Nailing My Hot Sexy Gf

Hello guys! I am Arun from Chennai. I have been reading many stories from this website, and I am writing my first story about my hot sexy gf who is a beautiful Mallu chick.

So, to describe me – I am 23 and doing my final year in a Design Institute in Chennai. I have an athlete physique (thanks to the years of playing football and badminton). To talk about my tool, I have a medium size 6,” but I make it up to the women by my charms and techniques.

The incident I am going to narrate is a real one. I was in a relationship with a beautiful Mallu girl, Ayesha (name changed for discretion), for the past three years. I had to break up due to differences. Now I am going to narrate the first time we both had sex and lost our virginity.

It was our six months anniversary. I wanted to make it a special one for both of us. So I convinced Ayesha to go out to a club that night and see where the night leads. I was waiting to pick her up outside her house and then she came. I was stunned watching her as she was wearing V-neck sleeveless party wear.

It showed a good amount of cleavage. I was having an instant hard seeing her come towards me with her slutty eyes locked on me. To describe my girlfriend, she has the exact stats of Pooja Hedge, 34-26-34. Yes, she has the perfect slutty body to make any guy have an instant hard-on.

I was sitting on my bike. She came and gave a deep kiss on my lips without minding whether people would see us or not. We then went to the nightclub and had a few drinks and dancing and smooching like no one’s watching us. We both had a little too much to drink.

We both were a tad tipsy, which made us horny as fuck. We decided to crash in my place and explore each other wildly. I live alone in Chennai, so we both went to my apartment. We barely made it inside the house. We both started to French kiss wildly.

I shut the door and pinned my slutty gf on the door, and again started to kiss her wildly. She wrapped her legs around my hips. My body was pressed against hers so that she is balanced against the door. My hands started to explore her body while she wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me wildly.

While smooching, I pressed her ass so hard she let out a soft ‘Ahh.’ I then squeezed her boobs on her dress so hard she was breathing heavily and leaving irregular soft moans. I pulled her dress down and was surprised to see my slutty bitch not wearing a bra. Seeing my reaction, she told me.

Ayesha: You like what you see, huh? I was planning to get pinned and get fucked passionately by you today (breathing heavily with a slutty evil smile)

Me: Yes, I love it, and now I will tease you like hell, baby!

Ayesha: Suck my nipples harder, baby. I want to you so much now!

This was more than enough for me. I started to kiss her neck and leave hickey marks. But she said, don’t do that as it will be very hard to explain to her mom. I then licked her cleavage and started to maul her boobs like anything. I moved to her lower neck and started to surround her nipples.

But I purposely ignored licking her nipples for few minutes. This was too much for her. She removed her hands around me and started to push me towards her boobs. But I resisted and held her hands and pinned her hands above her head.

She was shouting, “Fucking stop teasing me and suck my boobs!” I started to lick her boobs. She started to moan by closing her eyes and enjoyed while I licked, sucked her boobs alternately. All this was happening while I still had her pinned in the front door.

She then whispered to me, “Let’s not complete our exploring here itself. Carry me to your bed. Let’s start the main course now.” I did as she asked, and we were still kissing while I carried her to my room. We erotically undressed each other while kissing and licking each other’s body parts.

We both were finally nude. She was surprised to see my cock as this was the first time she saw a cock. On the other hand, I was getting more and more turned seeing her nude on my bed.

I made her lie on her back and started to lick her inner thighs. I slowly moved towards her neatly shaved pink pussy, which was super wet from all those teasing before. She moaned heavily. I was simultaneously pinching her nipple, licking her inner thigh, and moving towards her pussy.

She let out a big moan as soon as I kept my tongue on her pussy. I had nothing in my mind at that time. I started to lick her pussy so hard while my left hand was pinching and squeezing her both the boobs alternatively. She started to moan very loudly.

She was releasing sharp gasps of “Aah.” I thought of whether these sounds were audible to my neighbors. Her intoxicating smell of pussy made me go harder and harder on her pussy. I inserted one finger of my right hand into her pussy while licking her clit to spice it up.

Damn, it was tight even for one finger. She let a big gasp and started to push my head towards her pussy. I was moving my finger harder and was licking her clit continuously harder she was moaning very loudly. So I inserted my left hands inside her mouth and made her lick my fingers.

After a few minutes, her pussy started to loosen up as I inserted two and then three fingers. I licked her asshole, which had this dirty yet intoxicating smell. She suddenly moaned so hard and started to release her hot cum and squirt. I even swallowed a little amount of squirt and cum spit on her boobs.

I started to suck it very hard. She told me that this was the third time she had cum tonight and had never cummed like this. While laying with her eyes half-closed and satisfaction spread across her face. I then laid beside her, took my right hand.

It was soaked with her hot cum and squirt and kept it near her mouth. She then understood and licked each and one of my fingers like a lollipop. I kissed her and whispered in her ears, “Time to return the favor, baby.”

She obeyed like a little girl and made me lie on the back. She started to stroke my cock. It was wet as hell with my precum flowing. She went on all fours and started to stroke and kiss my tip of the cock and started to tease me back. And then she started to suck my cock like a porn star.

I was on cloud nine watching her slutty eyes looking at me while her mouth was sucking my cock like anything. She spat on my cock and started to deepthroat it, and even puked a little. She started to gag while massaging my balls.

In no time, I cummed in her mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed my cum. I couldn’t believe that she was this slutty when it comes to me. She started to stroke my cock to make it erect again while it suddenly strikes me. How big of an idiot I am for not buying condoms!

When I told her, she said, “In that case, I want you to fuck me raw today. I will take an I-pill tomorrow,” with an evil grin. Hearing this, my dick got erect with full power. I grabbed her and placed my dick on her wet pussy, and slid it into her.

But I was able to insert only the head as she was super tight. She was moaning loudly. Without warning, I pushed my dick completely, and blood oozed out. She just cried out loud, and tears started to roll out of her eyes as we both were virgins.

I was in the same position for a few minutes. After the pain started to lessen, I started to move slowly. Soon the pain turned into pleasure, and her cries turned into moans. In no time, I was ramming her. She was raising her hips to allow more of my dick inside her.

After 10 minutes of missionary, I made her go on all her fours and started fuck her in the doggy style. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them while I was fucking her hard. Then she climbed up on me and started to ride me hard. I continuously spanked her ass till it turned red.

While riding, her boobs were bouncing up and down. I grabbed them and squeezed them hard. I started to suck her nipple very hard so that we both were having pleasure in every way possible. I started kissing her lips, and our tongues were in each other’s mouths.

The saliva was dripping on her sweaty, bouncing boobs. I licked the saliva and sweat in her boobs and spat in her pussy while she was riding me. We both were sweating like anything. I was looking at my Ayesha, who was sweating and moaning so hard.

I was more and more turned on. She made me sit on the edge of the bed and sat on my lap. I lifted her and was fucking her pussy so wildly. Our room was filled with her ass and pussy sounds hitting my groin area and her moans increasing.

So I understood she would cum now. She had already cum more than 6 times that night. And with a huge moan, she cum heavily while squirting all over me. She was tired as hell, but at the same time, she was satisfied, and a smile spread across her face.

But I was not finished. I made her lie on the bed. I took my dick covered in her cum and squirt. I kept it in between her boobs and started to tit fuck her. She was enjoying every moment by squeezing the boobs around my dick. We both started to spit on her boobs and my dick making it one hell of a messy tit fuck.

I told her I was about to cum. She made me sit and started to suck my dick and gag on it. I closed my eyes as I was experiencing a different level of pleasure while I was on the verge of cumming. She even tried to take both my dick and the balls at the same time but failed miserably.

She started to blow harder. I shot ropes and ropes of cum into her mouth, where she swallowed most of it while the rest of it spilled on her boobs and face. She was a sight to watch. After fucking we cuddled. Even though we both smelled of cum, squirt, and spit, we both decided to shower the next morning. We were too tired to even move out of the bed.

The next morning we both woke up and had a quickie in the shower. We both already missed out on the first-hour lecture. We went to college with a big smile on our faces.

That’s it for this incident, guys, and the beginning of an erotic Mallu affair. I know this was a pretty long one, but I guess it was worth it. As it was my first time writing a story, forgive me if I had made some mistake while writing it.

I will explain how I got to have a threesome with Ayesha’s cousin on her birthday in the next part. And you guys can mail me your feedback to [email protected]

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