How I Lost My Virginity To My Neighbor

Hi, this is Hashi 23 years old. This story is about how I lost my virginity to a newly married woman. I am doing my UG in Pondy. The name of the heroine in this story is Gayu newly married woman who came to the house nearby.  Her husband was a professor at a college. She was of my age.

So we got along quite well. As I know the professor very well we joined for an evening coffee sometimes and speak about the daily happenings and the studies. I and Gayu exchanged numbers as she was new to the union territory and could contact me for any help.

The professor had to go back to his hometown now and then to resolve some land dispute issues.  My conversations with Gayu started by replying to her college WhatApps stories. We had a nice chat. Our conversation development from general inquiries and slowly moved to personal questions.

We shared about our hobbies and fun.  One day I was telling about my college party and how bad I was drunk that day. She said how bad she wanted to get drunk someday. I laughed I said is she wanted it so badly I could help her so casually.

A few days laters her husband went to hometown and asked me to help her if needs some. I dropped in the bus stand and came home. After an hour. What’s app message popped up. It was from Gayu. It read, “Can you buy some beers?”

I hesitantly replied, “Are you sure?”

She: Yeh yeh make sure no one sees you and I’ll make the food.

Me: Okay.

Went to buy some beers and whiskey for me. While heading back home it started drizzling. I got a little drenched while I got home. I made sure no one was around. I knocked on the door. She opened the door and asked me to get in quickly. After seeing me wet, she brought me a towel.

That’s when I looked at her differently she was chubby with the right fat at the right places. She was in tracks and tee.  She asked me to dry myself and went to prepare food. After drying myself I went to the kitchen and asked if there is anything to help.

She asked me to keep myself busy and so I switched on the television. After forty-five minutes she asked me to arrange for the drinking. I smiled and took all the bottles from the fridge. And arranged it on the table she came with the side dish. The mood was lit.

She switched to Star movies and classic romantic movies were going on. We opened the first two bottles and started slowly. The conversation went very personal. She asked me about my girlfriend. I said I was in a relationship but not now.

She then winked and teased me and I just said I was never physical with her.  Two more rounds and some whiskey went in and I was conscious but my body was out of control. She was quite high. I confessed how beautiful she was and how her eyes looked like my girlfriend.

She was laughing and from nowhere I asked if I could kiss her. Before she could respond I went near her and gave a peck on cheeks. There was silence for a moment. Then she turned towards me and leaned front to kiss her lips. She closed her eyes.

She neither responded and she neither showed resistance. It was a small peck. After that, I kept staring at her. She leaned forward and she kissed me and in no time we starting smooching.  We were kissing as if we were so hungry for each other. I moved my hand over her breast.

It was soft and pressed it slowly. She slightly moaned and started pressing it gently and continued kissing. We broke our kiss for breathing. We both gasped for breath for a few minutes.  Then I hugged her and she hugged me tightly our bodies stuck together.

I kissed her neck and slowly moved up kissing to her earlobes. And let my fingers play in her back.  I started kissing all over face her eyes, her nose, her forehead, cheeks. I went for lips again and started smooching again. We stood and she guided me to the bedroom.

I moved my hands down and grabbed her ass and started pressing hard. She gave a small bite in my lips. For a moment she hugged me tight and I felt her breast against my chest.  I removed her tees and she removed mine. She looked like a ripened fruit ready to be eaten in her bra and tracks.

I went directly to her lips again and came down kissing and stopped near the cleavage. I stood up and looked into her eyes and unhooked her bra. Her bra came down and her beautiful melons came out to the fresh air. I made her lie down on the bed and kissed her breast.

I started pressing the other one. She was playing with my hair. After a few minutes came down kissing till I reached her pants. Pulled her pants down. That’s the first time am seeing a woman like this.  I kissed her pussy over panties. I removed my trousers. And started kissing her body wildly.

I turned her around kissed all over back. Pulled down her panties and started coming up kissing from legs reached her ass. And for the first time buried face in the ass, she was wet already. She turned and rolled over and got top on of me. She started kissing me over the body.

She came down kissing and pulled my boxers down. I took my muscle thick cock in her hand and started stroking it. It was already hard. The moment she took my cock in her mouth it felt like heaven and kind of new sensation. Oh my god, she was doing it like a pro.

She made circles around my cock and started licking my balls. She slowly started taking in my cock and started sucking my cock. It was a kind of new feeling. I started playing with her boobs while she kept sucking. She kept sucking for 10 to 15 minutes.

After that, she came on me and started kissing my cock was rubbing her ass crack. I turned her down pulled her panties and threw it away. She had well shaved rose pussy.  At first, I can’t take my eyes from her pussy. I went near her wet pussy and kissed her pussy lips.

The aroma was driving me crazy. I started kissing and sucking her pussy. My hands fondled her breast. After a few minutes, I was unable to control. I took my cock and slowly inserted it into her pussy. It was paining in the beginning. I rammed in slowly.

Once my cock started entering deep she started moaning and scratched me with her nails. I leaned down to kiss her. I continued to fuck her and after 10 to 15 minutes I felt like I am coming. I looked at her. She understood and asked me not to cum inside. I took my cock out and cum all over her face. And I lay naked near her.

The rest will be continued in the next part.  Send your feedback to [email protected] For any secret relationship, you can contact me through my mail.

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