your hopes high.

Rudra: No, it’s not like that Riya. No bookings were available in other compartments.

Riya: Don’t act smart Rudra, I have already checked out seat availability online and tickets are available in all the other compartments. But I don’t have any issues with booked seats also, I am just saying don’t keep your hopes high.

Rudra (excitedly): That means I can keep little hopes (Winking).

Riya (with blush): Let time and fate decide that. Now I have to leave. So bye and take care.

Rudra: Wait, wait… Can I request something?

Riya: What? Related to me?

Rudra: Can you wear the same one-piece when we travel together…

Riya: Shut up Rudra! We will be on the train and not a holiday destination.

Rudra: We will be in private coach Riya, much equivalent to an isolated holiday.

Riya: Whatever, I won’t. Now bye, see you on the day!!! Bye Rudra.

Rudra: Bye Bye Riya. Hope you remember my request.

Before going to sleep, I once again saw rather scanned that picture of Riya in one piece. To describe her, Riya was a slim girl during our college days but after marriage even though being slim, she gained fat in exactly the right places. Her current vital stats are 32-28-32 with fleshly boobs and round ass. So even seeing her in the picture, I did get a hard erection which was obviously relieved in the bathroom later on 😛

Coming on the day of the journey, I was to board the train from Borivalli Station while she had already boarded the train from Andheri Station. Just to inform you guys that our journey was of two hours starting at 8 pm on chilled December night and in AC Private Coach. I boarded the train and went to our compartment and was dumbstruck seeing her.

Even though she wasn’t wearing my requested one piece, she wore a tight yellow kurti with white leggings and light makeup to add up her glorifying beauty. She was looking damn sexy as her kurti was tight and an ample amount of cleavage was visible from distance also. I was continuously staring at her and even forgot to enter the compartment. I was standing at the door only like a lost soul.

After some time she literally woke me up from my daydream by shaking me and said, “You have enough time to stare at me, first come in and get settled.” I entered the cabin, kept my laptop aside, and greeted her with a long and tight hug. Firstly she also responded to the same but after some time she lightly pushed me saying, “Control Rudra, you have just entered.” I instantly replied, “So you would allow me after some time?”

She blushed and pushed me further and took her seat. I also regained my senses and sat on my opposite seat. For a while, we talked about our respective personal as well as professional life.
We were so much indulged in our conversation that, I almost forgot to give her the birthday gift which I had bought. I gave her two large Cadbury Silk of fruit and nut flavor, which I know was her favorite indeed. She was too happy and excited to receive them. She happily accepted the gift and thanked me with a kiss on my cheeks. I obliged the kiss by kissing her back on her forehead.

Riya: Rudra, I am really happy that you still remember my likes.

Rudra: I also do remember the happy time we spent during college days.

Riya: You still don’t leave a chance to flirt.

Rudra: I would never, especially today after watching you in this sexy avatar.

Riya: Marriage has its own benefits buddy (winking). By the way, your birthday is also coming in next week na?

Rudra: Yup, but after being in professional life, birthdays don’t excite me anymore.

Riya (seductively): Then I have a perfect birthday gift for you which will not only excite you but even make your birthday a memorable one.

I came close to her expecting a smooch. But she stopped in midway only.

Riya: Your birthday gift is not here, I have placed it in the washroom near our cabin in a red gift wrap box. Go and check yourself.

Rudra (pissed off): You have placed a gift in the train washroom!!! Is this some kind of joke?

Riya: Believe me Rudra, you won’t regret going there. Trust me.

I reluctantly stood up seeing her confidence and started towards the washroom. But before leaving I warned her that if this is some kind of prank or joke, she would have to pay the price for the same.

She giggled and said that you will surely regret it if you won’t go. I left the cabin and approached the washroom with a fling hope of getting something (During our college days we used to often play a prank on each other).

Reaching over there, I checked both the washroom of the coach including dustbins, and found nothing. I was angry with her that she fooled me and played a prank on me.

I straightaway went to our cabin and opened the door with a bang. As soon as the door opened, I was completely awestruck and my eyes were glued to her. She was standing there in the same one-piece dress which I had requested her to wear.

She was looking like a fairy tale angel with light makeup and her clean waxed legs were adding sexiness to her beauty. All the anger of mine was sunk completely and was staring at her with an open mouth.

She seductively walked towards me, pulled me towards her, and closed the cabin. She went two steps and asked “How am I am looking Rudra?
I, after trying to regain my senses, said, “Riya, I don’t even have words to describe you. You are looking damn sexy and beautiful Darling. Couldn’t be a better birthday gift than this.”

Riya: This is not even a start to your birthday gift Rudra. We have full 2 hours of journey remaining.

Rudra (still staring at her): Riya, I don’t know what to say. I just can’t keep my eyes away from you. Let me stare at you, I want to keep this moment in my memory for my entire life.
Riya: Don’t stare too much Rudra, the better kept is yet to come. (Winking)

I was so much lost that I didn’t even think about what she said. I just walked towards her, grabbed her slim waist, and pulled her towards me so closely that even air would have to find a way to pass between us.

Her soft boobs were crushing with my manly chest and my crotch was poking her pussy. The coldness of the AC cabin in December was adding hotness to our erotic atmosphere. With my other hand, I pushed her hair towards the backside and looked directly into her eyes.

She was feeling shy and her eyes started looking down. I made her look in my eyes and our eyes themselves were speaking our intention. Our eyes were so much indulged in talking with each other that we didn’t find a single reason to speak a word.

After some time, when she was about to speak something, I placed my lips on her juicy and inviting lips. At first, she widely opened her eyes and saw me with surprise because of my sudden move, but later she offered herself to me and invited me to eat her lips by opening them. I started to smooch her lips and she responded perfectly by reciprocating the same.

While smooching our tongues were having a friendly fight with each other and lips were not ready to even allow us a second to grasp air for breath. During kissing we were looking at each other and there was a sense of excitement and happiness in the eyes of Riya.

Slowly I moved hands from her waist and grabbed her fleshy ass with little force. I was pressing her ass continuously sometimes gently and sometimes with force. By my actions and lust in my eyes, she started to moan lightly but her moan was suppressed by my lips.
She also started to move her hands across my back, hair, and pull more towards herself even though there was no space remaining. The feeling of her boobs rubbing my chest and my dick touching on her cunt was heavenly. I thought that this is the moment I would never want to get rid of and stay there forever.
After enjoying it for some time, I released her ass and was about to move towards her spongy boobs but suddenly there was a knock at a door. We suddenly came back to our senses and looked at each other with a sense of fear.

To be continued…

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