What Does A Trip To India Have In Store For Me?

Hello everyone, I’m Krish. Back with another incident that happened recently in my life, around Jan 2020.

Thanks to everyone who has been writing back to me. To new folks, you can read my previous stories here. This story happened during my trip to India. For those who don’t know, I currently stay in the USA. So the precap or what let to this incident is as follows.

I visited my parents after a pretty long time and was excited about it. During my absence, our old neighbors got replaced with a working woman (heroine for this story). She developed a friendship with my mom strong enough to be treated as a family member.

Then I visited my parents. During the first few days, which did happen to be a weekend, she did not visit us as she was on a trip. Even I didn’t know about her as my mom never mentioned her.

After a week (I stayed for six weeks Dec to the end of Jan), we finally met one day. Thanks to my mom becoming the catalyst and introducing us formally. The usual formal handshakes (corona was not a thing back then) and smiles, pleasantries exchange happened. Then we continued with our lives.

I was busy visiting my friends, relatives, and other stuff while she was with her work and life. But then, one evening, I was strolling on our rooftop. I was enjoying the sunset and the freedom of roaming on a roof. Kriti comes (yeah, that’s her name), again the formal exchange of pleasantries.

Out of nowhere, she turns towards me and greets me. “How are you, Krish?” Listening to that, I am taken back or shocked, confused, Whatever state you want to call it. Why? Because I introduced myself with a different name. Don’t judge. Krish is also part of my name, which I don’t say or use regularly.

Yet, giving the benefit of the doubt that either my mom would have told her or even I could have told her, I just responded casually. That’s when she drops the next plot twist, “How is Prerana?” That question made my mouth go dry, my face pale.

Why? Because I know that Prerana has no friends in Hyderabad. She doesn’t want to tell her sex life to someone so far on earth. So I stutter a bit and finally gather my words and come back with, “Who?” with my best-confused look. Nah, doesn’t work.

Donning an evil grin on the face, Kriti reveals the whole story to me, throwing me off my feet.


Previous Friday or two days ago, on an evening when I was in a deep sleep. We had an internet issue the whole day, so I pretty much was bored and slept. Kriti paid a visit to my mom, at the same time, our internet got fixed (talk about coincidence). It caused my phone to flood with messages.

Since I was at home, the phone was not on silent mode, creating a sound burst. Assuming the bombardment to disturb my sleep, my innocent mother asked Kriti to relocate my phone (mother’s love, you see). To my stupidity, I forgot to hide the notification messages, i.e., the sender and the message.

Now at the exact moment, she held the phone, a notification popped up from Prerana to my email, which also revealed my email id. It triggered her subconscious memory to kick in, trying to remind her where she might have seen the email id.

After hours and hours of thinking, it finally clicked to her that this was the same email Id she had drafted an email a couple of hours back. She found it on XIS (the place where you are reading this).

Eureka! To confirm, she hopped on to her laptop (incognito mode) search for my id on the website, which revealed all my writings. Seeing them, re-reading them made her hatch her plan. (Well, she told me she has already read most of them and was impressed with a few, a silver lining.)

Part of which was the previous encounter surprise.


Well, a simple one, to have sex.

Simple, who would say no when a girl asks? Right? I would. Why? Many reasons. A few like I don’t know her or hadn’t even interacted. She is my neighbor. Anything goes wrong, it affects everyone, etc.

Back to the present:

After revealing all this in the most dramatic manner possible, she asks me what my answer is? Before I could say anything, she continued saying, “Think and reply as it can have repercussions.” I keep staring at her like a statue.

At the same time, my mind processes and iterates the consequences and alternative endings. I finally blurt out “No,” as she snaps her finger to get me into reality. Not expecting this reply, she first gets angry and then starts smiling.

She walks towards me and holds my cheek or slightly pulls my cheek, saying, “Such a cute boy.” Confused as always, I keep looking around to check if anyone is watching us.

She continues, “I will go down now and call your mom out and make a scene saying you misbehaved with me and spoke in a double meaning way.”

That shook the ground beneath me.

Would my mom believe it? Hell yeah! Why? My mom is innocent and gullible. She has this old traditional mindset, where she thinks girls can lie about anything but not these things. So I’m done for sure. Also, it was disturbing to imagine.

Snapping me back again, she continued, “Relax! rethink your decision and let me know by the end of the week.”

I guess someone might think why the hell is he writing this if he had to say no?
Well, eventually, I did say, “Yes,” and it did happen. But what took there is one hell of a ride.

Let’s divide the whole thing into three phases of how it unfolded.

Phase1: Torture

My mom has this habit of going for a walk for an hour every day at 5.30 pm, the exact time Kriti comes home. Usually, she locks the house. But since I’m there, she left it, asking me to secure it from inside. Being the lazy ass, I used to forget doing it most of the time.

Taking this as a convenience, one day, Kriti sneaks in and tries to hug me from behind and hold my dick. (Damn that was scary)

Two days in, I was like enough is enough, it’s easier to deal with my mom than her. So I leave the door open on purpose and let her in. Once she is inside, I close the door and force myself onto her. She pushes me aside. I do try multiple times, all purposefully failing attempts just to scare her, and I succeed.

She runs away from my house and doesn’t bother me anymore. Slowly, I realized that I did go over the board, so I went to apologize.

Phase2: Realisation and The path to the act.

Seeing me at her place, she is scared at first. But when I apologize, she bursts into tears and spills out everything. What made her do this in a gist, as to not bore you with a sob part in an already lengthy story. She had a break-up, the guy cheated on her.

She took a long time to recover, started watching porn, and also reading, and kind of liked my stories. But was not ready to ping me. So I understood the scenario, which was on similar terms with Kiran. So I thought I should at least try and see where things land as I was short on time.

As she was gathering herself, I spoke, “I’m okay to give this a shot. But, I need to know you on a personal level to advance any further.” She was okay with it and was ready to go on a couple of date nights with me. This led to us going on five dates, where we learned a lot about each other.

I talked about my sex stories. She said about her love-break-up story, our hobbies, what we do, likes-dislikes in and outside of sex. Overall we did become good friends. We know a lot about each other now.

Finally, the time for what this prep went on, the D-Day the final phase.

Phase3: The Action

Once we started to know each other, we exchanged our numbers and communicated more. During this, I got to know that my mom’s best friend’s son is getting married. She needs to spend a whole day on it, which happened to be a weekday.

I posted it to Kriti, which got her excited and thus started our prep work (condoms, food, waxing, shaving, etc., etc. you guys know it right)

Finally, the D-day has arrived.

0900 hrs, My mom has left for the day, arranging the food and other required stuff.

1000 hrs, I freshen up, call my mom to find her whereabouts (double-checking), ping Kriti to check her location.

1030 hrs, I get a ping from her to come to her flat, the decided location.

1100 hrs, I slowly but steadily enter her place (Well, the thing is in my apartments, there are two flats per floor. So there is no fear of seeing me sneak in.)

I entered her flat, the one I have been to multiple times in the past few weeks. Yet it looked strange, maybe that’s what nervousness does. I slowly walked through the hall towards the dining area. She was fidgeting with her phone, tensed as I am.

Actually, in my mind, I was hoping she might even then say let’s not proceed further. She looks at me and I at her with an awkward smile. Man, it’s tougher than I thought it would be. By the way, I guess I haven’t told how she looks at all till now.

Standing 5ft 2 inches tall is this dusky beauty. She is the proud owner of a pair of 34s, and another pair of 34s joined by 29 circumferenced midriff region (in simple language 34-29-34). She was wearing a cream-colored saree with a dark brown color sleeveless blouse and petticoat.

She looked as gorgeous as one can ever imagine waiting to be deflowered by me.  I greet her, and then we have the awkward silence. She finally breaks it with the question, “condoms?” To which I hurriedly check my pockets and find it. It throws a smile on her face.

That’s the ice-breaker we needed badly.

1200 hrs, we had lunch, during which we started playing songs on her TV. To the end of our lunch, an erotic song started playing ( I guess Arjun reddy/ Kabir Singh movie song). It kind of set the tone.

Once we were done eating, I don’t know how, but I did pull her and hug her tight from the back. Slowly my hands were wrapping around her waist. My lips were moving towards her neck and shoulder region visible. Kisses started to rain as my grip on her began to get more firm.

Initial resistance for the foreign touch was slowly subdued by the passion. It required me just to have one hand wrapped around her waist to hold her in place. Using the other free hand, I moved her hair to a side, pushing it to her front, covering the right boob completely.

I was making the left side of the neck wet with my kisses. Simultaneously, there were slight movements from her and a smile on her face. Maybe a tickling sensation, or perhaps she was getting aroused. Those reactions to my touch from her kind of felt encouraging.

Once I found she was comfortable, holding the right end of the waist, I twirled her to face me, such a swift movement shook her. As she was facing me, her breathing got heavier and louder.

Looking straight into her eyes, I could see the lustful desire and want. It made me grab her by her waist again to bring her onto her toes for our first liplock, a very sensual and deep one. This was the first time I had tasted her lips. It had a strawberry taste due to the lip gloss or balm, not sure, but was juicy, soft, and moist.

The right balance between indulging in a kissing marathon, I was not in for a kissing marathon. I did start sucking the lower lip, and she was my upper. We were taking turns alternating between each other’s lower and upper lips. We continued sucking them.

Once the lips were getting used to, I slowly pushed my tongue into the mix. That made things more interesting. Now the tongue was fighting for the exploration of her mouth while trying to escape the grit of her teeth. It was a crazy few minutes where I was sucking her lips.

I was trying to explore her mouth with my tongue. It was joined by her tongue, which made us exchange our salivas. A few minutes into the kiss, which felt like hours, we separated, as her toes started to hurt. Understanding the issue, we moved briskly into her bedroom, where the mood was already set.

I sat down, and she sat near me then slowly moved onto me, with my arm wrapped around her waist again. We started indulging in that nectar sucking process we called kissing. Still, this time things were different. We began to bite each other’s lips, pull them, and suck them hard, and we got a little wild.

All this while my hand rubbed her back and navel region. I tried to outline the boobs wrapped in her blouse and bra and hers rubbing my back on the t-shirt I was wearing. We again had to get separated. But this time, we separated to advance in the course of our action.

I stood up, removed my t-shirt and shorts, leaving me in my boxers. While she removed her saree, reducing the clothes on her to blouse and petticoat. Pushing her onto the bed, I was lying on my side beside her. I start kissing her neck, shoulders, and any available flesh not covered by her blouse.

But she pushes me aside and sits straight. Then stretches her hands to her back to unhook the blouse and unlace the knot on the top. In a split second, the blouse is out and on the floor, exposing her black color padded bra. It was holding the boobs.

It looked like someone pushed them into the bra forcefully. Smiling at her action, I resume my kissing, which now has more room to cover. My lips were busy kissing her exposed flesh.

My hands started their journey to the back of her body on the next adventure of unhooking her bra hooks. It took several attempts to get done. Catching the middle of the bra cups, I pulled it out slowly. It revealed one of my favorite things in the world.

Pushing her hands above her head, I started slowly kissing her hand from the fingers to the shoulder joint. I was switching between the hands and a passage through the face, cheeks, and lips.

Then I slowly moved to the armpits and caressed the whole area. It was clean and smooth as butter and smelled great. The entire build-up was perfect for me. I got more indulged and was kissing it, licking it, and biting the meat. Damn, it was juicy and delightful. Did the same with the other one.

During this whole licking, kissing, and biting, my hands were busy massaging the already perfect boobs or measuring them. Slowly I was moving down to her boobs region. Kissing the flesh in the way, stopping at the areola, right before touching the hard protruding nipples.

I lift my head, staring at her face. Does it have a puzzled look as to why did I stop? I smile and continue my work. I go on to touch the nipples and areola with my tongue. Traveling through the ups and downs of the valley created by these two huge mountains.

Once my tongue touches both the nipples, my hand involuntarily starts caressing the boobs, one after the other. As time flies, my grip on her boobs get firm. The actions of my mouth become violent, from grabbing the whole boob by mouth to kissing and sucking it.

I have done all kinds of actions on her pair, making them turn cherry red. Then I was playing with her pussy. Feeling content with my act on her boobs, I start heading south. It is the most treasured possession of a woman, her clean shaved (in this case waxed) pussy, oozing out the review for my act.

Inserting a finger slowly, I tried to see how tight it is. But the wetness of the cave gave it away and made it a smooth ride for my finger. Thus I had to bend over and use my tongue to access it in-depth by licking the juices, kissing the vertical lips, and pushing my tongue in.

While these actions didn’t give away how tight the pussy was, it made her moan and cling to the bedsheet. Thinking enough is enough, I get stark naked, pull out the condom, wear it. I position myself at the gateway to pleasure. Slowly I push it in.

Once I find a good rhythm, I give it a thrust pushing it in, making her moan. I had to bend down and lock her lips with mine to subdue the sound. Moving in and out of her vagina, I found a good rhythm. It was making her move her hips while I got the things flowing, holding her thighs for support.

We worked through multiple positions of Missionary, doggy style, spooning, girl on the top, girl on the top reverse. We had a fantastic session.

That’s it, for now. I hope you guys enjoyed this one. I will explain the details of the sex in the next part. Please let me know your comments and thoughts. You can ping me at [email protected]

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