Hot Teen Girl Maanya, My Sex Slave

Hello everyone, this is your Chotu. I know this is gonna sound hilarious but trust me, when I bang the chicks, they cry for more!! Enough of self-praising, let’s come to the story.

This is about how I made my school friend Maanya my sex slave and made her do all the things which she didn’t imagine in her dreams. This is a series of sex stories, so sit back and relax.

I was born and bought in Middle East country and I did my schooling from a reputed school in Hyderabad. We moved to Hyderabad because the quality of education is considered much better over here.

At school, I got to know a girl named Maanya. She was very attractive and was sexy as fuck. She had developed her sexy boobs and her lips were to die for.

I was in a relationship with another girl at that time who had 34D boobs. (I will tell about her in some other story).

Now coming back to the main story, I got to know Maanya through my girlfriend and we used to talk a lot.

I used to tell Maanya everything including my short sex life with my then-girlfriend and she used to tell me about her personal life. It went along well and after one year, my schooling was completed. Then I lost contact with her.

But when I was 19 yo and in 12th standard, I again started texting her on Facebook. I always had a hard dick whenever I saw Maanya at school.

Once she was making out with her then-boyfriend (who was a total waste) behind the school walls. I saw them from my class which was on the top floor. I could see him squeezing Maanya’s boobs and she was enjoying it and moaning.

Soon, he started rubbing Maanya’s pussy and she started moaning loudly like, “Ahhh..Ahhhh.. Ahhh please vaddu (means “stop” in Telugu).

The guy was rubbing Maanya’s pussy over her dress and making her moan repeatedly. They both were in sexual ecstasy and soon he made her cum! I saw the whole of this and took a few pictures from my phone which weren’t that great.

Once while I was texting her on FB, I was like I have something for you. She was very curious about it and I told her to wait until 10 pm. I texted her at 10 pm.

Chotu: Hi, babe.
Maanya: Hi ra, tell me. What’s that thing which you were talking about?

Chotu: Take it easy but what I have is going to blow your mind.
Maanya: Oh yeah, then show me what’s that and please don’t send me some stupid naked photos of someone.

Chotu: Nah, babe. It’s something more beyond that. I bet you will beg me to delete it after seeing it.
Maanya: Shut the fuck up and show me what it is!
Chotu: Here’s a small glimpse of it – photos for you!

There wasn’t a reply from her and I didn’t want to force her. So I took it slow and waited for her reply.

The next day, I got a message on FB from Maanya.

Maanya: How the fuck did you get those? What if it was your girlfriend? How would you feel if someone does the same with her?

Chotu: Shut up, bitch! I still fuck her and she’s not that good except she has bigger titties than you. But I wanna fuck you hard and make you my bitch.

Maanya: What do you want, you mother fucker?

Chotu: Watch your language or else you know what happens.

Maanya: Please don’t do that. Tell me what I have to do?

Chotu: Send me your WhatsApp number first and then I will tell you.

Maanya: Okay, this is my Whatsapp number 9*******08.

Chotu: Good bitch. Now, send me your boobs photos along with your face.

Maanya: Hmm, okay. I am sending, give me 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes –

Chotu: What a pair of boobs you have! White boobs with pink nipples. I would love to suck them till eternity. Do one thing, get a cucumber from your fridge and video call me.

Maanya: I can’t, my sister is there in my room. She will ask me if she gets suspicious.

Chotu: Shut up or else I will fuck your sister too. She will love my dick.

Maanya: Please stop it. Okay, I am going to do it but don’t talk on the video call.

Chotu: Get naked and start inserting that cucumber in your tight pussy!

Maanya: Yeah I will do it but please wait, I will call you.

After some time, I got a video call on WhatsApp. Maanya was there naked in front of me. She wasn’t looking into my eyes. I asked her to look into my eyes. She started staring at me.

She was afraid of getting caught as she was in the bathroom and resound of my voice was coming out. I asked her to start inserting that cucumber. She started doing it and then started moaning slowly. Her boobs were juggling and I was masturbating along with her. She was fucking hot and I wanted to fuck her badly that moment.

I told her to take the whole cucumber inside her and she started moaning heavily now. I was also about to cum and then I told her that I was cumming. Maanya already had 2 orgasms and it was her third one.

We both then came together. She was feeling relieved along with guilt. I hung up the call saying next time it is going to be even more exciting. She gave a naughty smile.

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