Goa Trip With My Girlfriend

I am Aman, a 22 years old boy from Nagpur.

Without wasting your valuable time am gonna start my story. I am writing a detailed story of true events ( 0% fantasy or fake) So that while reading, you’ll feel as if you’re living the moment and pardon me if any mistakes are there.

So, basically, as most of the students, I opted for science and persuaded engineering at Nagpur itself. Though I had many female friends, I never had any relationships more than friends. This continued until the final year.

The heroine of our story is the heroine of my college. Her name is Saniya, and she’s the hottest girl at my college. Luckily she is in my department. She is the crush of 100s of guys in mine as well as other colleges. (Not exaggerating)

Let me describe Saniya. She’s 5ft 6 inches, with decent stats 34-28-32. Just perfect, not very curvy, giving a vulgar look. Her skin is milky white without a single spot, her juicy heart-shaped lips, long hair, cute face. Moreover, she’s excellent in studies. So, a complete package she is.

She hardly spoke to any guy. Hence, everyone wants to talk to her but didn’t succeed in making her their friend. Gradually, as the years went by during the 3rd year of my engineering, I started taking to Saniya. We discovered that we’re having similar opinions on almost everything.

Due to this, we became good friends. After a few months, we started coming together to college. As I am a big foodie, and so is she, we visited many cafes, and somehow our friendship became deeper. During the final year, everyone is excited about a college trip.

I knew our college is so boring they won’t plan any. That’s why I started planning an unofficial college trip to Goa. I had already visited Goa, so I was confident that I would plan it by keeping all the odds in mind. I planned everything, and while doing so, I used to discuss this with Saniya.

Though she never visited Goa, she was quite excited about the trip. At one instinct, she said that she does not have any friends in our college with whom she can roam in Goa. She asked me for assurance that I won’t leave her even for a second. I assured her that.

I informed some of my friends that I have planned everything. Just have a look at it. Since almost 2 months are over of our 7th semester, we need to book tickets to execute our plan. But they had personal grudges, ego, and obviously jealous of me being a friend with Saniya.

They tried their level best to flop my plan. My ego was hurt. I decided now by hook or by crook I’ll visit Goa. I somehow arranged for the trip. Even Saniya was okay with it.

Fast-forwarding to the day of leaving.

Finally, the day arrived, she lied to her parents that it’s an official trip. She took a short ride in Ola, and then I picked her up. I was awestruck the moment I saw her in the pink top (revealing a little navel) and a full-length trouser. With fully waxed skin, butter-smooth than usual.

By evening we were on the train that reached Mumbai, and then at night, we had another train to Goa. We were tired roaming in Mumbai, and we didn’t get a reservation. Hence we both shared the same seat. We dozed off holding each other’s arms.

The seat was narrow. That’s why my one hand was on her waist for balancing myself. While sleeping, her top went a little upward since it was short. Due to that, my hand was touching her bare navel. At around 4 am, we both awake in that position.

I was touching her bareback, and we were talking that finally, we would reach. Slowly my hand went a bit upward. I touched her bra hook while we kept talking. Then we dozed off till 5:30 am.

We reached Goa, and we went to our hotel. We booked a luxurious one since money was not an issue. We were quite happy after we saw our hotel suite. She freshened up, and after that, I went. She was getting ready in the attached bedroom of the washroom.

All of her dresses were decided by me. All were short and sexy, which she can’t wear in our city. As soon as she came out of the washroom, for a moment, I was dumbstruck. I saw her. She was looking damn hot in a very short black crop top (it was very short like a bra itself) and a black shorts.

Those shorts revealed her long sexy milky white legs, and a very small part of her hips was also visible. We had a chit chat, and she was busy clicking her selfies on my phone. We had lunch and decided to relax for a few hours. Then we would go to the beach.

I don’t know how it all started. We slept on the bed, and both of us were talking and relaxing. We were having an argument. I rubbed my beard on her neck and said to her that I would keep on doing it till she says sorry. This brought our bodies closer. And we were partially hugging each other.

After a moment, I stopped since I was tired due to traveling. But my hand was still on her bare waist. Later, I was saying something in her ear. At that instant, she asked me to rub my beard on her neck. I instantly started doing so. She closed her eyes, and I kept doing the same.

I asked her, “Kiss karu?”  (Shall I kiss?) She, “Ha, karo.” (Yes do) I stopped rubbing my beard and started slowly kissing her neck. Her breathing increase at this moment, my heart was pounding very heavily. (1st time doing such stuff)

I am kissing the hottest girl in my college, and she loves it. I came on top of her and started giving kisses more wildly on her neck. While slowly kissing her neck and shoulder, I started playing with the strap of her black crop top.

I slid the strap down till her arm. Now I am kissing on her strapless bare shoulder, which is tempting me way more. The same I did it on the right shoulder strap. She is enjoying every bit of my kisses with her eyes closed and breathing heavily.

I asked her to turn around, which she actively did, and now I am kissing her back, her neck vigorously. It is the softest skin I have ever touched. Then slowly, I am removing the straps completely. She is suggesting me to stop. I am comforting her that, “Relax, Saniya. Nothing wrong, I would do.

In the same way, I removed the second strap, and I turned her around for having the view of her boobs. I almost slid her top down, revealing her boobs. They are the perfect boobs in size, shape with dark pink nipples.

As I was about to touch them, I saw her face, and she was scared as fuck. Tears were rolling off her eyes. I stopped there itself, and she wore her top back. I started crying. I am really very sorry I didn’t see her crying face, that’s why I continued.

I cried for almost 1 hour. I felt really very bad because I kind of forced her, and that’s not what I ever want to do. I am not a person who forces someone to do things they don’t want to do.

I respected her decision, more than that I felt disgusting for my wrongdoings

To be continued.

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