Cheated My Boyfriend To Have Sex – Part 4

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Hi guys. I am posting a story after so long. Corona has affected us all-around a lot. I too was at home due to lockdown in Dubai. I hope everyone stays at their home and are safe. Hope all will get back to normal soon.

So this story is related to me, Rihas and Shane. You might know these characters from my previous stories. But once again I will mention them. Rihas is my colleague and we are ‘friends with benefits’ and Shane is my then-boyfriend (now husband). So, to the story.

It was a usual day. No one was at home and Rihas came to my room as usual. Rihas and I were in my bedroom. After a steamy session, I was laying with my head on his chest and one leg over his body. We were sweaty and wet as hell. My hair was messed and eyeliners were smudged.

We were talking about random things, sex, celebrities, and their gossips. Rihas’ previous experience with few middle-aged married ladies. Such stories created an image of a muscular stallion that fucks and breeds all the female horses in a stable. He was in such a circle and I was the youngest one.

At times when we are fucking in missionary position, he resembles a studding stallion. Built, dark skin, muscular, and huge. He rams at steady speed and strength for a very long time. He was indeed a bull. Then suddenly the talk was about Shane.

I have noticed that whenever I talk about Shane, Rihas would be so rough and more intense in sex. At times I took advantage of that too. So that day I openly asked him why was it like that.

He told me that, “Feel of being with someone else’s girl when he is not around is something I can’t explain. And in between when you say his name, it reminds me that you are someone else’s and it makes me wild.” Hearing this I got butterflies in my tummy. I had the same feel.

Feel or knowing that I was with someone else made me wild. As he said those I got hold of his semi-hard limped cock and pressed it hard. He looked at me and I gave him a seductive look. I asked “Really?” I felt a sudden rush of blood in his cock. It was pumping back to get harder.

I began to shake it slowly and asked him, “Do you like to fuck me in front of him, uh?” and gave a wink and a seductive smile. I held his cock at the root and licked up the shaft from the balls to the tip. Then I took his cock inside my mouth. I began to suck his cock as a naughty child does to her lollipop candy.

I began to drool on his big cock. My head was bobbing up and down while stroking him during sucking. He was letting out moans of pleasure. I could feel and taste the slimy precum oozing out of his hole at the tip of his cock. He then took control and held my head with both hands and start fucking my mouth.

It became so intense that I began to gag on his monster. I was drooling so much and my eyes became watery from the mouth fuck. For a bit, he tried to go deep throat and I pushed him away as I could not get my breath. He took his cock out of my mouth.

My face was soaked with water from my eyes. My lips and chin were wet from a mixture of his pre-cum and my saliva. He then made me lay next to him and spread my legs apart. We both were already naked. He laid down between my thighs are began to lick my pussy wild.

He kissed down my inner thigh sending shivers down my body he the started licking my pussy. I felt like an electric shock in my body. My entire body was shivering when his tongue was flicking my swollen clits. I was moaning and panting so loudly.

He then put his tongue into the inner walls of my pussy and I started oozing a lot of fluid from my pussy. My hands and legs were thrashing as he kept licking me. He then lifted my ass a bit and parted my ass cheeks and started to lick my asshole too. He kept on licking my pussy and asshole wildly.

Then he entered his two fingers into my pussy and at the same time, he was licking my asshole. It felt so good having his finger fucking inside my pussy and his wet tongue on my back hole. I starting moaning in deep pleasure. He began to lick my pussy again.

This time he inserted his index finger into my asshole and began fingering me from the back while he ate my wet pussy. He ate me well for another 10 minutes and then kept his monster on my pussy slit. He was rubbing it along the entrance for some time and entered me.

Soon I felt my inner walls filling up with his big cock. My toes began to curled and my eyes rolled back in extreme pleasure. It was just into 5 minutes of penetration. I heard the front door opening. It was all of a sudden. Shane was standing at the bedroom door and there we were!

With Rihas’ big cock still inside me and me laying under him with spread legs. We three froze for a few minutes. He stood there looking at us in utter shock. There were no reactions at all. No anger or no violence. He then just walked out and I heard the front door banged close.

I was still laying and Rihas was over me with his cock still inside me. I turned cold. I kept my hands over my mouth and couldn’t speak anything. I laid there almost frozen. Rihas broke the silence asking, “How you gonna deal with this?” I replied. “I don’t know. Maybe you should leave.”

Rihas just smirked and said, “It just got fun, and you asking me to leave?” I laid there with many things running in my mind and his cock was still inside me. Just then Rihas began to penetrate slowly and I was feeling discomfort. I told him to stop and he just smirked. He hugged me tight and began to fuck faster.

While fucking, he told me, “Your pussy feels so tight now.” He also was forcefully smooching my lips with fucking me fast and deep. Soon he began to shoot his hot semen into my pussy. And I too had an orgasm. But it was not like the others I had. I felt so heavy in my heart and sat there quietly.

Rihas went to the washroom and freshened up. He came to the room and while dressing he told me, “Call him and talk it out. In case he leaves you, I am there for you. Never mind.” Even though I have had forbidden sex, Shane is everything to me. So by that comment, I felt angry at Rihas.

All of a sudden, I shouted at him saying, “Shane is my life and future. You are just a physical fling to me. So never say this type of thing to me.” He then just said, “Then deal it yourself,” and left. I sat there with so much heaviness in my tummy and was shivering with anxiety.

I took up the phone and rang Shane. It rang and got disconnected. I rang a few more times and there were no answers. Finally, after many tries, he picked up. There was silence for the first few minutes. And then:

Me: “I’m sorry.”

Shane: “Did he leave?”

Me: “Mmm”

Shane: (in a low voice) “Just freshen up. I will come to pick you. Let’s go for a drive and we’ll talk on the way.”

Me: “Mmm”

I freshened up and just then I got his call. I got down the building and Shane was waiting down in his car. I got in and we drove off. I couldn’t face him. But I knew I had to sort this out. I never loved anyone so much. So I didn’t want to lose him. I was ready to take any punishment just that I won’t lose him.

Thinking all this and with guilt, tears began to roll down my cheeks. Shane looked at me and said, “Wipe the tears. I have something to talk about.” We drove to a nearby beach. It was around 9 pm. It was dark outside and there were only a few people around. Mostly couples sitting here and there.

His car then was a black Honda Accord with black tinted windows. He turned towards me and said, “Tell me what you have to say.” I again started to weep and said sorry. And then I couldn’t control my guilt and sadness. I broke out into tears.

Just then Shane held my shoulders and said in a calming voice, “It’s okay, don’t cry. There’s nothing serious here. Just chill out.” Still, I cried and begged him, “Please don’t leave me, I can’t be without you.” Then he smiled and wiped my tears and cleared me up.

He said, “Now listen carefully. I didn’t know how you would take it. That’s why I never opened up on this to you yet. But now on what has happened today, I feel its the right time to open up.” I was sitting puzzled and understanding nothing.

He then said, “I am a polyamory person. I always wanted to tell you this, but I thought you would take me wrong.” I did not understand what it was, but then I remained silent. Then he drove to a nearby cafe to get me water. When he was away, I googled it and I was like “What?”

Does that mean he has no problem in me having sex with other guys? I never had an issue if Shane would have something like that. So, I kind of felt relieved. He returned to the car and drove again to the beachside. And I asked him “Does that mean you have no problem in me having sex with other guys?”

He said, “No. Unless you don’t tell me. What hurt me today is that you lied and kept it a secret from me. If we both are open with each other, everything goes smoothly. In fact, today’s sight was so erotic. I left from there cause I felt I may get a hard-on in front of you guys.”

So the entire vibe changed among us. I felt so kind of relieved and my best feeling was that now I got someone to share my things with. I never had a trustworthy friend whom I could share my a-z. So this was something new and I loved it. I felt things fell back on track.  Shane asked directly.

Shane: “So, how long has it been going on?”

Me: “Maybe two months.”

Shane: “How is he?” (with a wink)

Me: “Pretty big.” (in a shameful and shy manner and added) But it’s just physical. No commitments or romance.

Soon the beach area became empty. Things with us got more intense. I began to say him the story of me and Rihas one by one. We both were getting turned on. And then slowly we drifted down into kisses and hugs in the car. We were smooching wild and feeling each other’s body.

I was wearing a knee-length frock type dress. While smooching, he had his hand move into my panty through under my skirt. He began to rub my pussy over the panty while we were smooching. He pulled my panty down and threw it out of the window of the car.

He lowered his pant and boxer, tilted the driving seat back, and made me sit over him like a cowgirl. He adjusted his cock at my pussy entrance and plugged it in. I began to ride him inside the car. We were mad about each other and were fucking inside the car.

I kept on riding him until I felt his cum inside my pussy. We rested for some time in the car and then left to home. He dropped me down my building. While leaving, I said Shane that I need to call Rihas as he too is upset about what happened.

Shane told me, “Don’t say anything to him for now. Just tell the issue is solved.” I told okay and Shane left. I took my phone and rang Rihas. He was in his room. He asked me how it went. I told him that everything is solved. Just need to meet you. He told me to come to his room. I said no.

He told me that his roommates have gone out for a party. Only one guy is there. But he is not harmful and there is a way that he won’t see you. After convincing me, I went to his room. As the door opened, Rihas came and gave me a black abaya that covered me all over. And then he took me to the room.

His roommate saw us and I hid behind Rihas. Rihas told him to sit in the visiting room and do not open the front door if someone rang the bell. He agreed and went to the hall. We got inside the bedroom and locked it. The light was off and I told him not to put it on.

In a flash, we both removed our clothes and began to kiss wildly. We were smooching like there is no tomorrow. Things that I and Shane talked was going in my head and it was making me hot and wanting more. He lifted me and I locked my legs around his torso. I was still smooching him wild.

He held me supported on my ass cheeks. And then literally threw me to the bed. It was a single cot bed. He came on top of me licked my pussy just for a few minutes to make it soaking wet. Then straight away inserted his monster slowly into my wet drenched pussy.

He rested for some time till I was comfortable and then he started to move his hip to and fro. I was dumbstruck by the feel and my eyes were rolling back by itself. His every stroke was long and deep as if touching my womb. Then he increased the pace of fucking.

I was controlling my voice as there is his roommate sitting in the hall. The feeling was awesome. He was fucking me in missionary position like a machine. I folded back my legs giving him deeper access into my pussy. My eyes were rolling back automatically.

It became so intense that I was also moaning heavily and loud now without caring for anyone. Rihas said in my ears, “Make more noise just to tease the guy outside.” We were into fun and I began to make sexual noises more on purpose. And then after some time, from that position, Rihas stood up.

Then by lifting and holding me started to fuck me in the air by supporting by holding both my ass cheeks and his monster inside me. My legs were raising and dropping in the air in each stroke. Tiny feet dangling in the air as he lifts and drops me on his monster.

I lock my arms around his neck as he stands strong. I jumped up and down. After some time, he laid back in the bed. I was on top and began to ride him well. While riding, he was pressing my boobs too. While I was riding, my ass cheeks were spread, slowly he began to touch my anal with his fingers.

As I am riding he wet my anal and slowly inserted his little finger into my anal. Now I was madly riding his monster and his little finger too. Then again back to the missionary position. He kept both my legs on his shoulders and began to fuck harder. He said he was gonna cum.

I too was nearing my orgasm. I was now shouting aloud and we could feel someone behind the door hearing us. This made us wilder. My legs shivered wildly as the orgasm hit me. He was shooting his hot sperm inside me. We both laid exhausted.

Suddenly he wrapped both hands around me and again began to fuck. Almost 5 minutes he again began to shoot his loads of hot sperm into my inner pussy walls. I bounce up and down on him till the last drop of his cum was drained.

It was late at night. So I hurried and dressed up. I wore the abaya he gave me and covered my face. We got out of the bedroom and his roommate was sitting in the hall with a weird expression. As we got out, I removed the abaya and gave him back. I bid him bye and got into the elevator.

I walked to my building. As I entered my building lift, I could feel his sperm flowing out of my pussy. It was a lot and it started to overflow my panty onto my inner thighs. I reached my flat and straight away went to the washroom. I took a good shower and went to bed.

In bed, I was thinking of all the excitement that was gonna come.

To be continued. I hope you liked my story. Send your feedback on [email protected]

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