Sex With AC Mechanics In Dubai

Hi guys and girls. My name is Feena. I am 5ft 8 inches, a light tan color and my measurements are 34-28-36. I am a 32-year-old married woman living in Dubai with my husband and working in an MNC as an HR.

I am good looking tall lady with a sexy figure and it draws a lot of male attention. Especially guys keep checking out my ass in the office, the gym and in the malls.

This is a real incident that happened to me 3 years back. I and my husband live in Dubai in a 1 BHK flat. My husband is a business promotion manager in another MNC. He used to travel a lot for business purposes. I go to the gym 5 days a week in the evening. My gym is near my apartment.

My husband is a handsome looking guy. But he is more into business and spends less time with me. His dick is 7 inches long but not so thick and he cum in 5 minutes. I used to finger my pussy after he sleeps and this used to be a daily routine. When he was out for business trips I finger myself reading XIS.

One evening my husband was feeling hot and he asked me whether the AC was off. I told him it’s on and in high mode. Our apartment has centralized AC so there is less chance of getting it damaged. At night it was getting more hot and difficult to sleep. It was during June and the weather was hot.

My husband called the building security and asked to fix this. The security guy called us the next day and informed us that the AC technicians will come by Saturday morning to fix the AC. We somehow managed till Friday. We canceled our plans for Saturday so that we can be there when the technicians come.

My husband was supposed to have a meeting on Saturday. He postponed to after lunch. We waited for the technicians till noon. But since no one came we called the security. The security guy told me that they have some urgent work in another building so they might not come today.

My husband then had his lunch and left for the meeting. I finished my lunch too and started watching YV. Since the room was hot I changed to a short skirt to knee length long neck top. Since I was alone I played some hot video songs and started rubbing my nipples and started rubbing my pussy.

After some time my panty got soaked with my juice. I removed it and kept it in my bedroom shower and came back to the hall to watch the TV. I continued rubbing my pussy. Suddenly the calling bell rang and I went to the door. I thought it was my husband.

But when I opened the door I saw 2 guys. They told me that they were AC mechanics. They were Egyptians. Since my husband shouted at the security they arranged for an AC mechanic from another company to check the problem.

One guy was bald and tall. His name was Hamdi. The other guy was also tall but with good hair and a stylish beard. His name was Nakhla. I told them to come in and explained the problem. Hamdi took a ladder kept it in the hall and started checking the AC duct.

Nakhla was holding the ladder and standing under him. I went inside the room and waited for them to finish. After some time they knocked on the door and asked for a bucket of water and a cloth to clean the duct. The bucket was in the bedroom shower. I told Nakhla to get it from the bathroom.

He took some time to get the bucket filled and then came with it to the hall. I continued watching TV in the hall. Nakhla started talking in between to me, “Madam, you have a beautiful flat, same as you and you have decorated it beautifully.” I said thanks and continued watching the TV.

I saw Nakhla pressing his hand on top of his crotch. I realized that he was getting hardon seeing my legs and also peeking at my cleavage. I also noticed that his crotch area has a huge bulge. And he was pressing it inside looking at me. I was getting turned on too.

I thought of teasing them. So I sat in such a way that they have a clear view of my cleavage. Nakhla asked, “Where is your husband, madam?” I replied that he went for a meeting and should be back by evening. Nakhla then asked me whether he can use the bathroom. I told him yes.

He went to the bedroom shower before I could tell him to use the one in the hall. He came back after 1 minute and again started helping Hamdi. Now Hamdi was cleaning the duct with the cloth. Nakhla was standing there with a bucket raised on his hand against his face.

I had a clear view of his dick over his pants. The bulging was in such a way as he was not wearing underwear. I was getting turned on now. Since he had the bucket against his face he couldn’t see me and I enjoyed the view. My pussy was soaking wet seeing this. I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick.

Nakhla then kept the bucket down and again started was staring at my cleavage. I was turned on now and had my legs crossed and sat on the sofa. Finally, my eye met Nakhla’s eyes. And looking at me he put his hands over his pants and held his dick over the top.

From the top of his pants, I saw the size of it. It was at least 8 inches long and thick. I kept staring at his crotch and with a hand pressing my boobs. Nakhla now unzipped his pants and took his dick out. He was not wearing underwear. I kept silent and looked at his monster cock.

Oh my god! My pussy was leaking already. He held his dick and told, “Madam can I please use your bathroom? I said yes. He left for the bathroom again. This time I followed him. As I came near the bathroom door, he hugged me and started kissing me on my lips and pressing on my boobs.

I held his dick in my hands. It was 3/4 size of my hand in length and width. Then he pushed me to his cock and I started to suck it. I sucked it hard. He pushed his dick till my throat and I was like choking. He then lifted me upside down with my mouth on his dick.

My pussy was in his mouth and he kept sucking my pussy. He drank clean all my juice. He then inserted his tongue in my pussy and started sucking it. I was not able to control and started making some noise. He kept sucking for 2 to 3 minutes. Then all of a sudden, another tongue was in my ass. I was shocked.

I took Nakhla’s dick out of my mouth and looked. I saw Hamdi standing there naked and sucking my ass. Hamdi’s dick was against my head. His dick was huge too. About 7 inches long but thicker than Nakhla. It was like a hammer handle. I kept my hand on his dick.

My whole palm covered half circumference of his dick. I knew today my pussy was going to be destroyed by these two monster cocks. Now Nakhla went with me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. He was about to put his dick in my pussy. I stopped him and asked to wear a condom.

I ran to the shelf got my husband’s Durex condom pack and gave them. Those condoms were so tight on Nakhla. But somehow I managed to keep it on and lay on the bed like a doggy. Nakhla slowly inserted his dick in my pussy. It was painful but enjoyable.

He inserted half his dick and started giving in and out motion slowly. I was crying with pleasure. Hamdi came near my face and gave his dick to suck. It was difficult to fit him in my mouth. But I managed to suck it. Suddenly Nakhla inserted his full dick in my pussy and started in-out motion fast.

They kept fucking me for 10 minutes like that the and I came twice by then. Hamdi lay on the bed and made me sit on his dick. The condom was so tight on his dick. I slowly sat on his dick. It went inside smooth and tight as my pussy was wet with my juice.

I keep riding on his dick. At that time Nakhla tried to insert his dick in my ass. I told him it will be painful as its been long since I got fucked in my ass. Nakhla was not in a mood to listen. He spat on his dick over-the condom and tried to insert. Well, he succeeded but I was crying with pain.

Slowly my pain turned in to pleasure. They kept fucking me for another 10 minutes. By the time I had another 2 orgasms and finally, they cum in the condom.

They both asked my number before leaving. I told them I can’t give my number. Instead, I took their name and agency name. And told next time I want a big pole to ride I will call your company to fix my AC and ask for your name. So that it doesn’t look suspicious to anyone.

That night I fingered again, thinking of the wonderful sex and slept. I hope everyone liked my story. Please leave a comment on [email protected] I will be soon back with my other hot session.

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